.Important Tips to Note for Successful AVL WBL Rides: Please Read

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first AVL WBL ride of the season! It was great to see so many familiar faces — and new ones! What a beautiful day for a ride! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and will join us for our second ride on Saturday, November 23rd presented by Motion Makers

Here are some things to note based on our first group ride last Saturday.

1. Please arrive EARLIER! All participants of the AVL WBL rides need to go inside to check-in BEFORE every ride. Please check in with us so we have a record of your attendance and for your safety. We suggest that you have checked in no later than 9:30am so that you have time to gather your cycling gear, use the restroom, chat with your friends and then hear the announcements at 9:50am. We start packing up the admin table (so that we can also ride) at 9:50am. We leave promptly to ride at 10am. 

2. Please fund the program! The AVL WBL is funded entirely on your donations. While there is no fee, we ask for a suggested donation of $5 at each ride to help cover the costs of administrating these rides, leadership vests and the AVL WBL swag and Mugs. If you don’t have cash, we can take a credit card or you can write a check for the entire series all in one swoop.

3. Print your own Cue Sheets and/or Download Route onto your GPS Device: The ride leaders are there to help guide the group, not to give directions. It is your responsibility to know the route! 

4. Listen to your Ride Leaders: Your ride leaders are there to help guide you and the group to be the safest possible and to help the group ride the most efficiently. If a leader gives you feedback or asks for you to correct something, it is not personal! It is to help the group to ride more safely or efficiently. The AVL WBL is all about honing in on good group riding skills. Also, at re-group spots, please wait until the ride leader says it is time to go. 

5. Keep the Momentum: There are only 10 more AVL WBL Rides left! When you attend the entire series you get one of the coveted AVL WBL, locally-made pottery mugs. Everything tastes better in this mug! Stick with it and make the AVL WBL a regular routine for yourself. You will get through winter feeling accomplished and stronger than ever. 

6. Two Important Cycling Tips: Please do not cross the yellow line. There should be enough room between the double pace line for cyclists to move off the front and come back to the group after they are done pulling. This means there needs to be at least a bike width space between the group and the yellow line. Don’t hug the yellow line!! This is so dangerous for our cyclists! If your group is riding in a pace line (A, B+, B groups tend to use either a double or single pace line) PLEASE stay directly behind the wheel in front of you. It is more efficient group riding when each cyclist stays directly behind the rider in front of them and so much safer. We don’t want cyclists wheels to get crossed and when you ride beside or in between riders it is more likely to happen!  “Your position on the road is behind the wheel in front of you, NOT in front of the wheel behind you.” quote by a local Master’s Cyclist.


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