2019 Asheville Triathlon Swim Start Order


On your marks, get set, SWIM!

The first swimmer will hit the pool at 7:45 am sharp! The rest of the participants will follow every 10 seconds. Make sure to bring your own swim cap (if you want to use one).

Attend our Pre-Race meeting at Asheville Rec Park with the iDaph Team.

We recommend this meeting for everyone especially you awesome first time triathletes!

When: Saturday, July 20th at 5:00pm

Where: Asheville Rec Park

69 Gashes Creek Rd., Asheville, NC 28805

More details can be found in our pre-event eblast HERE!

Questions about your Start Time? Visit us at Packet Pick-up on Saturday! 

Swim Start Times

Seth McFarland 750 Individual
MINA MADNESS Mina, Mina 800 2-Person Relay
CHUNKEY MONKEYS Cunagin, Armstrong, Hunt 801 3-Person Relay
Anna Newnam 742 Individual
Connor Smith 502 Individual
Abby Smith 503 Individual
David Ziegler 504 Individual
Sarah Alexander 505 Individual
Kelly Boone 731 Individual
Lizzie McGann 507 Individual
Rich Rauschenbach 508 Individual
TRI-AMIGOS Abe, Mears, Napper 802 3-Person Relay
John Kneedler 509 Individual
BRIAN COMBS 510 Individual
Chris Hawkins 511 Individual
Lecky Haller 512 Individual
Patrick NEWCOMB 537 Individual
Oliver Porter 513 Individual
John Smith 514 Individual
Ava Stephens 515 Individual
Chuck Babin 736 Individual
Jeffery Bennington 517 Individual
Jorge Marin 518 Individual
Sabrina Coles 519 Individual
Sami Haddad 520 Individual
Lucy Eggleston 521 Individual
Ryan Ford 522 Individual
John Glover 741 Individual
Amy Cocanour 523 Individual


Ev Agin 526 Individual
Dan Passarelli 528 Individual
Zach DeMeester 501 Individual
erin taylor 585 Individual
Courtney Dail 530 Individual
Eric Willingham 532 Individual
Martina Barnes 533 Individual
Daniel Boren 534 Individual
Jack Martindale 535 Individual
Aiden McFarland 536 Individual
David Thompson 538 Individual
Lauren Vollentine 539 Individual
Jeremy Durbin 540 Individual
Levi Rattray-Wood 541 Individual
Jennifer Jacobson 542 Individual
Patrick Engel 543 Individual
TR Newnam 733 Individual
Thomas Dawson 529 Individual
Scott Warren 546 Individual
Betsy Cunagin 547 Individual
Spencer Clark 548 Individual
Lydia Newnam 506 Individual
Stephanie Sales 549 Individual
Bryan Smith 550 Individual
Daniel Trimbach 552 Individual


Nathan Mueller 730 Individual
Steve Mack 553 Individual
Jennifer May 554 Individual
Whitney Jordan 555 Individual
David Schaffer 556 Individual
anthony read 557 Individual
Andy VanPelt 558 Individual
Carissa Chambers 559 Individual
Nikolas Silva 560 Individual
Sergio Laprade-Velasco 737 Individual
David Chandler 561 Individual
Steve Watkins 562 Individual
Carolyn Morrisroe 563 Individual
Rick Hogue 565 Individual
Erik Sandstedt 566 Individual
Natalie Schieber 567 Individual
Roger Hill 568 Individual
Lonnie LePore 569 Individual
Gregory Moberg 570 Individual
Shannon Roderick 571 Individual
Jeremy Serkin 572 Individual
john jennings 573 Individual
Christopher Arbor 574 Individual
Roger Hatfield 575 Individual
Travis Stevens 576 Individual
Deanna Galasso 577 Individual


TEAM OPIE Barrow, Negri, Snell 826 3-Person Relay
Battle Crews 735 Individual
Wesley Shelmire 734 Individual
Crosby Crevelt 578 Individual
Marissa Yates 579 Individual
McKenzie Bridges 524 Individual
Estelle Arnal 580 Individual
Michael Karp 525 Individual
Simms McElfresh 581 Individual
Anthony Franco 672 Individual
Arthur Basham 582 Individual
Jarrett Van Meter 527 Individual
Bill Gulsby 583 Individual
Katelyn Decherd 584 Individual
Ted Souris 586 Individual
Justin Peele 587 Individual
Caleb Kirchhoff 588 Individual
Grace Stokey 589 Individual
Kristie Blankenship 591 Individual
Sarah Byrne 592 Individual
Brad Campbell 593 Individual
Tommy Carter 594 Individual
Chris Chazotte 596 Individual
Tyler Chazotte 597 Individual
Erin Connors 598 Individual
Megan Grant 599 Individual
Alenda Hartshorn 600 Individual
David Kadau 601 Individual
Jonathan KADAU 602 Individual
Virginia Lockett 604 Individual
justin mccleery 605 Individual
Eric McNeil 606 Individual
Colby Munday 727 Individual
Joshua Page 607 Individual
Eva Peterson 544 Individual
Kreig Spahn 608 Individual
Susan Wiley 610 Individual
Kathryn Wilhoit 611 Individual
chris holroyd 612 Individual
Rachel Thebeau 613 Individual
Kai Schwerdtfeger 614 Individual
Greg Owen 615 Individual
Kari Hunt 616 Individual
Aimee Riley 647 Individual
Katryn Steenbergen 617 Individual
Samantha Siegel 618 Individual
Jeff Meide 619 Individual


Michael Boyd 621 Individual
Michael Connolly 622 Individual
Paiden Castelblanco 623 Individual
Megan Cavagnini 624 Individual
Brian Cavagnini 625 Individual
Doug Hoffman 626 Individual
Steven Sizemore 648 Individual
Lawrence Thurman 627 Individual
Jess Adams 628 Individual
Tori Rothenhoefer 629 Individual
Mark Hedrick 630 Individual
Kat Leddy 740 Individual
Michael Tobias 739 Individual
David Anderson 729 Individual
michael malone 631 Individual
Susan Davis 531 Individual
Mona Ellum 649 Individual
Daniel Schieber 632 Individual
Anne Louise Bouchard 633 Individual
Lauren Agrella-Sevilla 634 Individual
Sarah Corley 545 Individual
Dennis Dineen 635 Individual
Mike Kelly 636 Individual
Jon Krecicki 603 Individual
Jacki McCartt 637 Individual
Kenny Morris 638 Individual
David Pesa 639 Individual
Jackson Riddle 640 Individual
Adriana Rolfs 641 Individual
Liza Rutledge 642 Individual
Hailey Voycheske 643 Individual
Tim Young 644 Individual
CHAPEL THRILLERS Clark, Myers, Ristaino 830 3-Person Relay
Jill Frayne 645 Individual
Laney Hayes 646 Individual


Katlyn Mobley 516 Individual
Daniele Aguilera 650 Individual
Sam Bostian 652 Individual
Cody Nations 564 Individual
Maggie Hogue 653 Individual
Martie Roe 654 Individual
Meg Chislett 655 Individual
Julia Diesel 656 Individual
Jonathan Ezell 657 Individual
Christian Gajes 724 Individual
UNC-Asheville Garrison 658 Individual
Allison Nergart 659 Individual
Kathryn Spotts 660 Individual
Shelby Stovall 661 Individual
Annmarie Vollaro 662 Individual
Bruce Younkin 663 Individual
David Bailey 664 Individual
angel mintz 665 Individual
Jeffrey Barker 666 Individual
Jordan Williams 669 Individual
Monica Bastin 670 Individual
Robert Patterson 671 Individual
Stephanie Compton 673 Individual


Chirag Patel 551 Individual
Wesley Fowler 674 Individual
Matthew Hill 675 Individual
Scott Butler 676 Individual
Blake Cantrell 677 Individual
Brittany Carty 595 Individual
Bonnie Chazotte 678 Individual
Wes Cottrill 679 Individual
Chante Freeman 680 Individual
Heather Gourley 681 Individual
Randall Haynes 682 Individual
Josh Howard 683 Individual
Heather Layton 684 Individual
Bob Lockett 685 Individual
Bethany Palma 686 Individual
Taylor Pung 687 Individual
Johanna Quinn 688 Individual
Eric Stigall 690 Individual
Jessica Stigall 691 Individual
Jason Taylor 692 Individual
Austin Young 693 Individual
Jordan Watson 694 Individual
Joe Watson 695 Individual
Chris OConnor 696 Individual
Susan Stigall 697 Individual
Alan Barlow 651 Individual
Paul Finch 698 Individual
John Carragher 699 Individual
Paul Heitmann 667 Individual
jennifer wegryn 700 Individual
Heidi Wegryn 701 Individual


Stephen Embree Jr 620 Individual
Blake Baker 702 Individual
cal fastuca 703 Individual
Danielle Hagerman 704 Individual
Matthew Hannon 705 Individual
Daniel Higgins 706 Individual
Julie Hansell 707 Individual
Kevin Griffin 590 Individual
Jessica Purcell 708 Individual
Chris Cain 709 Individual
Frank Freeman 710 Individual
Caitlin Kelleher 711 Individual
Molly Neary 712 Individual
Jill Sparks 689 Individual

Under 1:31

First Name Last Name Bib Event
Seth McFarland 509.2241379 Individual
MINA MADNESS Mina, Mina 504.337931 2-Person Relay
CHUNKEY MONKEYS Cunagin, Armstrong, Hunt 499.4517241 3-Person Relay
Anna Newnam 494.5655172 Individual
Connor Smith 489.6793103 Individual
Abby Smith 484.7931034 Individual
David Ziegler 479.9068966 Individual
Sarah Alexander 475.0206897 Individual
Kelly Boone 470.1344828 Individual
Lizzie McGann 465.2482759 Individual
Rich Rauschenbach 460.362069 Individual

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