Daphne Kirkwood with medal at idaph events

It’s our favorite time of year where we open up our notebooks and start filling up the empty pages with our ideas and plans for the next year and years to come.


We spend time reflecting on the past projects and ‘great’ ideas and add checkmarks and smiley faces next to the things that we added and changed over the past year.

We look at surveys and solicit feedback and ideas from our community and make big lists. Then we spend time narrowing down all the options until we come up with at least three to five updates and changes per event for the next year. We also make changes to the idaph events business and schedule as things in our community and within our company shift, grow and move.

Being a health and wellness company we desire to bring well-curated, movement opportunities to our community, and we just happen to do this with and through events. Part of this planning of the experience is ensuring that individuals and businesses with the similar healthy conscious like-mindedness are integrated in some way into these experiences.

If you have been watching on the sidelines or have been at our events and were inspired and want you, your business or the company you work for get involved in the happenings in 2023, now is the time to connect with us to make that happen! Send us a DM, comment here or send us an email to support@idaph.net. 

We are hesitant to say, ‘We have some exciting things coming up in 2023,’ just because it sounds very cliche and typical right?!!? But we do. And we are absolutely fired up and cannot wait to bring even more to our amazing WNC communities, non-profits and events next year. We want you to in some way or many ways be part of it too!