by Stephanie Miller

Who doesn’t like a warm-up before a race? Warming up before you run is a great way to avoid muscle pulls, cramps, and it gets your blood flowing into your hands and toes on a cold day!

This year, we invited The Training Post & Fitness to lead our warm-up for our runners before the Frostbite events begin. The Training Post and Fitness is a community based strength and conditioning gym in Fletcher, NC, and their owners, Jen and Bret, will be leading the crowd in jumping jacks, stretches and maybe even some burpees to get our runners going. 

Our iDaph Team paid Jen and Bret a visit and brought along our Frostbite Penguin for a “trial warm-up”. Apparently it’s true: Penguins do not do burpees.

Please enjoy our fun video, and join us for this year’s Frostbite 5k, 10k and 1 Mile Fun Run, which takes place on Sunday, February 16th at Lelia Patterson Center! The event will be followed by a family-friendly wellness expo, featuring live music, games, food and beverages, and various booths and vendors. The race starts at 1:45pm, and this year EVERYONE who registers by February 10th will receive a race medal!

Click here to check out our Frostbite page, which includes information on deadlines for t-shirts, medals, and specials for friends and family members. Come and run with the Penguin!

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