Asheville off Road Series

The Asheville off Road Series announces a NEW EVENT OPTION

at this year’s event at Ride Kanuga on September 18, 2023!


Do you run but don’t bike? Do you bike but wouldn’t dare run unless something was chasing you? We have the answer! Grab a friend or family member and split the event - form a 2-Person team! One of you will run and one of you will bike.


2-Person Duathlon Team: Two participants will form a team and split the event. One will run and one will bike. Run 1 will be 2.5 miles. The runner will complete the first 2.5 miles, then enter the transition area and hand off to the biker for the 13-mile bike. Once the bike portion is complete, the biker will return to the transition zone and hand off to the runner for Run 2 for the second 2.5 miles.


What are you waiting for? Grab your friend, best friend or biggest race competitor and let’s go…


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Asheville Off Road Series