Inaugural Holiday Hustle runners complete the Series

One hundred and nine runners made history on January 1, 2023.  

“In the case of the Holiday Hustle series, the bling definitely helped.”

Inaugural Holiday Hustle Series participants

The Holiday Hustle series provided an opportunity for the WNC community to have a goal, keep fitness, stay active and motivated during the busy holiday season. Participants ran and walked (either in person, virtually or a mix of both) at the three holiday races and earned a commemorative, bedazzled Holiday Hustle medal and bragging rights for the entire year (and life)! 

Congratulations to everyone who completed this year’s Holiday Hustle Series. What a tremendous accomplishment!

A record breaking, seven hundred participants ran and walked the streets of Downtown Asheville on New Year’s Day 5k at the 9th Annual New Year’s Resolution Run 5k and 10k. 


Race Director Daphne Kirkwood said, “Our community and beyond showed up ready for this first day of the new year! They were filled with so much energy, vitality and positivity.  They were able to put a big check mark beside their first run, walk and race on their ‘This year I will…’ list! What an amazing way to start off 2023 with a run and intention.” 


This race also marked the final race in the Inaugural Holiday Hustle Series. One hundred and eight  participants joined the South Asheville Turkey Trot, Ugly Sweater Run and the New Year’s Resolution Run and received a commemorative Holiday Hustle medal and bragging rights for the entire year. They are now in the history books for this new race series that plans to continue in the fall of 2023. 


Mandy Hartley and sons Ben (10), and Ollie (7) did the entire hustle, and Kate Hartley and son Owen (12) joined in for the South Asheville Turkey Trot.  


Mandy: “The boys were very into how cool the (iDaph) medals were. They love the bling.” She says, “My wife (Kate Hartley) is a big runner” and she encourages them to join in the fun. In the case of the Holiday Hustle series, the bling definition helped!


Ben said he did it for the Holiday Hustle series medal. Out of all three races, his favorite was the Ugly Sweater Run because, obviously, ugly sweaters! And he says he’s ready to do more races with the family now.”


“Today was Day ONE in 2023…  We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year looks like for our community… keep showing up for YOUR health and fitness this year. You got this! We will be here to keep bringing you race experiences along the way so you can keep shining bright,” says Kirkwood. 

Holiday Hustle finishers




Bennett Balentine
Jack Balentine
Betsy Bias
Randall Blankenship
Wayne Boynton
Aaron Bradley
Leanne Brunton
Annelise Caldwell
Christopher Childers
Ingrid Christensen
Padriac Collins**
Logan Corley
Rhonda Crosby
Casey Dolan
Danelle Drake
Nathanial Dupont
Heather Dziak
Nicholas Dziak
Elizabeth Endres
Brian Eubanks
Kacy Fair
Logan Fewster
Kennedy Forbes
Beth Forest
Anu Frempong**
Yaw Frempong**
Wilma Fuentes
Cora Gamble
Lisa Gamble
Leslie Gearles
Gia Genetti




Brooke Gillespie
Andrew Gorman
James Gorsuch
Laresa Griffin
Kenzie Guzman
Kate Guzy
Timothy Guzy
Sydnee Hammond
Ben Hartley
Mandy Hartley
Oliver Hartley
Dara Heimowitz
Talia Heimowitz
Brooke Hendrix
Jonathan Hixson
Joshua Howard
Shannon Howard
Jordan Hunnicutt
Kaylee Irvin
Mark Johnson**
Amy Jones
Angel Jones
Nina Jung
Stephanie Justus
Don Kirkwood
Kathleen Kirkwood
Stephen Lance
Emilee Laughter
Ayla Launius
Doug Launius
Robin Launius
Michele Lee
Stephanie Lewis
Walter Loza




Rob MacCuspie
Sandy Shipley Manthorpe
Angela Marshburn
Molly McGowan Gorsuch
Alexis Mentch
Emily Miller
Kenneth Miller
Nora Milley
Erica Montano**
Amy Muniz
Ryan Oelke
Dean Paulk
Tanya Penn
Kathi Petersen
Shelby Pope
Kate Redmond**
Rachel Rothstein
Jennifer Sechrist**
Crystal Shirk**
Amy Silvers
Julie Simes
Kyle Smith
Olivia Smith
Rhett Smith
Tina Smith
Vaughn Smith
Butch Stanley**
Gina Stanley**
Clay Stroupe
Renee Surrett**
Don Taylor
Grant Taylor
Mason Taylor
William Taylor
Colby Torbett
Nix Torres
Mary Veltre
Isabela Vieira
Carlin Winkler
Joanne Winkler
Todd Winkler
Vera Winkler
Chris Winslow


Holiday Hustle Finisher - Molly McGowan

We look forward to moving together with you all in 2023.  Cheers to a healthier YOU and community this year. 

New Year’s Resolution Run 5k and 10k Results and Race Photos can be found HERE. 

Holiday Hustle Series