Event Sponsors Needed to Join our Family in 2013: Gather Round the Table, and Share the Blessings!

Around this time every year, people tend to more deeply contemplate and ponder upon those things which they are truly most thankful for. Whether it’s friends, family, days off of work, or green bean casserole and cranberry sauce, there is a warm and comforting comfort to be found at the start of the cool winter season in acknowledging what we have each been endowed. Here at iDaph, we are always especially thankful to all the backers and patrons who help to keep the ship afloat, the ball rolling, and the good people racing: our beloved sponsors.

As this harvest season progresses, please remember the joy of gleaning rewards and the spirit of helping out others. Not only will you be helping us, the causes we support, and our racing community out, but you will also be opening up more doors for your own endeavors in terms of promotion, exposure, publicity, and advertising. That’s not to mention write-offs in a season most aren’t all too thankful for: tax season!

As a sponsor, you can join a team something that’s more than just a team, but rather a true family. We support a variety of charities and causes, so there truly is something for everyone to be a part of, whether as business associates, spectators, or participants from all backgrounds, ability levels, and age groups. As part of this diversity, in 2013 we will have a brand new kids racing series, cycling events, running events, multi-sport events and more!

We know that as the year closes and statements are adjusted, today’s budget forecasts and plans serve as the bases and foundations of business for tomorrow and the days ahead. For that reason, we ask for this now. The table is set for a good year of racing, so this is your chance to bring your own flavor to our table and join in the celebrations.

So please: Get thanks from us now, and thank yourself in the future. Like a pristine red apple or golden ear of corn, iDaph Events is another sweet “pick” to help you fill your cornucopia this year… and there’s no telling what “recipe” for success you can create with us thrown in the mix! Reach out to us at events@idaph.net today and let us know which event you would like to partner up with us in 2013!

iDaph Coaching Partners

iDaph events realizes that coaching can be a critical component of success for any competitor. The proper coach can make all the difference in beginners getting ready for their first race to an advanced or elite looking to race to win.


 We are partnering with a nutrition and an endurance coach in Western North Carolina to help you reach your upcoming goals.


Need help dialing your nutrition in for your upcoming event, help losing weight, or wondering what supplements might help? Check out what Nutrition Guru Thomas Smith has to offer and get you on track.



Looking for a coach to get you fit and ready to accomplish your race goals? Heath Dotson founded HD Coaching with one simple mission: Regardless of background or experience, everyone is an athlete and he will help athletes through clear goals and careful planning to realize their fullest potential and achieve their own High Definition Performance.
 We wish you much success as you begin your journey towards accomplishing your racing dreams! For more details regarding our coaching partners, visit our ‘Coaching’ page on our website.

Play everyday = a happier, more energized you!

Colder weather is upon us and it is so easy to switch into hibernation mode this time of year. It takes extra dedication to your health and wellness to get up and venture out on the cold mornings to go to the gym or to get your run in outside. Keeping your routines through the months that can be more ‘depressing’ than the sunnier, warmer months of the year, is important and will make you happy!

People ask me all the time how I do it and how I fit in all that I do in a day/week/month. I am constantly juggling being a single mom and children, my workouts and work and everything else that life brings on a day-to-day basis. I realize that the reason I stay so energized and focused on what I need to get done every day is because the regular exercise that I do pretty much on a daily basis gives me energy! By starting my day with a run, swim, spin on the bike or yoga I am mentally and physically preparing myself for the day. I am also awakening and energizing my whole being and allowing myself to get those good endorphins flowing to keep my energy levels high for the day.

I read this article from Athleta Chi titled ‘We all need to play’ and it all rang so true to me and is what I live on a daily basis (even when it is cold outside!) and want to share with others. I promise it works!

Need to get energized?! 

  • Make being active a priority EVERY day!  Find the time and stick with it – with no excuses.
  • Do activities that you enjoy doing and that are fun.  I enjoy surfing, but also like to run or bike to get my day started.
  • Try to exercise in the morning.  You will have more energy throughout the day and are more likely to get it done.  Same with your children — if they can get active a little before school, they should!
  • Learn to say “NO.”  You do not have to be a super busy mom to be a good parent.  It’s okay to say no to others, even your children, if it takes time away from your own needs.  It’s not being selfish. It’s you just setting a good example–to say that you, too, are important.
  • Encourage your children to go outside and play…and then go with them!  Let them be kids and play freely, unstructured without set rules.  A little imaginative play is very important, and many children do not know how to play anymore.
  • When your young children are trying your patience, think about what they have done that day.  Did they get some activity?  Were they able to run and expend their energy?  If not, send them out to play.
  • Training schedules are important, but they are not written in stone.  Rest days are important, but may not be necessary for all activities.  If today is your required rest day, but you feel like you want to do another activity, do it!  You need to listen to your body before all else. It may not need or want a break — or conditions may be perfect for a specific sport or activity!
  • If you are feeling low on energy, just get up and do something.  I guarantee you will feel better and happier once you get going.
  • Cold weather makes for a little more planning and maybe some warmer clothing, but it will be well worth it.