The Frostbite Race Results are in!

The Frostbite Race Results are in!

Thank you to all the participants that came out to the 28th Annual Frostbite 5K, 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run! We had over 500 people registered for the race today, which means we surpassed our number from last year! 

Congratulations to our Overall Male and Female winners along with all the finishers today!

A huge thank you to Couch Mountain Community for being our presenting sponsor this year! Those towels they gave out at the finish line were AWESOME!

Thank you Lelia Patterson Center for once again providing the space for the event, and your continued support over the years. 

We would also like to give a huge thanks to Hunter Subaru for their continued support. We hope everyone got to check out their Subarus at the event! Thank you Ingles Markets for providing yummy snacks and beverages, and we KNOW you all enjoyed the warm up by our friends at the Training Post and Fitness

We also would like to thank PT Solutions, Willow Creek Dental,  Go Mini, Academy Press, Fletcher Academy, Flat Rock Bakery, Fleet Feet Asheville, Athleta, LAMAR, Yoga and Massage, and Muirhead Freeman for helping to make this Frostbite 2020 such a success. 

Race photos will be out soon! Thank you John Neff! 

Last one of the 2020 Session: Fun and Games 

Last one of the 2020 Session: Fun and Games 

by Coach Susan

Swim Workout Thursday, February 13 , 2020 


Last one of the 2020 Session: Fun and Games 

Warm Up: 

Group 1: 100 Freestyle 

50 Kick 100 Pull 100 Choice 

Group 2: 150 Freestyle 

100 Kick 100 Pull 100 Choice 

Group 3: 150 Freestyle 

100 Kick 150 Pull 100 Choice 

Game of Catch 20 x 25 

  • Reverse the order in your lane so that slowest person is first and fastest person is last. 
  • Dive in 5 seconds apart (at some point I might start telling you guys when to go) 
  • Goal is to tag person in front of you 
  • Can not tag back person who caught you until next 25 
  • Get out of pool on far end and walk around to deep end to dive in for next 25 
  • When tags occur the tagger goes in front of the tagged on the next 25 

Follow the Leader min 4 cycles of 50s i.e. each person is leader 4 times 

  • Start with 2 person swim - with a partner one pulls and the other holds first person’s ankles and kicks, at wall switch places for 2nd 25 
  • After that the first person decides what to do for a 50 and everyone follows the leader. 
  • Leader goes to back of line and the next person leads 
  • try not to repeat what you do - here are some ideas: 
  • any of the strokes or combination of the strokes 
  • kicking on side 
  • kicking on back 
  • somersaults in middle of each length of the pool 
  • sculling head or feet first 
  • 1 arm strokes (R arm down, L arm back) 
  • dog paddle 
  • sidestroke 
  • Breast pull with dolphin kick 
  • swim underwater 
  • corkscrew 
  • drills: fist swim, rotisserie, catch up, triple switch, shark, puppet or whatever you can think of! 

Couch Mountain Community Presenting Sponsor for Frostbite

Couch Mountain Community Presenting Sponsor for Frostbite

We are only one week away from Frostbite 2020! The 28th Annual Frostbite Races presented by Couch Mountain Community takes place on Sunday, February 16th in Fletcher starting at 1:45pm at the Lelia Patterson Center. The 5K and 10K race courses provide views of Hutch Mountain and are on hilly to challenging terrain with some steep inclines sure to keep your blood pumping. The moderately rolling 1 mile course is a fun course that is fun for the whole family and all ages.

This year’s Frostbite is presented by Couch Mountain Community, a unique community located on a 200-acre upland plateau comprised of only 34 homesites. It is a sustainable community that puts a focus on wellness for its residents and our environment by providing beautiful community gardens, miles of wooded trails, scenic mountain views, bees, chickens, and more.

The Couch Mountain Community staff will be out on race day supporting runners and handing out race swag, and ALL of them will be participating in the events. They are big proponents of staying active and supporting the local community.

 About Couch Mountain Community:

Perched on an upland plateau, approximately ten miles south of Asheville, North Carolina and six miles north of Hendersonville, North Carolina is a unique upland mountain community known as Couch Mountain. This elevated two-hundred-acre tract of land offers stunning views of the Fletcher Valley to the north and expansive long range views into South Carolina to the south. The average slope of the developed portion of Couch Mountain is only 30%, which makes for some incredibly easy, buildable homesites.

Couch Mountain has been planned and designed as a low density, low impact community which simultaneously protects and celebrates its many unique natural features. Great care was taken to preserve 50% of Couch Mountain in perpetuity. An intricate network of thoughtfully designed and maintained trails meander throughout this extensive nature preserve. When combined with the community gardens and numerous public gathering areas, this planned community provides owners endless opportunity to focus on their mental and physical wellbeing. Couch Mountain is a place to escape, a place to rejuvenate and a place to proudly call home.

Visit the Couch Mountain website to learn more about their vision and make sure you high-five them at Frostbite on Sunday, February 16th!

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This Thursday’s Workout for Asheville Swim League

This Thursday’s Workout for Asheville Swim League

by Coach Susan

We only have two sessions left for Asheville Swim League! Thank you for joining us and please remember to check in when you walk through the front door of the Lelia Patterson Center. Sign up below if it’s your first time! 

Swim Workout Thursday, February 6, 2020

Beginner Freestyle with underwater Dolphin Kick and Long Steady Freestyle

Dolphin Kick - how to do it and how it can be useful
Long Continuous Swim - steady pace that can hold (mimic pace for your individual distance goal)

150 yards Warm Up Choice of Strokes

6 x 50s Freestyle on 2:00 increase number of underwater dolphin kicks off walls in cycles of 2:

#1 one underwater dolphin kicks off wall when push off and on turn
#2 two underwater dolphin kicks off wall when push off and on turn
#3 & 4 repeat pattern: #3 - 1 kick, #4 - 2 kicks
#5 & 6 repeat pattern again: #5 - 1 kick, #6 - 2 kicks

Continuous 10 minute Swim - set a distance goal and keep a pace can maintain for that distance.

Steady long and strong freestyle for 10 minutes - estimate will complete between 300 yards and 500 yards

100s Choice - slow enough interval to mix in stroke if you wish:

6 x 100 on 3:30 interval

(roughly 1500 yards plus cool down)

Cool Down with choice mixed strokes of 100 to 150 yards

Learning to breathe

Learning to breathe

by Mamie Colburn

Stepping gingerly into the 3-foot section of the Lelia Patterson Center pool, I knew immediately that I had to go all the way under the water.  In order to get the swim cap on, the directions said “wet the cap and your hair.”

I held my breath, bent my knees and left the warm air behind as I dipped down under the brisk water. The instructions on the cap and what I had seen in movies were all I knew about lap swimming. I could swim, but I’d never gotten the hang of trying to breathe without totally lifting my head, never worn swim goggles to swim laps, and certainly wasn’t sure of myself.

Sitting in the shallow end, I was excited and ready to try something new.  Anything would be better than another cold rainy night of winter wondering when it was going to be summer again. An hour later, smiling and feeling accomplished, I knew swimming was even better than I’d hoped. New possibilities were opening up.

Ten years earlier as a camp counselor, the best way for me to escape the craziness of children’s all day happy screams was to dip my head under water, hold my breath, and try to touch the bottom of the camp pool.  Those moments of quiet gave me the peace to keep going into my 12-hour camp counselor sing-as-you-hike life. Two laps into the Winter Swim League I felt that same serenity and quiet that I sought when I tried to touch the bottom of the pool.

The rhythm of my strokes, focusing on when to breath, and my movements was like a meditation.

At first, our coach, Susan, watched me before giving specific instructions. She told me when to breathe, invited me to play with how many strokes I needed between breaths, and showed me how other people were breathing.  Swim cap on, googles only slightly leaking, I settled into a rhythm. Breathing on my left was harder, and despite trying not to, I swallowed a little water. Breathing on the right felt natural and I didn’t have to lift my head as much.  Susan had given us a routine and fun exercises to follow. My lane had swimmers on my ability level and we talked about our challenges as we went.

When I first arrived at the pool earlier that night, I met a woman who told me she was learning to lap swim for her 60th birthday.  After multiple injuries in other sports, her doctors gently directed her towards something that is lower impact. In the pool, she was kind and graceful. She was focusing on learning to strengthen her kick, and using the kickboards on multiple laps.

After 40 minutes of laps, she complimented me on my improvements and I felt thankful to be in such a forgiving and helpful environment. Next time I want to try to swim laps, I will have a lot more confidence and understanding of how to navigate this new watery world.

Mamie Colburn is the Community Outreach Coordinator for iDaph Events and Timing. She is a 20 year Asheville resident and UNCA alumni with a background in event coordination, non-profit organizations, and volunteer management. Contact mamie at

Asheville Swim League Training for Thursday, January 30

Asheville Swim League Training for Thursday, January 30

by Coach Susan

Swim Workout Thursday, January 28, 2020

200 Choice Warm Up 

Group 1: 5 x 50 Freestyle: 25 Easy + 25 Build - 20 seconds rest

4 x 50 25 Breaststroke + 25 Freestyle - 20 seconds rest

4 x 50 25 Backstroke + 25 Freestyle - 20 seconds rest 3 x 50 25 Fly (0r Choice) + 25 Freestyle - 20 seconds rest

4 x 50 Swim Choice - 20 seconds rest

2 x 50 Kick Choice - 15 seconds rest

2 x 150 Freestyle Pull - 30 seconds rest

(1,600 yd)

Group 2: 3 x 100 Kick Choice

2 x 200 Freestyle Pull

3 x 100 25 Breaststroke + 75 Freestyle  20 seconds rest

3 x 100 Backstroke/Freestyle by 25 - 20 seconds rest 3 x 100 25 Fly (0r Choice) + 75 Freestyle - 20 seconds rest

5 x 100 Freestyle: 50 Easy + 50 Build - 20 seconds rest

3 x 100 Swim Choice - 20 seconds rest 

(2,600 yd)

Group 3: 3 x 100 Kick Choice

2 x 250 Freestyle Pull

4 x 100 25 Breaststroke + 75 Freestyle - 20 seconds rest

4 x 100 Backstroke/Freestyle by 25 - 20 seconds rest 3 x 100 25 Fly (0r Choice) + 75 Freestyle - 20 seconds rest

5 x 100 Freestyle: 50 Easy + 50 Build - 20 seconds rest

4 x 100 Swim Choice - 20 seconds rest 

(3,000 yd)

Distance before 5 minute cool down:

Group 1 1,600 yards

Group 2 2,600 yards

Group 3 3,000 yards