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2014 iDaph Events Racing Series

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iDaph Events 2014 Calendar of Sports Events




Cash, Prizes, Discounts, and Bragging Rights at Stake

iDaph events racing series

In the time that we have been organizing running and multi-sports events in Western North Carolina, a footprint has been made, a reputation earned, and an identifiable mark left. But we will not simply settle for being at the forefront of the local race scene. No, my friends, “good enough” just isn’t good enough for us as organizers, nor for you as participants.

In this spirit of perfectionism, we now step our game up to the next level with the unveiling of what is sure to be an invigorating and very competitive race series. Besides raising the level of good-spirited competition and throwing a little more incentive into the mix, we are really hoping that this iDaph Events Racing Series will also encourage you folks to cross over and try sports events that you may not typically register for.

Whether trotting down picturesque carriage paths at Biltmore, or powering through Hendersonville Apple Country on your bike, this may just be the extra incentive you need to break through quagmires, stagnation, and stalemates to achieve a new PR. As participants, we wish for you all to come out of your racing comfort zone in order to stay at the highest degree of contention in this series. Are you just a runner? Give some “Dus” and “Tris” a fair shake. Are you, rather, a dedicated triathlete? Why not take your biking skills up a notch by competing in each and all of the Lung Buster events, or do the same with your running by giving it all of your gusto in the Kiwanis Classic and other purely foot-powered events. Consider this your challenge. We want to see what you’re made of. How hard, fast, and far can you go? How creative, flexible, and diversified can you be? The only ways to answer and prove your merit is by training hard and giving this new series your best go.

When it’s all said and done, don’t you want to remember 2014 as a good year in racing? Make this the year when you took home the prizes, and the bragging rights, that your rivals left on the course for your taking.


Series Overview

  1. Series CASH awards will be presented to the TOP 5 male and female individuals.
  2. Individuals must compete in 3 races to be scored and to be eligible for overall awards.
  3. All individuals submitting 3 races for scoring will receive a participation award at our end-of-the-year party.
  4. All iDaph events other than relays and Carolina Kids Multisport Series races will be fair game as scoring opportunities.



Scoring will be done based on finish times. The average of the top 5 male and female times will establish the base time for each gender. This base time will be divided by the participant time and then multiplied by the event weight to determine the event score. An additional .25 points can be earned by volunteering at an iDaph event, but these additional “volunteering points” may only be earned one time per season.

To be scored, submit your results online “reporting results form” that you can quickly and easily fill out after you finish your race. It is up to YOU to submit your results to us to be scored – in other words; you snooze, you lose. At the end of the season, a smorgasbord of schwag, cash, and prizes will be given to top point-earners at the end-of-the-year iDaph party. As a final incentive, we will also give discounts to those signing up for the series and 3 or more of the races that are on this list. in the form of a $10 off coupon for the 3rd event registered online for, imathlete will take this discount off at your checkout when you register online for any three idaph events in 2013. (excluding relays and kid’s multisport series)

In this series, each race will be weighted so that some races will contribute more to point totals than others. Please note that to take points in the Omnium or Lung Buster series, you must compete in all events in the series. The Omnium and Lung Buster will each be scored as one event, rather than each of their individual parts being scored and added to your point totals.


Special thanks to our “IDAPH PARTNERS & FRIENDS” for their generous support of iDaph Events all year long!









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