Zach Tacy is an Engineering Athlete from Asheville graduating from NC State University in May 2018 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Shortly after graduating, Zach will be participating in his first Ironman70.3 (Raleigh Ironman70.3). Running has been a huge part of Zach’s life ever since he was a kid, becoming competitive in both running and swimming in high school setting him on his dream to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. The first step to this dream will be the Raleigh Ironman70.3 in June 2018. Based on current Time Trials Zach should place in the top 30 which will qualify him for World Championships in South Africa, and that’s the big goal.

Zach has paid his way through College by way of 3 internships, becoming an RA, and working part-time jobs and will be graduating debt free, however that didn’t leave any funding left for triathlons. He has already bought a race ticket and managed to get a bike off craigslist (no pedals/shoes yet), but doesn’t have any other competitive gear and when he makes World Championships he won’t have the funds to afford the trip. 

Zach has done 4-5 sprint triathlons. His first one was at Folly Beach around freshman year of high school, then on a team for the Tsali Challenge, also completing the Tsali Challenge solo and placing 5th. He also completed and placed 2nd in Asheville Triathlon. 

The challenge and diversity of skills required to compete in triathlons is what Zach loves most about the sport. A lot of people can do just one of the three events, but it takes time and dedication to learn how to effectively compete in all three sections. Running has always been his strongest event, having done track since 7th Grade and Cross Country since 10th Grade. Zach also has an affinity for water, and swam for his first three years of high school. He’s kept up with swimming fairly consistently and has done club Cross Country for all 4 years at NC State. He used to be a big mountain biker but transitioning to a road bike will definitely be challenging and the hardest leg to build up and learn how to train for. But Zach is determined and has already gotten up to 40 miles at 22 mph in 3 weeks of training.
So why is Zach chasing Ironman? A big reason is just because he can! He’s always loved running, biking, and swimming, and ever since he was a kid has dreamed of winning an Ironman. He has a very competitive nature, and while he’s a great runner, his body was built for endurance, it was made to go go go and not stop. Another reason is his love of health/fitness and exercise; things that would tire out most people give him energy!
Zach Tacy was awarded a scholarship from the iDream Athletes Foundation Scholarship Fund. The scholarship has helped fund the gear and tools he needs to succeed in triathlons. 
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