Carolina Kid's MultiSport Race Are your kids in a school daze? Looking for activities a little more concrete than Xbox and iPhones to get them into the warm season ahead? If you want your children to have great times, new friends, and learn valuable lessons in life and sport, we have news for you! You can help them start their summer off smart in the first event in our Carolina Kids Multisport Series, May 26th at the Asheville Jewish Community Center (JCC).

The Asheville Jewish Community Center is at the heart of Asheville’s warm and welcoming Jewish community, offering programs for everyone and every stage of life. This race hopes to promote everything the JCC stands for, bringing out your child’s intrinsic values in sportsmanship, community, and learning… all in the iDaph spirit of creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. We are even offering coaching services to help our junior triathletes get started off on the right foot. These plans will gently ease them into the splendid world of endurance athletics, minimizing injury and burnout. Child safety is paramount, and we strive for the safest, most secure sporting experience possible.

This event will be in ‘splash and dash format’, with a swim in the JCC pool and a run on the adjacent Falafel 5k course. Race distances will be as follows:

Ages 9 & Under: Pool-width Swim & 1km run

Ages 10-12: 200m Swim & 3km run (will also include 12-15 year old beginners)

Ages 12-15 (Elite): 300m Swim & 5km run

Event registration is $25 until May 20th at imathlete, exclusively intended for competitors between the ages of 4 and 15. For more race information, contact events@idaph.net, or visit the series site page. For more information on the Asheville Jewish Community Center, please visit jcc-asheville.org.

We welcome sponsors and partners to help us bring this and many more youth events to our area. We feel it to be an honor to do so, and with partners such as the Asheville JCC already by our side, we feel we are off to a good start and the sky’s the limit!

This race is going to be hotter than a fresh-cooked falafel, and we expect numerous area parents and kids to decide to join in on the fun. With every step ran and every stroke swam, area youth will attain the tools necessary to build a better tomorrow.

For course maps and additional information visit our Carolina Kid’s MultiSport Series page.