Hendersonville Triathlon

Welcome to the 2021 Hendersonville Triathlon presented by Hunter Subaru

Sunday, June 27, 2021


If you haven’t already…

#1 Please READ through our DIGITAL EVENT GUIDE

#2 You can also LISTEN to our Podcast with race info HERE. 

#3 CHECK OUT ALL THE MAPS AND ROUTES HERE and get familiar with the event hub before you arrive on race day.



To find your wave and start time, search for your name on the Official Swim Start List below:


Click HERE –> Hendersonville Triathlon Swim Start List 



Info about the order/wave start list and how it will work on race day….


• Swim start waves have been assigned based on the swim time you submitted when you registered.

• Participants are assigned a wave start, rather than an exact start time. It is a ‘rolling’ wave start. Swimmers will start approximately every 20 seconds in a time trial start format.

  • These are first come, first serve, within the wave. There is no ‘order’ to folks within the wave that you are in. Everyone that is in your wave submitted a similar swim start time.

• Please do not arrive early at the pool for your swim start wave, it will just cause congestion on the pool deck.

• You will only be allowed onto the pool deck 5 minutes prior to your swim wave.

• Swim warm-ups are from 6:30-6:50am.


When you go to the pool to start you will:

#1 Put your shoes for the swim to bike transition, under the picnic shelter. (If you want to, not required!) This is the side exit area for the swim finish that is to the far left side of the pool when facing the building from the parking lot. (see hub map)

Then next…

#2 Walk around to the front entrance to enter the MAIN ENTRANCE of the pool.
Then next…

#3 Get in the swim line.

#4 Participants will start approximately every 20 seconds, and will jump (or dive) into the pool at the deep end. (for swim flow and maps see Event Guide).

#5 Participants will move up in line, as participants start their swim.

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday morning!

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