A new way to learn, grow and train together in triathlon

A new way to learn, grow and train together in triathlon

A new way to learn, grow and train together in triathlon

Introducing the new Tri Local Community!

“Yeah, get out there, give it a tri. Literally give it a try.”

iDaph Events has teamed up with iDream Athletes Foundation and other local, multi-sport community leaders to create and bring to you the Tri Local Community. They will be offering triathlon clinics, group training opportunities, a community to find training partners, pre-race course re-cons, clinics, transition zone coaching, and of course two amazing, local triathlon events. All participants that are in the TRI LOCAL DUO Series will have exclusive access to all the fun and informative offerings coming up this winter/spring/summer.


Tri community, a local community is uber important. You find training partners. You  need your own support along the way. Plus supporting the local triathlons is important.

We’ve got some pretty exciting clinics and training opportunities lined up on the calendar. 

 Triathlon is a unique blend of the sports of swimming, biking and running all in one event. The journey to train for and race at a triathlon is an incredible energy, time and monetary commitment. Completing a triathlon, (let alone two) within one month from each other, is a major life milestone and we want to recognize this accomplishment.

Also, we believe that triathlon deserves a community. We are here to continue to support the development of a Tri Local Community through training opportunities leading up to and at both of these triathlons in Western North Carolina. 

“Tri Local” returns in 2023 with an all new triathlon experience, community  challenge!

Listen along in this podcast as Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events and Founder of iDream Athletes Foundation has a conversation with Jay Hamvas, owner of Jay Bird Multi-sport Coaching. In this podcast, they discuss what the Tri Local Community is, it’s mission and vision and what to expect this spring and summer. And how you can get involved and join in on the fun!