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Asheville Triathlon Course Description

2015AshevilleTriLogoThe event will begin at 6:45am with a 400 meter outdoor pool swim at the Asheville Rec Park pool (pending permit approvals). The swim features a time-trial start with the fastest swimmers going first, and the rest following in approximately 5 second intervals. Swimmers will enter the water by running across a mat at the water’s edge near the shallow end of the pool and run into begin the swim. 


During the registration process you will be asked to submit your 100 yard swim time. This is not the fastest you can swim 100 yards but the time you expect to average during the entire swim.

Here is a good guide when deciding what swim time to register:

  • 0:50 – 1:20 : Super Fast (In contention to win the race and you swim competitively)
  • 1:21 – 1:45 : Fast Enough (Still starting in the first 1/3 of the event)
  • 1:46 – 2:10 : Average Swimmer (Swim well enough and don’t need to stop at the end of each lane)
  • 2:11 – 2:44 : Novice (Still getting used to swimming in a triathlon)
  • 2:45 – 4:59 : Complete beginner (I want to start at the back)

After the 400 meter swim, athletes will exit the pool and quickly enter the transition area.

2014AvlTriBike1The bike course will feature some rolling and challenging hills making for a true Asheville kind of bike ride! The 11.6 mile course will consist of some flat roads, turning into rolling landscape before returning to Asheville Recreation Park for a very fast run.

The roads will be open to the public so all participants are urged to be alert to traffic. All intersections with a traffic light and/or turn will have law enforcement stopping traffic.

2014AvlTriRun1The run is an out and back style course and is one of the flattest 5k’s you will find in the area! Runners will stay on the right side of the road for the run.

While the road will be open to traffic, most of the course is lightly traveled. Flat and fast is the name of the game on this 5K.

BIKE AND RUN COURSES may change slightly in 2015 due to the newly built bridge. More info coming in spring 2015, with new maps.

Kids Splash N’ Dash Course Description

RandallPhotoCKMScliffsSwimmingPoolAquathlons are a fun and fast-growing sport that combines running and swimming. A typical aquathlon is a run-swim-run; however, it is not uncommon to see a two-stage race which is simply a swim-run combination, which is what we do. Either way, it is a cost-effective alternative to a triathlon due to there not being an expense for a bike.

2014AvlTriKidsSwim1This aquathlon is designed both for athletes who are just getting into the multi-sport lifestyle as well as to help endurance athletes train for bigger multisport races and improve their swim/run transition or open water swim times. Regardless of your level of participation, it takes both physical and mental training, enabling youth to practice focus and commitment. Registration divisions are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories.

2014AvlTriKidsSwimStartAthletes will swim in the pool and exit out the gate on the northwest side and proceed into transition. From there they will go up the hill around the west end of the pool and around to Gashes Creek Rd. Athletes in all divisions need to stay on the left side of the road. The Intermediate and Elite groups will cross the road before the bridge to enter the trail section of the run along the south side of the Swannanoa River.

RandallPhotoCKMScliffsFinishLine1Before each wave begins the Race Director will review the course with participants and make any last minute announcements in regards to safety and possible areas to be aware of on course. The course is on a trail along the south side of the river and has natural hazards such as mud, briers, and the occasional poison ivy. Stay on the trail and be careful in wet and muddy conditions. Athletes will be reminded of these potential hazards before the start and encouraged to take the necessary precautions.

Parents are encouraged to run alongside their athlete.    

***If you are on the course please be aware of other participants and allow them to have the right of way. ***

Race Divisions and Distances:

Beginner: Intermediate: Advanced:
(recommended 9 and under) (10-12 or novice 12-15) (12-15 or experienced younger kids)
Swim: 25 meter swim (width of the pool-this swum in the shallow end near the wall) Swim: 200 meter Swim: 400 meter
Run: .4 miles (1 loop) Run: .8 miles (2 loops) Run: 1.2 miles (3 loops)











Each athlete will receive a t-shirt, a finisher’s medal, goodies, and food at the event. We will also be offering USAT Splash and Dash tees!

click on map below for larger view, map subject to change, updates will be available by June 2015.




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Racing Strategy

The Asheville Triathlon course is a super event for every level of triathlete, from novice to elites.

Novice + Beginner tri-athletes love this race! The pool swim is great for new swimmers & the run is a flat, ‘easy’ course to navigate. Please note: the bike course has been challenging to some beginners in year’s past. Be prepared to ride over several challenging hills with steep grades. You will be required to stay on your bike, you may not get off your bike and push it up hills, this is a safety hazard.

Elite athletes – get ready for a PR! This race is fast and is a huge hit among local elites. The time trial swim start in a 50m pool allows swimmers to spread out. The bike leg is flat the first couple miles, so get down in your aero bars and push it. The middle section has some steep hills just get outta the saddle and roll over em! There are several downhill sections that are smokin’ fast! Many elites have PR’d during the 5k run, bring your racing flats!

NOTE: NO HEADPHONES allowed at the event, as they produce danger to yourself and others around you when needing to communicate at the event. You will receive a time penalty and even get DQ’d if you are found wearing them. 

Swim Course:



Run Course:



Bike Course & Elevation:

Elevation Gain/Loss: 283 feet


American Cancer Society Logo with Relay for LIfeThe Asheville Triathlon is proud to add the American Cancer Society as Charity Partner for the 2015 season. They will receive a portion of the proceeds from the event. This makes the Asheville Triathlon one of many Relay for Life events across the globe who have come together to raise funds to truly make a difference in the fight against cancer – just ask one of the nearly 14 million cancer survivors who will celebrate another birthday this year!

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