by Coach Susan

Swim Workout Thursday, February 13 , 2020 


Last one of the 2020 Session: Fun and Games 

Warm Up: 

Group 1: 100 Freestyle 

50 Kick 100 Pull 100 Choice 

Group 2: 150 Freestyle 

100 Kick 100 Pull 100 Choice 

Group 3: 150 Freestyle 

100 Kick 150 Pull 100 Choice 

Game of Catch 20 x 25 

  • Reverse the order in your lane so that slowest person is first and fastest person is last. 
  • Dive in 5 seconds apart (at some point I might start telling you guys when to go) 
  • Goal is to tag person in front of you 
  • Can not tag back person who caught you until next 25 
  • Get out of pool on far end and walk around to deep end to dive in for next 25 
  • When tags occur the tagger goes in front of the tagged on the next 25 

Follow the Leader min 4 cycles of 50s i.e. each person is leader 4 times 

  • Start with 2 person swim - with a partner one pulls and the other holds first person’s ankles and kicks, at wall switch places for 2nd 25 
  • After that the first person decides what to do for a 50 and everyone follows the leader. 
  • Leader goes to back of line and the next person leads 
  • try not to repeat what you do - here are some ideas: 
  • any of the strokes or combination of the strokes 
  • kicking on side 
  • kicking on back 
  • somersaults in middle of each length of the pool 
  • sculling head or feet first 
  • 1 arm strokes (R arm down, L arm back) 
  • dog paddle 
  • sidestroke 
  • Breast pull with dolphin kick 
  • swim underwater 
  • corkscrew 
  • drills: fist swim, rotisserie, catch up, triple switch, shark, puppet or whatever you can think of!