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Dig the Du presented by Hunter Subaru
Course info + maps:


Racers will blast off with a 2.5 mile trail run, transition into a chain-rattling, off-road 12 mile cycle and finally run against the same 2.5 mile trail, only this time reversed—with 14.5 miles under the belt—the last stretch will be ten feet taller and breathing fire. The event is on private property, never before open to the public for any other events.

The off-road duathlon is not only a good introduction to off-road, multi-sport events but it is also a great venue for seasoned athletes. Register as an individual or part of a two or three person relay team. The twin 2.5 mile trail courses weave through beautiful single-track, grassy fields and rugged forest service roads, while the 12 mile off-road bike course descends steadily down scaly forest service roads, which on the return, quickly become a challenging charge back over the spine of the mountain.

We HIGHLY recommend Mountain Bikes instead of Cyclocross bikes for this event! The bike portion is challenging with rocks, dips and uneven surfaces.

The kids bike will take place as a ‘short track’ style mountain bike race in the field next to the Perry’s house and it will be 1 loop for beginners and a couple loops for intermediate and 5 or so loops for the advanced kids. The number of loops the kids will do will depend on how big we ultimately make the course. We will do the bike first and then have the kids run last. This will allow the kids to run through the finish line arch when they finish. The kids run will be on the trails/roads that the adult portion of the run is also run on.

Dig the Du Race ‘Hub’ Map


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