We are thrilled to launch the new 13.1 x 3 series for 2021, the Appalachian Trilogy! Sign up for the Asheville Half Marathon (March 20), Jump off Rock Half Marathon (May 8) & Black Bear Half Marathon (Oct. 9) and receive a commemorative Appalachian Trilogy medal. You can do these events either in-person or virtually to be part of the series! We will also have some super cool swag to go along with this new challenge to keep you motivated to train all year long!

Step 1: Go to the official Appalachian Trilogy Registration Form and sign up. After you fill this out you are signed up in the series so that you can receive your medal… but you must still go sign up for each of the three races on Race Roster…

Next, Step 2:  Go sign up here for all three races and grab the official Appalachian Trilogy Hoody and/or mug while you are there! - https://raceroster.com/series/2021/44620/the-appalachian-trilogy

Note: Only registered participants of all three half marathon races will be eligible for the Appalachian Trilogy medal. Both in-person and virtual half marathon participants are eligible to be part of this series. Medals can be picked up at the final race in the series - Black Bear Half Marathon on Saturday, October 9th. If you partiticipate virtually in the races, your medal will be shipped after October 9th.

Step 3: Now go join our exclusive Applachian Trilogy Runners Facebook group –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/416577786315987 and be part of the community of runners that are also tackling this challenge with you!

Last thing... And finally, check out the GOLD, SPINNING, AMAZING Appalachian Trilogy Medal - https://youtu.be/jsB8285y8HE