Take in the breathtaking scenery at Biltmore Estate

The Asheville Off-Road Series at Biltmore Estate consists of three amazing sport events in one day: A Duathlon, a Gravel Grinder, and a 10K Off Road Run. You can run. You can bike. You can run and bike!  Relay teams and all levels of athletes and abilities are welcome.

This event will take you to some of the most beautiful and serence trails on the Biltmore property, including trails that cannot be accessed by every day guests.

Join endurance athletes of all abilities on Sunday, September 15th and step to the start line. REGISTER HERE! 


The Asheville Duathlon, is a 5k road run, 13.25 mile off-road bike, and a final 5k packed dirt off-road run. The off-road bike is a non-technical trail on the west side of the estate,  typically off-limits to regular guests. Individual participants or 2 or 3 person relay teams available. Kids can join in on the fun too!  The bike rider must be at least 10 years old for any relay team. There is not a Du 4 kids option available in the 2017 events.

Gravel Grinder

The Asheville Gravel Grinder Bike Events come packed with something for every type of rider, a 20, 40 or 60 mile option. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or scenery seeking rider, these events are for you! The Gravel Grinder Bike races are the only bike events at the estate that allows the participant to access the front of Biltmore House on their bike.

10K Off Road Run

The Asheville 10k Run at Biltmore features a newly designed, off-road 10k, featuring some paved, packed dirt and trail that takes the runner to a marvelous adventure with views of the Biltmore House the average guest does not get to see.

Experience Biltmore like never before. Join us for cooler temperatures in September!

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Need a bike?

No bike? No problem! You can rent a bike for gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike for the event. Asheville Bicycle Company is our premier, local bike shop support for the Asheville Off Road Series and they are happy to help. They will even bring the bike out to the event for you. Please reach out to Craig if you are interested in a bike rental - (828) 774-5215.

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