iDaph Events Team

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iDaph events exists to make memorable life experiences at our events for participants of all levels and abilities. We are a small group of active people who seek to bring events to life and create an environment full of fun, achievement and enjoyment. We work hard and play hard and have a desire to be successful. We design and produce approximately twenty events per year including marathon, other running events, triathlons, cycling, kids events and other multi-sport events.

We are seeking passionate event-type individuals with tremendous energy and drive, highly productive and detailed individuals who take initiative and are confident in their communications and long for producing results. This work is not for the faint of heart, as neither is the special events industry.  Physical labor, heavy lifting, and working weekends, holidays, and long hours during event weekends are imperative to one’s success in this role. The ideal candidate should already understand this from personal experience if he or she meets the requirements set forth in the expectations of those applying for our jobs.

While iDaph Events has been officially operating since 2011, our company operates closer to a start-up with all team members wearing multiple hats and committing directly to the bottom-line success of iDaph Events. Please email us at events@idaph.net if you’re interested in learning more about joining our team.