The pandemic has brought on a variety of upgrades to races and events. We implemented a ‘Rolling Start Style format’ to events in June 2020, and they have gained in popularity throughout the last year.

Runners enjoy having the flexibility to get to the start line without having to have the pressure of starting in a massive group of people at the same time. Rolling starts allow participants to get to the start line and begin their event anytime during a start wave window. Sometimes this window may be 15 minutes up to an hour or two hours. See your race information for your rolling start wave window of time.

As soon as participants cross the black mat their race time starts. When you cross the finish mat your time stops. This time will be updated online a few minutes after you have finished your race.

Rolling starts allow participants to stay spread out from start to finish at events. This is a huge benefit given social distance regulations and for safety at events. It also allows runners to ‘pick off’ slower runners and pass them throughout the race creating a fun ‘cat and mouse’ race.

Runners and cyclists have both gotten hooked and rave about having this option now at races and events. So no matter your race speed or ability level, rolling start style races are here to stay and we are excited for you to try one with us.

NOTE: DO NOT get close to or CROSS over a start mat before you are ready to start or go back over a finish mat ‘to run or cheer on a friend’ after you are done.