Asheville off Road Series

Here is what you need to know for

the 2022 Asheville Off Road Series


Event Guide (with maps and clickable links)

Event Guide Podcast (audio) HERE

Event Guide Podcast (video) HERE

How the Duathlon Transition Works (video) HERE



Welcome to the 2022 Asheville Off Road Series! We are so excited to be back at Ride Kanuga to see you all racing your hearts out. Bring your friends and family to race with us too and let’s have a blast on some dirt roads and trails together!


  • Address to Ride Kanuga: 1249 Kanuga Lake Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28739
  • Easy Parking: Camp Kanuga (.5 miles from start/finish) see event guide/listen to podcast. 
  • Parking is also avalable at Ride Kanuga, however it will be difficult to leave during the race happenings. If you don’t plan to hang out after the race, please park at Camp Kanuga. 
  • THERE IS NO ROADSIDE PARKING on KANUGA ROAD, they will tow you! 
  • Races start and finish at the RIDE KANUGA main entrance area at 8:00am, Gravel Grinder bike races go out first, then the duathlon runners start right after. (see map on event guide)
  • New for 2023: Tansition for duathlon participants is located near the start and finish line at the race hub. items must be set up in transition by 7:45am.  Transition will ‘close’ at 7:45am and all participants need to leave that area until you race. This will eliminate unnecessary congestion in the transition area and everyone will have a better experience throughout the race.  (to hear more about the duathlon transition area, listen to the podcast)
  • It will be dark when you arrive on race morning. Bring lights for the front and back of your bikes and runners bring headlamps. 
  • SAG # is 828-329-8863, if you need mechanical support. For an emergency please call 911.

INTERACTIVE DIGITAL EVENT GUIDE (with maps, links to podcast and more!)

Please CLICK HERE to read and/or listen to our 2022 Asheville Off Road Series Interactive Digital Event Guide. This guide has tons of information to prepare you for the races. We highly recommend that you read through it or listen to the podcast when you are training, in the car or on your way to the race!


Asheville off Road Series Event Guide