Sunday, September 16, 2018, 7:45 am

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC


COUNTDOWN TO THE AVL Duathlon, 10k Run & Gravel Grinders at Biltmore









Register by Thursday, August 31st at midnight to get a super comfy t-shirt included in your registration!

For the French aristocrat in all of us, this rough-cut, crown-emerald of a race sweeps participants through a mystical journey, back to a time, when the estate might have resembled an 15th century countryside plantation, complete with a game-stocked forest, working vineyards, and a cold mountain river rushing by. Racers on this day will be lords of the land they claim under fast plowing feet & spokes.

The Asheville off-road series of multi-sport events at Biltmore Estate consists of 3 main events, each come with various privileges for participation.

All three of the off-road events in September are entirely on the historic grounds of the Biltmore Estate property. The Asheville Duathlon and Gravel Grinder events both get to explore the west side of Biltmore Estate, which is typically off-limits to guests. Join endurance athletes of all abilities and step to the start line, hearts booming in anticipation, to challenge mind and body while competing in the Annual Multi-Sport event series held at Biltmore Estate.


The Asheville Duathlon, is a 5k road run, 13.25 mile off-road bike, and a final 5k packed dirt off-road run. The off-road bike is non-technical riding on the west side of the estate, which is typically off-limits to regular guests at the estate. Individual participants or 2 or 3 person relay teams available. Kids can join in on the fun also! We recommend a relay team option. The bike rider must be at least 10 years old for any relay team. There is not a Du 4 kids option available in the 2017 events.

“This was a great set of courses. I loved the mix of paved and off-road for running and biking. We are Coming back next year.”

-Beci Beasley, 2016 Participant


The Asheville Gravel Grinder Bike Events come packed with something for every type of rider, a 20, 40 or 60 mile option. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or scenery seeking rider, these events are for you! The Gravel Grinder Bike races are the only bike events at the estate that allows the participant to access the front of Biltmore House on their bike.

“Such a great race! I was honored and excited to stand on the podium for the 20 miler Gravel Grinder. Will definitely be doing this again next year and I might even bump up to the 40 miler! iDaph puts on such a great event. Lots of fun and what beautiful course!”

-Samantha Winogrond, 2016 Participant

10k Off-Road Run

The Asheville 10k Run at Biltmore features a newly designed, off-road 10k, featuring some paved, packed dirt and trail that takes the runner to a marvelous adventure with new views of the Biltmore House..

“I have participated in this event for 2 years in a row. This is first class. The event planners are organized and very helpful. Running and riding on Biltmore is fantastic. There are very few venues that combine running and mountain biking. As long as this one continues, I plan on signing up.”

-Michael Patton, 2016 Participant

Check out what our fans say about the Asheville Off-Road Series

The gravel grinder bike race has become one of my favorite races each year. The course is beautiful, yet challenging. The event management is world class, and staff and volunteers always have a smile on their faces. Plus the fun of riding past the Biltmore house and gardens is always amazing! Thank you Daphne and crew!

Laura Rice

2015 & 2016 Participant

Fast course! Gripping views and loose gravel. This is by far the most memorable race that takes you to the front door of the mansion, past the garden and through the vineyard. Great race support. I’m doing it again next year.

Jaimee Johnsen

2016 Participant

Asheville Off-Road Series at Biltmore Estate
(Gravel Grinder Preview)


Find all Scheduled Pre, Post, and Race Day Events Here


Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 at midnight


Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Deadline to register and have a t-shirt be included in your registration is September 6th


Saturday, September 15th, 2018
1:00 - 4:00 pm

DoubleTree Hotel in Biltmore Village (inside the hotel, please see signage as you’re coming in).
Please check the info on your bib and make sure that it is correct.  If purchasing a Spectator Ticket for Race Day, please note you can only remit payment by cash/check on Saturday, 9/10.

Sunday, September 16th, 2018
6:30a-7:15a at Group Sales outside Biltmore Estate Entrance
**We highly recommend picking up your packet on Saturday to avoid waits on Sunday morning**


Saturday, September 15th, 2018
2:00 pm

At DoubleTree Hotel. Optional meeting with the Race Director. All participants encouraged to attend.


6:00-7:30 am:

FRONT GATE OF ESTATE OPENS FOR ENTRY. Please have your Biltmore ticket in-hand when entering the front gates to Biltmore Estate, and until you park! No Biltmore ticket = no entry to Biltmore. 

ENTRANCE TICKETS FOR SPECTATORS and guests can be purchased at the Group Sales Office (same as packet pickup – first building on the right as you enter the Biltmore Estate) for $23+tax for race access only ($18+tax for Passholders). Upgrades to visit the Biltmore House and Gardens are an additional $29+tax.

6:30—7:15 am:

PACKET PICKUP and Race Day Registration. At the Group Sales office (First Building on the right when entering Biltmore Estate). 

We suggest you arrive no later than 7:00 am to get your bib and through the front gates in time to set up your things in the transition area before the race starts. Please check the info on your bib and make sure that it is correct.

7:00 am:

Biltmore Creamery is open in Antler Hill Village, selling coffee and breakfast items.

7:30 am:


7:30 am:

Race Announcements.

7:45 am:

OFFICIAL RACE START!!! For the Gravel Grinder

8:00 am:

OFFICIAL RACE START!!! For the Asheville Duathlon &10k Trail Run

8:30 am:

BILTMORE PASSHOLDERS can enter the estate without a spectator ticket if arriving after 8:30  in the morning.

10 am—12:30 pm:

COMPLIMENTARY RACE SNACKS from Ingles for participants and volunteers

Post event massages


Beer will be served to participants 21+


Cedric’s Tavern opens in Antler Hill Village with food and beverages for purchase. 11:30 The Bistro in Antler Hill Village area with food and beverages for purchase.

AWARDS CEREMONY (Times are approximate and subject to change)

10:15 am:

Awards ceremony for 10K Off Road Run 

11:00 am:

Awards ceremony for Asheville Duathlon 

11:30 am:

Awards ceremony for 20/40 mile Gravel Grinders

12:00 pm:

Awards ceremony for 60 mile Gravel Grinder

1:00 pm: 

Course closure for all events! All participants must be finished.

This event has a 5 hr. 15 minute time limit. All participants must be finished no later than 1pm. 

Congrat’s to you and your entire staff on a very well organized and successful event. I participated in the 60mile gravel grinder and found the course exciting, challenging and just plain fun. I felt that all aspects from picking up the packets to the finish line events were staged well, plenty of friendly people to talk to and good information. Thank you and the entire Idaph team and the sponsors for a perfect fall day.  I can promise if I am in town again next year I will indeed sign up again.

Rob Potter

2015 Participant

I loved that there was a bike rental company willing to bring bikes to the start line, I traveled there so it was very convenient for me. Very professional photographer, having fun looking at all the photos on his website. I loved that he took pictures at specific locations that were a good photo op with something pretty in the background and not just a close-up of me in misery.

Sarah Schoonover

2014 Participant



















Course Info Laps Before cross bridge (on West side) FINISH mileage
20 mile 2 laps 21.8 miles cross bridge to east side 22.4
40 mile 5 laps 39.5 miles cross bridge to east side 40.1
60 mile 8 laps 57.2 miles cross bridge to east side 57.8
Duathlon Bike 2 laps 12.67 miles cross bridge to east side 13.25

Safety Note: NO HEADPHONES allowed during the bike portion of the events, as they produce a danger to yourself and others around you when needing to communicate at the event. You will receive a time penalty and get DQ’d if you are found wearing them.


Restrooms are located in Antler Hill Village and port-o-johns at the Start/Finish area near Antler Hill Village.  There will also be rest rooms on the west side near the water station.


We ask that you line yourself up at the start line according to your run/bike pace. If you are a slower runner or cyclist we ask that you please start more towards the back of the starting line-up. It will eliminate congestion if you line yourself up appropriately on race morning! Everyone will have a better experience.


You may run/jog to warm up prior to the race on the running path (lagoon trail) or farm trail until 7:45 when the gravel grinder events begin. No bike warm-ups permitted on West Side no runners may cross to the west side prior to the race starting.


  • Duathlon participants will add their bikes to the bike rack in transition area.
  • Allow space for your neighbors in transition, there are typically 6-8 bikes per bike rack.
  • No bike storage the night before the race.
  • Participants only in the transition area.
  • Only the race participant will be allowed to remove his/her bike from the transition area.
  • Participants will have to run their bikes to the transition area entrance before mounting and will have to dismount at the transition area entrance upon completing the bike leg.
  • Asheville Bicycle Company will be providing bike tech support on the course for minor issues.
  • During the race, if you’re a participant and you need to get into the T.A. after you have finished racing, please watch for other athletes moving in and out the transition area.

Water Station Locations:

  1. Near the Lagoon Turnaround on the Lagoon Trail (on 1st 5k run for Duathlon)
  2. West Side (Alta Vista) + port o johns
  3. Westover Trail (10k and 2nd Duathlon run) same spot as last year, before entering the single track section. 

Start your Asheville Duathlon adventure with a 5k run modified for 2016! Runners will start in the Farm area at Antler Hill Village, run alongside the French Broad river on dirt/gravel roads, run to the Lagoon, turnaround  and then return to transition while following the paved Lagoon Trail.

2014 Avl Du PreEvent VineyardDuathletes transition to mountain bikes and ride onto packed dirt roads over through the west side of the estate, where racers will slip by working vineyards, normally off-limits to the public. The duathlon bike is TWO LAPS (approximately 6 miles each) on the west side for a finish total of 13.25 miles.

The seminal moment is a pace quickening dash across the Estate’s signature 264 foot bridge standing mightily over the French Broad River. As racers pump across this stone-hardened trestle, they’ll slice through a refreshing undulating zephyr, forged below in the veins of the ancient river. Crossers are flanked by a dual set of cloverleaf-style railings, spanning the entire corridor, which unites the western and eastern hemispheres of Biltmore’s expansive 8000 acre property.

The bike course is mountain bike or cyclocross bike recommended (no road bikes with slick tires) - there is rock and gravel on the wide carriage roads; No single track.

Please be prepared to count your laps/mileage on your Garmin/watches before crossing the bridge to the finish line. Duathletes will ride approx 12.65 miles on their bikes before they cross the bridge to come back to the east side of the estate to the finish line. (2 laps on west side)

2014 Asheville Duathlon participants all agesThe second Duathlon Run is perfect for the adventure seeker, as it is the most challenging leg of the race, complete with dirt roads and technical single track trail. 2 or 3 person teams welcome in the Asheville Duathlon!

  • All athletes must wear their assigned race number:
    • Team Duathlon – Team Duathlon (bike and bib number) – . Runners on a relay team need to remove their ankle band in transition and hand off to your bike team mate. The bike team mate will also exchange this same ankle band in the transition area to the runner doing the 2nd run.
  • Runner #1 will tag biker and hand off ankle band at their assigned bike rack location, Biker will tag Runner #2 and hand off ankle band to Runner #2 before leaving transition.
  • Bikers must tag runners at their assigned bike rack location
  • The bib must be switched in Transition Area

10k route

Elevation Maps:


Asheville Duathlon Run 1 Elevation Chart as of 9.2.2016


Asheville Duathlon Run 2 Elevation at Biltmore on Westover Trail

2014 Asheville Duathlon Race StartThe BRAND NEW 10k Off Road Run consists of paved greenway, hard packed dirt surface and single track trails that give extraordinary views of the mixed forests, fields and rugged landscape by Antler Hill Village and the Biltmore House, all while relishing the beautiful forests these extraordinary grounds offer. 

Runners will start in the Farm area at Antler Hill Village, run alongside the French Broad river on dirt/gravel roads, run past the Lagoon, cross the Main Road and then up to Biltmore House on single-track trail, they will turnaround at the House and then return to the finish by way of the paved Lagoon Trail. 

gravel grinder

The Gravel Grinder Bike Events consists of a 20, 40, or 60 mile option. The first 9.5 miles is on paved surface where cyclists will ride in front of the Biltmore House and the gardens. Cyclists then switch to dirt/gravel paths on their way to the west side of the estate which is all gravel/dirt carriage roads. These areas are typically off-limits to the public on bikes. It is a privilege for our gravel grinder participants to ride in front of Biltmore House and on the west side of the Biltmore Estate.

2014 Avl Du PreEvent PathwaysNew for 2016 Gravel Grinder Events: At approx mile 3 1/2 - 4 miles the Gravel Grinder participants will stay on Approach Road and head straight towards Biltmore House instead of turning into the parking lots like they have done in past years. They will also continue on the paved section of the estate at mile 7ish until they return to Antler Hill Village at mile 9.5. In Antler Hill Village at the intersection near the Start/Finish area, Gravel Grinder participants will veer onto dirt/gravel roads along the French Broad River and over to the West Side of the estate. 

The hilly west side features beautiful countryside, old barns, a working farm and the Biltmore Vineyards. Depending on the gravel grinder distance you select, you will do either 2 laps (20 mile) 5 laps (40 mile) or 8 laps (60 mile) on the west side of the estate. After completing the west side you will finish in Antler Hill Village where you started. We invite tourist riders, competitive and non-competitive bike enthusiasts to join us on this beautiful bike adventure on the estate. 

Please be prepared to count your laps/mileage on your Garmin/watches before crossing the bridge to the finish line:

*NEW for 2016* 20 Mile Gravel Grinder: 2 Laps on west side, cross the bridge to head toward finish at approx. 22 miles. (2 laps on west side)

40 Mile Grinder: 5 laps on the west side, cross bridge to head toward finish at 39.8 ish miles

60 Mile Grinder: 8 laps on the west side, cross bridge to head toward finish at 57.7 ish miles

2014 Avl Du PreEvent LakeEquipment Needs: We suggest you use a mountain bike or if you are an experienced cyclocross bike rider that is comfortable on gravel roads that have holes/dips and some ‘larger’ rocks in various sections then a cyclocross bike will also work for the event. NO ROAD BIKES ALLOWED (even though the first 9.5 miles of the ride will start on pavement, the courses will turn into dirt/gravel/rocky roads that are not suitable for a road or hybrid bike.)
How technical/difficult is the course? The course is not ‘technical’ in the sense of tight turns or roots, however, there are some rocks and gravel to contend with on the west side of the estate. There is NO single track on the gravel grinder event. The longest ‘climbing’ section of the gravel grinder will be a 2 mile, gradual climb from the admissions gate to Biltmore House (on pavement). The other ‘climbs’ on the course will be ‘rollers’ on the west side. The overall course has some hills and some great fast, flat sections too. No mountain ridges to climb on this ride. Great for all types of riders!






  • Duathlon: 5K run, approximate 10 mile bike ride, 5k Run. May have a team of 2 or three for a relay option. All participants must be registered
  • Gravel Grinder: 20, 40, 60 mile distance options.
  • 10K Off Road Run






Overall awards are hand-crafted, locally made pottery mugs and age group awards are hand-crafted, pottery tumblers for individuals and teams! All participants will receive a specially designed custom race tee and goodies from our race sponsors.

Commemorative Awards are available for purchase through the registration page and will be handed out at the beginning of the awards ceremony.

Race Day Award Categories (Duathlon + 10k) 

Locally made pottery  Male/Female

  • Overall                   1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • Masters                  1st
  • Age Groups           1st, 2nd, 3rd

Age Groups: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 & over     BikeGardens2


Race Day Award Categories (20 Mile, 40 Mile Gravel Grinder + 60 Mile Gravel Grinder)

Locally made pottery Male/Female

  • Overall                      1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
  • 19 and Under            1st
  • Masters    (40+)        1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • Grandmasters (50+) 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Relay Teams:

Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place for 2-person and 3-person relay teams





2013 Avl Du LegsEVENT RULES We ask that you line yourself up at the start line according to your run/bike pace. If you are a slower runner or cyclist we ask that you please start more towards the back of the starting line-up. It will eliminate congestion if you line yourself up appropriately on race morning! Everyone will have a better experience.

You may run/jog to warm up prior to the race on the running path (lagoon trail) or farm trail until 7:45 when the gravel grinder events begin. No bike warm-ups permitted on West Side and no runners may cross to the west side prior to the race starting.

You must have a ticket to enter the Estate. Participant or Spectator tickets are good only for the designated race area and Antler Hill Village; they must be upgraded in order to access the Biltmore House and Gardens. Expect a line of cars at the Biltmore Entry Gate. Allow a minimum of 20 minutes to get from the entrance to the parking lots. Traffic to the Winery area will be heaviest and slowest as race time approaches. Runners and spectators are encouraged to carpool! All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. Parking on paved roads and blocking roads is not permitted. Cars parked illegally will be ticketed and are subject to being towed. Do not park at the Gatehouse Gift Shop for carpooling, so as to leave enough parking space for other Biltmore Guests to shop as they exit the property. To carpool, please park at Doubletree Hotel in Biltmore Village. Restrooms are located at the Start/Finish area near Antler Hill Village. Respect the Estate, and please be aware that we are conducting our race on their businesses, so please throw all trash in proper receptacles, and be mindful not to inconvenience other visitors of the Estate. We want to be invited back next year! In case of emergencies, EMS vehicles will be in various locations on the course. In the event of an accident or emergency, call 828-225-1234. Biltmore Security Staff will contact EMS, Fire Department, etc. and assist in making sure you get help as quickly as possible. 2013 Avl Du BikesIf inclement weather occurs, such as heavy rain and/or other hazardous weather conditions, as with any other marathon or sporting event, the race may be cancelled. We will make every attempt possible to have this event on race day. If the conditions are life threatening or dangerous and we cancel the event it will not be re-scheduled and entries are non-refundable. We would not be able to replicate this event on a different date at the estate. Neither The Biltmore Company or iDaph Events is responsible for the security of personal belongings. Once Finished with their race, bikers and runners will not be permitted back on the race course. No strollers or dogs permitted on any race course, and no bikes on the run courses.

  • All parents/guardians are encourage to help their young athletes while they compete
  • All athletes are required to wear a helmet and shoes on the bike
  • All athletes must wear their assigned race number and be body marked
  • All athletes must have their parent/guardian present

All athletes are required to wear a helmet and shoes on the bike. All athletes must wear their assigned race number (if it’s not displayed, the athlete cannot cross the bridge over into the west side):

  • Trail Run – bib number for front of shirt
  • Gravel Grinder – small bike handlebar number (20, 40 and 60 mile bibs will be different colors) and corresponding bib number for back of jersey
  • Duathlon – timing tag will be on the ankle (for relay participants), bib number, and a corresponding small bike handlebar number

Gravel Grinders must count laps and know when to return to the east side towards finish. 40 milers count 5 laps and 39.9 miles. 60 milers count 8 laps and 57.6 miles.






2014 Avl Du PreEvent WindingLOCATION:

  Biltmore is America’s largest privately-owned home. The 250-room French Renaissance-style chateau is located over 8,000-acres that include more than 80 acres of meticulously-tended gardens. Biltmore is a host to around one million visitors a year. To learn more about Biltmore, visit or call 877-BILTMORE.



There is plenty of race parking. When you enter the estate you will follow the signs to Antler Hill Village. This is approx. 20-30 minute drive from the front gates on a normal day without any traffic. On a busy, congested traffic day it will take you longer to get to AHV.
Parking is available in Antler Hill Village very close to all the event activities. Biltmore Estate Parking Hosts will be onsite parking cars, please pay attention to them and follow their directions. You will be asked to park in designated areas for the race. There will be NO parking allowed in the area near the transition area or on the side of the roadways adjacent to the event site.  Any cars parked along the side of the road will be towed. Equipment drop-offs are not allowed. Please proceed directly to the parking area upon arriving at the event site and walk over to the transition area with your race items.





We always need an extra set of hands! Please visit to learn about the opportunities available for volunteers. Volunteers at the Asheville Off-Road Series at Biltmore will receive complimentary entry for the event purposes to the Estate on race day, yummy food, an adult beverage from Michelob Ultra (after your shift is over) and the opportunity to support Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, our Charity Partner for this event. All volunteer positions at Biltmore are required to assist for the duration of the race.


If you prefer not to use your email address, or have trouble signing up, please contact us to sign up manually.






2014 Avl Du PreEvent WindingEvery person who enters Biltmore Estate is required to pay an entrance fee. Race tickets will allow runners to enter the estate, but spectators are required to pay an entrance fee to have access to the estate during the race – there will be food, drinks, cheering and more! Spectator viewing is limited to during the event at the Start/Finish, Antler Hill Village and Farm Trail areas. If you want to visit the house later in the day, you will need to upgrade your spectator or race ticket.

Spectator Tickets:

  • $23+tax per person; Biltmore Annual Passholders save $5.

Upgrade Spectator or Race Ticket:

  • $29+tax per person to tour the Biltmore House and Gardens.
  • $119+tax for a Twelve Month Pass (available only on Race Day).

Purchase from the Packet-Pickups:

  • at DoubleTree Hotel during Early Packet Pickup or
  • on Race Day starting at 6:30 am at the Group Sales Office on Biltmore Estate (first building to your right when you come through front entrance).

Payment methods: Cash or check only for any spectator ticket purchases at DoubleTree. Biltmore will accept cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover). Race tickets and spectator tickets are non-refundable.

Biltmore Passholders:

As long as Passholders come in during normal business hours they are not required to have a spectator ticket. If they come in before/after hours then they would have to purchase a spectator ticket because it is considered a ‘special event’ at Biltmore. Regular business hours on race day begin at 9am.

What can my family and friends do while I run? There are great shops to explore in Antler Hill Village with food, beverage, and gift items all with a great atmosphere. They can also stand in the Spectator Viewing Areas. SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BRIDGE.


Rest Easy Just Minutes from Downtown Asheville

Situated off I-26 and 240, the Country Inn & Suites® by Radisson, Asheville Westgate, NC is the perfect base of operations during your time in Asheville. Our shuttle service offers transportation to specific drop-off points around the vibrant downtown area, which features a delightful variety of local shops and restaurants. Looking for a glimpse of the good life? The Biltmore Estate is only nine minutes from the hotel and offers guided tours and spectacular scenery. 

Back at the hotel, you can relax with a dip in the indoor pool or lounge on the veranda like a true Southerner. Curl up each night with a book from our Read It & Return Lending LibrarySM, and wake up to the tantalizing aroma of our free, hot breakfast, served in the hotel’s dining room every morning. Our Asheville hotel amenities include: 

  • Free, Hot Breakfast
  • Free Parking
  • Free Shuttle Service to Downtown
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Indoor Pool 










Race results questions? Please contact iDaph Timing at:


Please click on the links to view, save, and print PDFs with complete results:


2017 Results

2017 10K Overall

2017 10K Age Group

2017 Duathlon Overall

2017 Duathlon Age Group 

2017 Gravel Grinder Overall 


This event is timed by iDaph Timing, questions or concerns regarding your results should be emailed to

Please click on the links to view, save, and print PDFs with complete results:


2016 Results

2016 10K Overall

2016 10K Age Group

2016 Duathlon Overall

2016 Duathlon Age Group 

2016 Du 4 Kids Overall 

2016 Gravel Grinder Overall 

2016 Gravel Grinder Age Groups 


This event is timed by iDaph Timing, questions or concerns regarding your results should be emailed to


AvlDuPintGlass-AwardsPlease click on the links to view, save, and print complete results. Winners listed below: 2014 Asheville Duathlon Overall Results | 2014 Asheville Duathlon Age Group Results 2014 10K Trail Run Overall Result | 2014 10K Trail Run Age Group Results .


Overall Males: 1. Stewart Alford, 2. Thomas Cason, 3. Matt Popowski Overall Females: 1. Nicole LaSelle, 2. Spryng Briggs, 3. Amy Alexander 2-Person Teams: 1. Hot Mess, 2. Fun Du, 3. Blue Ridge CrossFit 3-Person Teams: 1. Fort Mill Trekkies, 2. Team Training Wheels, 3. Five River Cycling Club Masters: Female 1. Elizabeth Flemming | Male 1. Brian DeRose 20-24: Female 1. Angela Day | Male 1. Justin Bost 25-29: Female 1. Lindsey Lanier | Male 1. William Jones 30-34: Female 1. Ashley Harn | Male 1. Adam Chapman 35-39: Female 1. Kathrine Wilson | Male 1. Jonathan Erickson 40-44: Female 1. Rhonda Devan | Male 1. Wade McKeehan 45-49: Female 1. Sherrie Pace | Male 1. Mark Ledyard 50-54: Female 1. Lee Doster-Ward | Male 1. Dwight Shuler 55-59: Female 1. Lou Hipps | Male 1. Dan Passarelli 60-64: Female 1. Heidi Sherman 65-69: Female 1. Judie Kean .


Overall Males: 1. Ryan Kestle, 2. Kyle Murphy, 3. Weston Clary Overall Females: 1. Holly DeWitt, 2. Ginna Reid, 3. Jody Smith Masters: Female 1. Amy Silvers | Male 1. Dwane Reece 20-24: Female 1. Amy Noll | Male 1. David Chandler 25-29: Female 1. Jamie Nakamura | Male 1. Ben Fithian 30-34: Female 1. Jennifer Murphy | Male 1. Rhyne Franklin 35-39: Female 1. Leslie Sloan | Male 1. Steve Petusky 40-44: Female 1. Kathryn Parker | Male 1. Jason Williams 45-49: Female 1. Jennifer James | Male 1. Ken Shields 50-54: Female 1. Sarah Casey | Male 1. Vincent Gardner 55-59: Female 1. Cindy Canova | Male 1. David Armstrong 60-64: Female 1. Laura Haldane | Male 1. Michael Lussier 65-69: Female 1. BJ Foster | Male 1. Wayne Boynton

(Click on lists to view larger version)

Du the Asheville Du Male Age Group Results-page-0 (2) Du the Asheville Du Male Age Group Results-page-1 (2) Du the Asheville Du Male Age Group Results-page-2 (2)   page-0 (5)page-1 (5) page-2 (2) COMPLETE OVERALL RESULTS-page1 COMPLETE OVERALL RESULTS-page2 COMPLETE OVERALL RESULTS-page3 Duathlon Relay Teams





PaulJacksonPhotographyLogoRace day photos will be provided by Paul Jackson Photography. After the race, visit his website to view the images from the various legs of the race, and show your support by purchasing a few. Visit Paul Jackson Photography


We value your feedback, so if you could take a few minutes to share your thoughts and experience at this years’ race, we would appreciate it greatly, and will use the responses to improve this and other future iDaph Events! We count on you to help us make each of our events memorable and of the highest quality!

Fill out our short Post Race Survey below. Thank You!





Is it safe and secure to register over the Internet? YES! The Asheville Duathlon + 10k Trail Run++ has partnered with RacesOnline who is a leader in online registration. Their website is safe, easy and secure. They guarantee that your personal information will be safe.

Are relay teams allowed to participate in the Duathlon? Yes! We encourage 2 and 3 person relay teams to participate in the duathlon.

I registered for the Duathlon and now I am unable to run. Can I get my money back or transfer to another year? No. Per our official event rules and guidelines: All entry fees are non-refundable and cannot be deferred toward a future event. NoBikesBeyond

Can I run/ride the course before the events? One of the many cool things about the Asheville Duathlon++ is that you get to ride and run on roads and trails that are normally off limits to the public, even passholders! This means that on race day the courses are a surprise for everyone. No pre-event riding on main roads or the west side are allowed prior to the event.

How do you time the events? Bibs will have timing tags. Duathlon will wear ankle timing, Cyclists will have timing chip and must keep track of their laps/distances: Duathlon Bike  – 2 laps — 40mi. Grinder @ 39.9 mi. — 60mi. Grinder @ 57.6mi.

Can I wear headphones on the course? Only on the run portions of the events. Headphones are not allowed during the bike portions. Due to the nature of the courses we prohibit the use of headphones during bike portions of the event.

Are strollers or baby joggers allowed on the course? No. Strollers and baby joggers are prohibited.

Are dogs allowed at the event? Dogs are not allowed in the race or on the course. They are allowed to attend with a spectator but they must be leashed at all times and are not permitted in any buildings or restrooms (unless they are a service dog).

Is there a wheelchair and/or handcrank division in the race? No, due to the off-road nature of many miles of this event, there is a not a wheelchair division.


Restrooms are located in Antler Hill Village and port-o-johns at the Start/Finish area near Antler Hill Village.  There will also be rest rooms on the west side near the water station.

Registration Policies:

There will be NO refunds for this event. Entries are non-transferable. Race Management reserves the right to cancel or modify the event due to unfavorable conditions.  In the event of cancellation due to “Acts of God,” registration fees are NOT refundable or transferable for the following year. Expenses for the event have been incurred and are paid up-front regardless if the event takes place or not.  In the event of a natural disaster or “Act of God” that would prohibit the event from taking place, the event will not be re-scheduled, it would be canceled. 





When multi-sport athletes participate in the race, they not only compete for medals, but also help fund Youth Villages. Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully.  We urge you to consider becoming an everyday-hero by running/riding and fundraising on behalf of Youth Villages.