Update: Trick or Trail 5k & Spooky Sprint One Mile

Update: Trick or Trail 5k & Spooky Sprint One Mile

Trick or Trail and Spooky Sprint

The 2020 event is scheduled for Saturday, October 17th. Registration opening soon!

Trick and Trail and Spooky Sprint participants! Typically this time of year we have registration opened up for the event in October. But due to the pandemic and it’s impact on all aspects of this event, we wanted to ensure that we could still secure the same location and provide you a socially-distanced and safe, run experience before we opened up registration. The 2nd part we have covered, as we have been producing a brand new format of run events that are socially-distanced and safe over the past couple months. The location has been the tricky part for this event.

We received word from Dupont that the State Forest is not allowing any events to start/finish or run through Dupont this fall/winter. They have been severly impacted by the pandemic and aren’t able to host events and happenings there. We are bummed, but completely understand that these are wacky and difficult times for everyone, everywhere!


We are working diligently on finding an alternate location that would allow for a small, social-distanced, rolling start format event with plenty of space and room for the event to take place. We will keep you posted. We will only open up registration when we have a location that is 100% confirmed for the event.

Thank you all for your continued interest in this run. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can find an equally awesome location so you can enjoy this experience again in 2020 (socially-distanced of course!). Keep watching our website for updates regarding event registration. 

We hear you. We miss you. We are ready to move into the future and we know you are too!

We hear you. We miss you. We are ready to move into the future and we know you are too!

Collage of former race events photos

Here’s what’s up next for iDaph Events

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our athletes, friends, and families for being extremely supportive during these unprecedented times. It has been such a wild few weeks and we miss seeing all of you! We cannot thank you enough for all your kind words, texts and emails. Your support of our small business is so appreciated! 

As we all know, COVID-19 has completely decimated the events Industry. Just a few months ago, the thought of the potential simultaneous cancellation/postponement of every event in the world would have been considered completely ludicrous… and an impossibility of epic proportions. 

So where are we right now and what is the plan? The only way we are going to overcome this as a community, as a nation, and as global citizens, is if we all do our part. Our part here at iDaph Events is to continue to provide opportunities to our community to consistently tune their bodies through physical movement, to help everyone stay motivated and to achieve fitness goals. We believe wholeheartedly that by moving your body every day, you are not only going to be in good physical shape but also in a more positive mental state.

Right now, EVERY one of us needs tools and help to keep our heads on straight. Yes, times have changed, and that means we have to be even more creative about event experiences now and as we move into the future. We are ready, and from what we have heard from all of you, you are too! 

Stay tuned on new offerings for upcoming events

Each of our events that we design and produce and own (7 events) — and the ones we oversee and produce for our clients (20+ events) — are unique and are by no means ‘cookie-cutter.’ Therefore, each individual event will take meticulous evaluation and planning to ensure the utmost safety for all attendees. We are working on plans and updates for each of our upcoming events and our partner events for the remainder of this year. You will see new offerings from us including updated cancellation and deferral policies to allow you more time to make decisions regarding your participation. We will also be offering new virtual event experiences for the majority of our events so that regardless of what may happen in the next day, week and months, you will also have a fantastic virtual experience.

We are working with several partners on these virtual offerings and will continue to provide upgrades to these experiences as the technology evolves. We are really excited about the virtual event space and how it has evolved in just a short amount of time. We admit we were all skeptics of virtual events before we participated in them, but now we realize there is a great deal of fun, excitement and motivation to be had by participating in virtual events!  

The Virus Bustin’ Virtual Run & Ride

We are kicking things off here on June 1st with a brand new virtual event: The Virus Bustin’ Virtual Run & Ride and we are pumped! As we have been deep cleaning and moving our warehouse/office operations to another facility, we have found lots of awesome treasures over the last few months! Get ‘re-charged’ and motivated by joining your community of runners and cyclists in this virtual run or bike event and join us for a ‘Vintage Style’ Virtual run and ride experience.

We plan to launch another Virtual Challenge soon and bring back an oldie-but goodie event series that has a style that fits perfectly in this pandemic! Stay tuned!

Asheville Triathlon and Light Up the Night 5K

Our two upcoming events within the city limits: the Asheville Triathlon and Light Up the Night 5K presented by Western Carolina Rescue Ministry are currently being adjusted based on city requirements for upcoming events. We are very hopeful that we can produce some version of each of these events! We are in contact with the city and we will keep everyone informed with these adjustments. We will make final decisions about each of these events on or by July 1, 2020. 

We paused all our event registrations on March 13th, due to the uncertainty of gatherings and restrictions. We will be slowly opening up most of our event registration platforms this month, so stay tuned to the iDaph website, our blog, the Facebook page and Instagram for those updates! 

The Plan! (For Now)

As of right now, here’s the plan:

June 1 thru June 14th: BRAND NEW!  Virus Bustin’ Virtual Run & Ride

July 4: Firecracker 5k presented by Brevard Rotary 

Our friends at the Brevard Rotary Club are planning a virtual run for July 4th week. They are working on putting together a plan to also hopefully produce some in-person activities. Stay tuned to their registration page for updates to the event. 

July 19: Asheville Triathlon - limited registration and a new virtual option will be open by the end of this week. 

August 7: Light up the Night 5k presented by Western Carolina Rescue Ministry (WCRM)  - limited registration and a new virtual option will be open by the end of this week. 

September 7: Tour d’Apple presented by Four Seasons Rotary Club

This bike ride in Henderson County is one of the Four Seasons Rotary Club largest fundraisers. They are hopeful that there will be some version of the event permissible by September.

Online registration will open again soon. Stay up-to-date through the FB page and TDA website. 

September 12: Rock the Quarry presented by Hedrick Industries

September 20: Asheville Off Road Series at Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate is just as excited as we are at iDaph events to produce this event in the fall! We are working closely with Biltmore on establishing new event safety plans and protocols. Registration will open again soon with additional options for deferrals plus a new virtual event experience will be offered. 

October 17: Trick or Trail and Spooky Sprint - Registration opening this summer!

November 26: Biltmore Park Turkey Trot - Registration opening this summer!

By no means is this calendar set in stone. However, we will try to host the events that we have scheduled on their original dates because rescheduling could be very difficult for us, you, our partners and other event companies in our community. If you read our blog What will sport events look like when they come back?, I was quoted saying, “Rescheduling for later in the year has its own problems: There is already an endurance event scheduled for nearly every weekend in our area. We project that large events and gatherings could take much longer to revive themselves. How large is too large is the question… is 100 people too high of a risk for an endurance event?”

Getting creative

We are having to get very creative with events as we work on re-opening plans. We are up for the challenge! 

The only thing we ask of you is that you understand that in each and every decision we make, we’re making it in the best interest of the athlete, the communities in which these events are held, and in a manner that will allow iDaph Events to survive and ultimately thrive once we slingshot through this pandemic.

I believe that we are a community of determined, endurance-loving humans and that we all have the strength to pick ourselves up and start again. The more we can all lift each other up to find that strength, the better we all will be — even if that means we make small baby steps, each and every day to reach our ultimate goal. We look forward to seeing you on the start lines virtually and in person again soon!

‍My Best, 

Daphne Kirkwood

Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events

Entrepreneur | Athlete | Mom

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Black Bear Half Marathon Pre-Event Information

Black Bear Half Marathon Pre-Event Information

We can’t wait to cheer you on at the Black Bear Half Marathon on  Saturday, October 10th at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, NC. Thank you for supporting our event and our small business. Please check here for updates as we get closer to race day! THIS EVENT IS...

What will sport events look like when they come back?

What will sport events look like when they come back?

The Revival of Endurance Events

by Daphne Kirkwood

The normal hustle and bustle of event production is currently at a complete standstill, which means we are in a precarious spot with only three options: Cancel, postpone, or potentially defer events.

The major problem here is that good event planners spend months — if not an entire year — to plan events. Believe it or not, we don’t just set up some tents and equipment and cross our fingers and hope things run smoothly on event day. There are hundreds if not thousands of hours spent ahead of an event with the planning and marketing of it. There are countless meetings with event hosts, cities, counties, police, vendors, stakeholders, non-profit organizations for volunteers and sponsors — and this is just the icing on the cake.

According to a recent NY Times article, the economics of the endurance-event business make a pandemic particularly problematic. Registration fees produce as much as 80 percent of revenues, and 80 to 90 percent of that money is spent on expenses weeks and months in advance of race day, including purchases of medals, T-shirts and permits. A canceled race owned by a mom-and-pop business that has to issue refunds or deferrals can sink the event or the business, said Rich Harshberger, the chief executive at Running U.S.A., an industry trade group.

Click here to view the NY Times Article

So what is the future of endurance events?

Letting your imagination run wild with the future possibilities of what endurance events will look like is uncanny. The events may be smaller, they may have staggered start times, and nutrition and water stations along the race route may be a thing of the past. Highly coveted race photos may be plagued with participants and staff wearing newly fashionable facial coverings.

What we do know is that there will be new health guidelines, and event directors are all eager to find out what those will be. Social distancing will be key; there will be new directional signage for packet pick-up lines, and the typical personal interaction between volunteers and participants will be foregone. Events may be required to provide Personal Protective Equipment, and post-event food and refreshments may take on an entirely different new look, Participation and spectator numbers may be capped at relatively small numbers and may be limited to certain age groups that are less ‘at risk’.

So when can we expect endurance events to get revved back up?

Depending on the day and which news outlet you use, you will get very different views on when the world will reopen to sporting events, specifically endurance events. Koz Events in the San Diego area, which is a similar sized company as iDaph Events, is running into the same issues and challenges as we are with planning events in the uncertain future. The owner of Koz Events, Carrie Panek,  recently stated in the NY Times Article “I don’t think events like ours will go back anytime soon.” Panek and her husband Tobias both run the company, and they recently laid off five employees, including themselves, so that they could collect unemployment.

New race registrations and revenue have gone to zero. Rescheduling for later in the year has its own problems: There is already an endurance event scheduled for nearly every weekend in San Diego County.

We project that large events and gatherings could take much longer to revive themselves. How large is too large is the question… is 100 people too high of a risk for an endurance event?

According to Bill Gates: “Large gatherings may not be permissible until a vaccine is in place.”

So regardless of when events make a comeback, we know that the revival will be a sweet one. We look forward to the reunion of our endurance event community and all the inspiring people that are in it. Sure, they will look different, but life is full of change; it is inevitable. We are all going through this pandemic together and we will rise again in the same way.

In the meantime, keep taking the best care of yourself that you possibly can, by getting outdoors every day to walk, run and ride your bike. The fitness foundation you are building will be primed and ready to go when events are alive again.

Daphne Kirkwood is a self-made, woman entrepreneur, who meticulously crafts endurance events. Her passion for running, biking and endurance events was ignited nearly nineteen years ago after the birth of her daughter. The emergence of iDaph Events in 2011, originated from her love of organizing, being creative and her innate business prowess. This livelihood has been the light of her life and has sustained her and her two kids and all the other employees and contractors that have been employed by iDaph events for the past nine years.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/21/sports/coronavirus-triathlons-endurance-races.html?smid=em-share

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Black Bear Half Marathon Pre-Event Information

Black Bear Half Marathon Pre-Event Information

We can’t wait to cheer you on at the Black Bear Half Marathon on  Saturday, October 10th at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, NC. Thank you for supporting our event and our small business. Please check here for updates as we get closer to race day! THIS EVENT IS...

White Squirrel 5k Results

White Squirrel 5k Results

Results are in for this year’s White Squirrel 5k and Fun Run in Brevard, NC! The Brevard Rotary and iDaph Events + Timing would like to thank everyone for coming out this morning for an awesome run.

We’ll see you in Brevard again on July 4th for the Firecracker 5k and Fun Run! [Register here]

To search for individual results, click here

Racers lining up at start line for iDaph Event

Overall Results:

2019 White Squirrel Results

White Squirrel 5k Searchable Results

We are Growing! iDaph Events is Hiring: Marketing Coordinator

We are Growing! iDaph Events is Hiring: Marketing Coordinator


While iDaph Events has been officially operating since 2011, our company operates closer to a start-up with all team members wearing multiple hats and committing directly to the bottom line success of iDaph Events.

This job is not for the faint of heart, as neither is the special events industry.  Physical labor, heavy lifting and working weekends, holidays and long hours during event weekends are imperative to the success of this role. The ideal candidate should already understand this from personal experience if he or she meets the requirements set forth in the expectations of those applying for this job.

This job will require independent work during the week, mostly in front of the computer and the occasional weekend work would be outside in any and all types of weather conditions. There is some flexibility with this job (part-time or full-time) and the ability to work remotely. We are looking to fill this position immediately.

The person in this position will be expected to understand, embrace, and execute the vision of iDaph Events and to conduct business professionally at all times.

Marketing Coordinator

Daily/weekly/monthly responsibilities:

  • Maintain and update the company website (s) with graphic design and content on a regular basis.
  • Assist with redesigning efforts on our WordPress website and webpages.
  • Update existing logos and promotional designs, create event print materials including but not limited to - posters, postcards, t-shirt designs, maps and banners.
  • Assist with the upkeep, content creation and design of social media campaigns and create photo banners and promotional items for these campaigns.
  • Assist with content creation for blogs on a weekly basis.
  • Responsible for keeping our social media pages updated daily.
  • Create, edit and organize eblasts through Mailchimp for events and blogs
  • Attend and assist at our events on our race calendar.



  • Four-year college degree in Marketing or Business preferred
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and other photo editing experience is required
  • Experience with Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest
  • Experience with WordPress and Mailchimp (or email newsletters) preferred.
  • Direct experience in planning endurance events is optimal but not required
  • Minimum two years experience in customer-service related role
  • Driver’s license
  • CPR/AED and First Aid Certification preferred
  • Experience with driving truck and trailers preferred*


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Positive and energetic personality
  • ‘Can-do’, Flexible and adaptable attitude and disposition
  • Passion for details
  • Creative artistic tendencies and the ability to create original ideas and concepts
  • Operate with the mindset in which one owns his or her actions, expectations and performance
  • Ability to work independently, in a fast-paced environment and multi-task
  • Willing to travel, work weekends and holidays and to put in extended hours as required or requested
  • Flexible with mobile office working conditions including home, virtual offices, coffee shops and any other environment that allows for laptop work
  • Comfortable, familiar, and open to technology including but not limited to Google Apps, MS Office, Apple products and applications
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and friendliness to all clients, government officials, community leaders, business owners, vendors, company stakeholders, co-workers, volunteers and event attendees
  • Ability to present a calm and confident energy during critical moments and/or crises
  • Operate with a strategic business mindset.
  • Excited to be part of a growing business and own his or her contribution to its success (and enjoying having this kind of responsibility!)


Schedule (part-time or full-time) and Salary/Benefits Negotiable

If you are available to begin working with us immediately and meet the requirements set forth in the job description, please submit resume with salary (full-time) or hourly (part-time) pay expectations and a cover letter to events@idaph.net by Friday, February 22nd at NOON EST.