What do I need to know when I attend a ride?

All participants must check-in at the SIGN IN table before EACH Saturday ride. If you only need to complete the new sign up form online ONCE (link below), BUT AT EACH RIDE you need to check-in so we can mark you off. If you forgot to check-in at the table on Saturday’s ride (11/17/18) please send us a message so we can mark you off the list… we want you to get your sweet AVL WBL mug at the end of the series and have an accurate head count at each ride. 

Sign in Form: (complete this one time for the entire series)

The rides are free but we do suggest a $5 donation from each rider at each ride to help cover the expenses of the rides and to go towards IDream Athletes Foundation scholarship fund for our area athletes. 

Please leave plenty of time to park, get your gear ready and to sign/in! Restrooms are available. COMPLETE ALL 11 AVL WBL RIDES & EARN a locally-made, AVL WBL Pottery Mug. 

We will make announcements before the ride on Saturday so plan to be around the check-in area at 9:45am to hear the announcements and to meet the ride leaders. We will plan to start the ride promptly at 10am. 

AVL WBL Routes and Cue Sheets will be posted every week on Wednesday on our Facebook event page. Please download these files to your Garmin and/or print your own cue sheets for each ride. 

What is the Asheville Winter Bike League?

The AVL-WBL is excited to host the best structured, long, winter-road training rides on the planet with the best group riders! But we are more than just a ride, we are a cycling community, a network, and even a family; we look out for each other on the road.

We offer A, B+, B and C groups during the AVL-WBL with SAG support. All levels of cyclists are encouraged and invited to attend.

The AVL-WBL rides are not designed to drop riders, but neither do we coddle the masses. Rides are ridden at a steady tempo – not too fast, not too slow. Our goal is to ride smooth and steady, avoiding rapid acceleration and deceleration. We try and hold a steady, solid and quick tempo for the entirety of a ride.


A group = experienced, pro’s/elites, competitive, ‘team’ racers & can maintain 18-22 mph throughout entire ride. Approximately 60-70 Miles. This is a DROP ride, if you can’t hang please join one of the B groups.
B+ group = experienced, mostly non-competitive, & can maintain 17-19 mph throughout the entire ride. Approximately 45-55 Miles. This is a DROP ride, if you can’t hang please join B- group.
B group = experienced, non-competitive & can maintain 15-17 mph throughout the entire ride. Approximately 40-45 Miles. No Drop, but expected to keep B pace. 
C Group = novice/beginner riders, riding an easier pace. No one left behind.  Approximately 25-30 Miles.

What organization benefits from the rides?
The Asheville Winter Bike League rides benefit IDream Athletes Foundation.