Welcome to the 2022 Asheville Triathlon

Asheville Recreation Park, Asheville, NC

Sunday, July 17th

Race Start time 7:30am



If you haven’t already…

#1 Please READ through our DIGITAL EVENT GUIDE. This event guide has been emailed to all registered participants earlier this week. If you have not seen it, check your spam email folder. If you still cannot find it, please send an email to support@idaph.net for us to re-send it to you.

#2 You can also LISTEN to our Podcast with race info HERE. 

#3 CHECK OUT ALL THE MAPS AND ROUTES HERE and get familiar with the event hub before you arrive on race day.


To find your wave and start time, search for your name on the Official Swim Start List below:

Click HERE –>2022 Asheville Triathlon Swim Start List (NOW POSTED!)

Info about the order/wave start list and how it will work on race day….

• All participants must be parked, have their bib picked-up and have all of their items set up in transition by 7:30am. Transition will ‘close’ at 7:30am and all participants need to leave that area until you race. This will eliminate unnecessary congestion in the transition area and everyone will have a better experience throughout the race. 

• Swim start waves have been assigned based on the swim time you submitted when you registered.

• Participants are assigned a wave start, rather than an exact start time. It is a ‘rolling’ wave start. Swimmers will start approximately every 10 seconds in a time trial start format.

  • These are first come, first serve, within the wave. There is no ‘order’ to folks within the wave that you are in. Everyone that is in your wave submitted a similar swim start time.

• Swim warm-ups are from 7:00-7:20am. 

When you go to the pool to start you will:

#1 Get in the swim line by wave start time. 

#2 Participants will start approximately every 10 seconds, and will run into the pool at the shallow end. 

#3 Participants will move up in line, as participants start their swim. Be ready to go! 

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday morning!

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