Asheville Duathlon Course Details



Start your Asheville Duathlon adventure with a 5k run on paved roads that will be a flat, out and back course starting at the Winery and paralleling the French Broad River.


The seminal moment is a pace quickening dash across the Estate’s signature 264 foot bridge standing mightily over the French Broad River. As racers pump across this stone-hardened trestle, they’ll slice through a refreshing undulating zephyr, forged below in the veins of the ancient river. Crossers are flanked by a dual set of cloverleaf-style railings, spanning the entire corridor, which unites the western and eastern hemispheres of Biltmore’s expansive 8000 acre property.

2014 Avl Du PreEvent Vineyard

Duathletes transition to mountain bikes and ride onto packed dirt roads over through the west side of the estate, where racers will slip by working vineyards, normally off-limits to the public. The duathlon bike is TWO LAPS (approximately 6 miles each) on the west side.

The bike course is mountain bike recommended. Cyclocross may be okay but there is rock and gravel on the wide carriage roads; No single track.

Please be prepared to count your laps/mileage on your Garmin/watches before crossing the bridge to the finish line (more info and time and distance before crossing the bridge toward will be available soon) 

2014 Asheville Duathlon participants all agesThe second Duathlon Run is perfect for the adventure seeker, as it is the most challenging leg of the race, complete with dirt roads and technical single track trail. 2 or 3 person teams welcome in the Asheville Duathlon!


  • All athletes must wear their assigned race number:
    • Team Duathlon – Team Duathlon (bike and bib number) – Bib tag on running number and bib tag on the bike number (the disposable tag is secured by adhesive tape so you can’t transfer it to another participant). Runners on a relay team need to remove their bib in transition and not come out of transition with bib on when they are waiting for the biker to finish their leg of the race. Coming out of transition with the bib on will mess up the split times for their relay team.
  • Runner #1 will tag bikers at their assigned bike rack location
  • Bikers must tag runners at their assigned bike rack location
  • The bib must be switched in Transition Area

2014 10k Trail RunSafety Note: NO HEADPHONES allowed at the event, as they produce danger to yourself and others around you when needing to communicate at the event. You will receive a time penalty and even get DQ’d if you are found wearing them.

Race Tee is probably one of the best I own (and there are hundreds..). Second run course (if marked better at certain points) is great! I will train for this specifically again next year- I loved it. Bike course… was a challenging, yet fair course that is suitable for all levels of experience. — Brian DeRose, 2014 Participant

Map/Routes/Courses, updated as of 9/3/15, are subject to change.



Water Station locations:

  1. Near the Lagoon Turnaround on the Lagoon Trail (on 1st 5k run for Duathlon)
  2. West Side (Alta Vista) + port o johns
  3. Westover Trail (10k and 2nd Duathlon run) same spot as last year, before entering the single track section. 

Only way it could be better for me would be for me to be in better shape! Ran a mud/obstacle race the day before so was tired but had sooooo much fun at the Du! Idaph puts on the BEST events, they put their heart and soul into putting on super events! — Melissa McCulloh, 2014 Participant



Event limited to only 750 participants for all the races. Early registration is encouraged to reserve a spot. Sign up as an individual, or a 2—3 person relay team. 


Volunteers are the backbone of a terrific event experience. Sign up to donate 1 – 2 hours of your time helping to make the event run smoothly by counting laps, helping at registration, and other useful tasks. All volunteers will receive yummy food, a tee-shirt and will get to enjoy in all the event festivities by supporting FEAST, our Charity Partner! It’s easy to sign up, just click, enter your email for confirmation, and choose your spot!


If you prefer not to use your email address, or have trouble signing up, please contact us to sign up manually.

2014 Avl Du PreEvent Sheep 2013 Avl Du Stay Right

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Other Race Related Information:
  • Duathlon participants will add their bikes to the bike rack in transition area.
  • Allow space for your neighbors in transition, there are typically 5-6 bikes per bike rack.
  • No bike storage the night before the race.
  • Participants only in the transition area.
  • Only the race participant will be allowed to remove his/her bike from the transition area.
  • Participants will have to run their bikes to the transition area entrance before mounting and will have to dismount at the transition area entrance upon completing the bike leg.
  • Asheville Bicycle Company will be providing bike tech support on the course for minor issues.
  • During the race, if you’re a participant and you need to get into the T.A. after you have finished racing, please watch for other athletes moving in and out the transition area.
  • Kids’ Duathlon — will finish with the bike leg of the event and they will cross the finish mat to get their time.
  • This is a ~12 mile – 2 loop (on outer loop), off-road bike course, which rolls through rolling to hilly countryside and vineyards. The course has un-even surfaced, dirt and gravel roads. A mountain bike is suggested as the best and most comfortable option on this course. However, cyclocross bikes may be okay and appropriate too if you are experienced with the smaller tires… be aware there is some gravel and uneven surfaces so you are going to have a bumpy ride. Road Bikes are distinctly not recommended.
  • There are a couple ‘tricky’ spots that we URGE you to take caution and slow down on. When you are heading into the Dam Hill area there is a short but steep downhill, then you cross the dam and go up a short but steep uphill section. When you turn to a sharp right at the top of the dam hill you will start going quickly downhill. USE CAUTION ON THIS DOWNHILL. It will be fast and it has gravel and uneven surfaces. You will do this section 2x as it is part of the ‘outer loop’  before you cross back over the bridge to finish. We will have a course marshal writing down bib #s on the west side to ensure that everyone does 2 loops (see map) before crossing the bridge, BUT IT IS UP TO YOU TO REMEMBER WHAT LOOP/LAP YOU ARE ON. If you do not do 2 loops on the west side you will be disqualified.
  • Please stay to the right and if you need to pass someone go to their left and CALL OUT ‘LEFT’ so they can scoot over for you to pass.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! ALWAYS STAY TO THE RIGHT! If you have to pass someone, quickly pass and move back to the right of the road. There are some holes and dips in the road and depending on rain it may be muddy in some areas so please USE CAUTION and if you need to move over in the middle of the road to avoid the holes, watch for other cyclists!
  • Bib must be worn on the front of your shirt and the handlebar bib must be attached to your bike! No Bib display = no access to west side!
  • Please be advised that although we do not expect much, if any, traffic during the event, there may be an occasional car that is on one of the courses. Our volunteers will be working to move these vehicles through quickly or to the side of the road so you can pass by. Please use safety and pre-caution and be aware that this is not a closed course.
  • Helmets must be fastened before leaving the transition area.
  • Stay to the right in the designated bike lanes to allow faster cyclists to pass on the left.
  • No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices allowed. You will be DQ’d if you have headphones on during the race.
  • There are volunteers on the course.
  • If you have a mechanical issue on the bike course, please let a volunteer know and we will have a Land Rover come to assist you or a volunteer on a bike. If your bike breaks down we will transport you back to the east side. You are not permitted to continue racing if you have a mechanical issue and go back across to the east side. Please turn in your ankle band with chip to the timing tent.
  • Most volunteers will wear safety vests or a brightly colored shirt.
  • Do not throw any trash on the bike course – it will result in a DQ.
RUN #1 + #2  ~ DUATHLON
  • This 1st - 3.1 mile run course, is an out and back run on paved surface. It is called the lagoon trail and will take you to the lagoon where there is a beautiful reflection of the Biltmore house in the lagoon water. You will enjoy nice views on this very flat and fast 5k course! The 2nd run is in the opposite direction of the first run and is the most challenging part of the race. You will be running on some technical single track trails that are located behind the farm barn area.
  • The courses will be well marked with signs, volunteers and flags along the course. The 2nd 5k course that is on single track is marked with BRIGHT ribbon.
  • You will be sharing the bike path/road with the gravel grinder cyclists in one of the areas during your first run. Please stay to the right and be aware of this congested area. DO not run 2 abreast in the area close to and around the Lagoon. There will be SHARE the ROAD signs in this area.
  • There will volunteers on the course.
  • You must wear the race number that is provided in FRONT.  If you do not have your race number clearly displayed on your front as you cross the finish line-you will be assessed a two-minute penalty.
  • We will have a water station on each of the run course. See race hub map for water station locations. Run #1 the water station is at mile 1.5 and Run #2 water station is at approx. 1 mile into the 2nd run.
  • The water station will have water and Hammer HEED
  • No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices allowed.