Asheville Swim League Returns In 2019

Asheville Swim League Returns In 2019

The 3rd Annual Asheville Winter Swim League will kickoff in January and go through February. All levels and abilities of swimmers are welcome to attend!

Jan 3 - Feb 22, 2018 
Leila Patterson Center

Fletcher, NC

What is the AVL Swim League? The intention of the swim league is to build a better swimming community in WNC. All levels and abilities of swimmers will be training together in a friendly, cohesive, structured and coached GROUP atmosphere.

How is the AVL =structured? Novice/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced/Expert Swim Groups with swim leaders and pool-side support and instruction.

Location: All swims unless otherwise noted will meet at the Leila Patterson Center in Fletcher, NC. The LPC Pool is an INDOOR, 25 Yard pool… pretty incredible! We meet Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. We will have 3 lanes reserved for the Swim League. To prevent over crowding in the lanes, it will be first come first serve. 

Cost: The Swim League is FREE. A $5 Suggested Donation for Coach Led Swims are accepted when you sign in at the swim. These donations are for iDream Athletes Foundation and for our coaches/leaders on the pool-deck at each group training.

Contact website@idaph.net with questions or suggestions!


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Wow! I can’t believe we’re already approaching our FOURTH Winter Swim League this Thursday!

Will you be joining us this Thursday, January 26 at 7:00pm at the Lelia Patterson Center? 

Last week we learned all about flipturns (AWESOME!) If you’re wanting to keep working on your flipturns here’s a great video on flipturns to help you practice before Thursday! 

Want more one-on-one coaching, video analysis in the water, help prepping for a triathlon, or to meet some new goals? Contact Coach Ryan or chat with him on Thursday about helping you out!!

Contact Coach Ryan

For more information on our upcoming swim (including a promo code for some upcoming triathlons) check out our e-blast!!


Who’s ready for our second Winter Swim League practice?


The Asheville Winter Swim League will continue on Thursday, January 12th at 7:00pm for our 2nd swim of the league! We had a fantastic showing of folks with all different typess of swimming abilities and backgrounds last Thursday. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO EARLY swimming allowed for the AVL WSL, there is swim team practice in the pool until 7pm. Our AVL WSL group will start swimming at 7pm, no earlier. 

The AVL WSL runs from January through February. All levels and abilities of swimmers are welcome to attend!

What is the AVL WSL? The intention of the swim league is to build a better swimming community in WNC. All levels and abilities of swimmers will be training together in a friendly, cohesive, structured and coached GROUP atmosphere.

How is the AVL WSL structured? Novice/Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced/Expert Swim Groups with swim leaders and pool-side support and instruction

All swims, unless otherwise noted, will meet at Lelia Patterson Center in Fletcher, NC at 7pm on Thursdays.  

Join us for all 8 - AVL WSL sessions and receive a special prize for completing the entire series.

Donations are accepted for iDream Athletes Foundation and for our coaches/leaders on the pool-deck at each group training and for one additional lifeguard.



Get Tip Top Training from ChiRunning!

Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate – Train with Danny Dreyer, co-founder of ChiRunning

Danny DreyerFor the second year, ChiRunning® will be the official training program for the Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate. The race will be on Sunday, March 16th and will be run completely on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Come join us for this wonderful marathon training and event.

In 2012-2013, Chi Running trained a group of 75 people for the Inaugural Asheville Marathon At Biltmore. Our “team” met most Sundays for our long runs at Bent Creek in South Asheville, the perfect training ground to practice for this hilly event.

The day of the event was cold, but we had a group of people prepared for anything. Everyone had a great day and finished well. We trained many first-time marathoners, and they all finished with smiles on their faces. Four of the first-timers finished in under 4:30!

Running on the Biltmore Estate is a wonderful experience. As a participant, you get to see parts of the estate that are not open to the public. You will run through acres of vineyards with gorgeous views of the mountains of North Carolina, the French Broad River and the unparalleled beauty of the Biltmore Estate. It is a must-see location.

What a great way to enjoy 26.2 miles.

Every runner in our training program told us afterwards they were glad they had the technique and race-specific training that the ChiRunning Marathon Training program offers. This challenging event may not get you a marathon PR (it’s a mix of hilly, flat, dirt and paved roads), but it will be a personal favorite because of the beauty and fun of running in such a gorgeous location.

If you cannot join us for the weekly runs, you can get the support you need to be successful with the ChiRunning online training program we designed specifically for this event. Choose from beginner or intermediate levels.

Sign up for the trainingregister for the event, and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the great health expo, the sumptuous pre-race dinner, and especially at the finish line!!!

See the original post by Danny Dreyer on the ChiRunning Blog on Mon Sep 16th, 2013
Learn more about the Asheville marathon at the official website: AshevilleMarathon.com

Play everyday = a happier, more energized you!

Colder weather is upon us and it is so easy to switch into hibernation mode this time of year. It takes extra dedication to your health and wellness to get up and venture out on the cold mornings to go to the gym or to get your run in outside. Keeping your routines through the months that can be more ‘depressing’ than the sunnier, warmer months of the year, is important and will make you happy!

People ask me all the time how I do it and how I fit in all that I do in a day/week/month. I am constantly juggling being a single mom and children, my workouts and work and everything else that life brings on a day-to-day basis. I realize that the reason I stay so energized and focused on what I need to get done every day is because the regular exercise that I do pretty much on a daily basis gives me energy! By starting my day with a run, swim, spin on the bike or yoga I am mentally and physically preparing myself for the day. I am also awakening and energizing my whole being and allowing myself to get those good endorphins flowing to keep my energy levels high for the day.

I read this article from Athleta Chi titled ‘We all need to play’ and it all rang so true to me and is what I live on a daily basis (even when it is cold outside!) and want to share with others. I promise it works!

Need to get energized?! 

  • Make being active a priority EVERY day!  Find the time and stick with it – with no excuses.
  • Do activities that you enjoy doing and that are fun.  I enjoy surfing, but also like to run or bike to get my day started.
  • Try to exercise in the morning.  You will have more energy throughout the day and are more likely to get it done.  Same with your children — if they can get active a little before school, they should!
  • Learn to say “NO.”  You do not have to be a super busy mom to be a good parent.  It’s okay to say no to others, even your children, if it takes time away from your own needs.  It’s not being selfish. It’s you just setting a good example–to say that you, too, are important.
  • Encourage your children to go outside and play…and then go with them!  Let them be kids and play freely, unstructured without set rules.  A little imaginative play is very important, and many children do not know how to play anymore.
  • When your young children are trying your patience, think about what they have done that day.  Did they get some activity?  Were they able to run and expend their energy?  If not, send them out to play.
  • Training schedules are important, but they are not written in stone.  Rest days are important, but may not be necessary for all activities.  If today is your required rest day, but you feel like you want to do another activity, do it!  You need to listen to your body before all else. It may not need or want a break — or conditions may be perfect for a specific sport or activity!
  • If you are feeling low on energy, just get up and do something.  I guarantee you will feel better and happier once you get going.
  • Cold weather makes for a little more planning and maybe some warmer clothing, but it will be well worth it.