Got backstroke goals?

“The power is in the push.”

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As a swimmer, you want to be as efficient as possible in the water. That means using the minimum amount of energy to move yourself through the water. When it comes to backstroke, the three H’s - hips, hands and head - are key.

The body position should be high and flat, with the head position correct for achieving correct body position. The kicking action should come from the hips and upper legs, with the feet below surface. Hands should enter the water correctly, and arms should move in a circular motion. Finally, timing is important for getting the most out of your backstroke.

If you’re having trouble with your backstroke, take a look at the video above for more tips from Coach Susan!

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The backstroke is sometimes referred to as the “superman stroke”, because of the way swimmers look when they swim it - lying on their stomachs with their arms and legs extended out in front of them.

The backstroke turn is different from other strokes, as well. Instead of turning around aflags, backstrokers touch the wall with both hands simultaneously before pushing off again.

Here are some tips on how to do backstroke:

1.Body Position: The body position should be high and flat. This means that your body should be parallel to the surface of the water. Head Position: The correct head position is vital for achieving correct body position. You should tuck your chin into your chest, so that your ears are close to your shoulders. This will help you keep your head and body in line.
2.Kicking Action: The kicking action is generated from the hips and upper legs with feet below surface. One kick should last the entire length of the pool. Keep your knees straight and toes pointed.
3.Hand Entry: Your hands should enter the water thumbs first, just outside shoulder width.
4..Arm Action: Your arms should move in a circular pattern, with your elbows close to your sides and your hands swept back along your hips. Remember to keep your chin down so that you don’t get water up your nose! Timing: The key to a good backstroke is timing - make sure your arms and legs move together in a coordinated fashion.

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