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Video created by John Neff

2014 LPC Triathlon joins coast-to-coast 2nd Annual USAT Retro Tri Series! What an incredible honor to be selected by USA Triathlon for inclusion!!


THE 2014 LPC TRIATHLON is on August 17th.
Race begins at 8:00 am.


Third Annual LPC Tri: Swim in, Ride on and Run out! The LPC Triathlon, part of the 70s/80s-themed USAT Retro series, is the perfect event in which to challenge one’s self, regardless of competition experience athletic prowess. Held upon the beautiful grounds of Leila Patterson Center in Fletcher, NC, it features a 200 yard pool swim, a 17.5 mile bike on quiet country roads, and a rolling 5k run with an on-track finale in which to summon your mighty kick to the tape! Both individuals and relay teams are encouraged to join in, and you don’t have to be a three-sport athlete to participate. In the LPC Triathlon Team Competition, you can opt for the sport of your choosing, and just swim, bike, or run as part of a team. While LPC events are timed, and your results will be made available after the event, we emphasize participation over competition. This is meant to be a great time for everyone: participants, volunteers and supporters alike!

Celebrating the retro spirit of triathlon’s early roots in the 1970s, participants are encouraged to wear retro-themed attire (sweatbands, high-top socks and shorty track shorts, perhaps?) to heighten the focus on participant fun rather than competition.” — Karen Chavez, Girls Gone Outdoors, Asheville Citizen Times



2014LPCteeExampleWhile you’re registering your spot in the races, why don’t you place your order for a 2014 Custom Retro Race Tee?

(picture to the right is for example, colors of final tee and ink may vary)


The race entry fee allows participating in the triathlon event and a portion of the race proceeds will benefit the LPC swim program for underprivileged children. We are excited to also offer team registrations for both 2 and 3 person teams.

Detailed info, rules, and regulations available on the LPC Tri Event Info page.

USAT_RetroTriSeriesNew for 2014! USA Triathlon has sanctioned the LPC Triathlon as one of only 10 2014 Retro Tri Series events in the U.S.! Believe it or not, before the days of bike racks, triathlons and multi-sport events were still as prominent as ever. The Retro Tri Series is taking a step back to those days by offering a unique series that highlights the retro allure that once was. Retro attire is encouraged to enhance the experience and atmosphere!


What is the USAT Retro Series? Drawing more than 700 athletes in the inaugural Retro Tri Series in 2013, these events are geared toward adult and youth competitors ages 13 and older. Each race features a shorter swim, 10-20 mile bike ride, and a 2-5 kilometer run. Celebrating the retro spirit of triathlon’s early roots in the 1970s, participants are welcome to wear retro-themed attire to heighten the fun and create some atmosphere. Retro Series Events focus on participant fun rather than competition, and some of the events are not timed. The aim is to introduce triathlon to participants, and educate them about the perks of a healthy, active, multisport lifestyle. Events are open to first-timers, seasoned veterans and those just wanting to stay active. Proffering swimming, biking and running in a safe atmosphere, each event is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. Seven of the 2013 events are again on the schedule for this year, and each of USA Triathlon’s 10 regions are represented on the schedule.



LPCpoolThe day begins with a pool swim at the LPC Aquatics Center. There will be a time-trial start, with faster swimmers going first. Swimmers will enter the water by running across a mat at the water’s edge near the deep end of the pool jump in to begin the swim.  After the 200 yard swim, athletes will exit the pool and quickly enter the transition area.  During registration, participants will be asked to submit a 100 yard swim time: not the fastest you can swim 100 yards, but the time you expect to maintain throughout the entire swim portion of the event.

LPCbikeCourseThe bike leg has a couple challenging hills: one as you begin the ride on Howard Gap Road, and another (Terry’s Gap), later on in the ride. That said, the majority of the ride is on rolling country roads. You will be required to stay on your bike, (e.g. you may not get off your to push it up hills) as dismounting presents a safety hazard. Due to the course length and its challenges, all cyclist participants race (relay teams included) competing on the bike must be a minimum of 16 years old.

LPCfinishThe run leg is a rolling paved course that will follow gently undulating rural roads for the first two miles and then traverse onto a dirt and grass path through a tree break opening to fields, rounding a baseball diamond, and finishing with a lap around the track preceding the finish. This leg is a great match for hill runners. Not for the faint of heart, this 5k run will get your blood pumping as you run through some of Fletcher’s prettiest, and hilliest, of country roads!

Although we expect very little vehicular traffic on race morning, the roads will be open to the public for both the run and bike courses. All intersections with a traffic light and/or turn will have law enforcement stopping traffic.

NOTE: NO HEADPHONES allowed at the event, as they produce danger to yourself and others around you when needing to communicate at the event. You will receive a time penalty and even get DQ’d if you are found wearing them. 


RetroLikeAdditional information and updates are available on the LPC Triathlon Facebook page.

For additional information and questions, please email:  events@idaph.net.

Detailed course descriptions, maps, and elevations charts available on the LPC Course Info + Maps page.



KIDS CAN DO IT TOO!! Bring out your little champions to help enjoy the fun, because the LPC Kid’s MultiSport Events, part of our Carolina Kids MultiSport Race Series, will again run in conjunction with the LPC Triathlon! What’s more, the LPC Kid’s Splash and Dash (swim/run) is a USA Triathlon certified event, and has been selected to be part of the USAT Splash and Dash Youth Aquathlon Series of 2014! There are only 50 events in this USAT youth series this year, and we are hosting two of them (alongside the Asheville Kid’s Splash N’ Dash)! These events are geared to help drive participation by adolescents, and pave the road for the future of multi-sports. Multiple kid’s race distances available based on age and experience.


Registration for this event entered separately. More details can be found on our LPC Kid’s MultiSport event page. or learn about all the CKMS Events.**

Testimonials and Media


John Neff,  Photographer


Overall, I’m so glad I raced today. Not just for the swag but for the awesome course and fun crowd. There were a lot of first timers today, whom I admire because when it’s your first tri and it is cold and rainy, it must be really extra stinky. So way to be badasses, ya’ll! And finally, thanks to all the great volunteers and race staff. You all rock.

Kit Hayes (LPC Triathlon First Place Female)

(See Kit’s full testimony on her blog post “Rain, Roadkill & a Leotard: the 2013 LPC Triathlon”)


Volunteers are the backbone of a terrific event experience. Sign up to donate 1 – 2 hours of your time helping to make the event run smoothly by counting laps, helping at registration, and other useful tasks. All volunteers will receive yummy food and will get to enjoy in all the event festivities. It’s easy to sign up, just click, enter your email for confirmation, and choose your spot!



If you prefer not to use your email address, or have trouble signing up, please contact us to sign up manually.

Want to sponsor the 2014 LPC Triathlon?

The LPC Triathlon is a unique opportunity to secure local and regional brand presence at a popular triathlon held at the Leila Patterson Center in Fletcher, NC. For more information on how to become a sponsor, contact sponsorship@idaph.net.

A special thanks to our 2013 event sponsors!
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