Amy Silvers

Recognize this smiling, joyful face?

Meet AMY SILVERS! aka Elsa (*think* FROZEN - you will find out why she has that nickname from us below…)

Amy, has been racing our events for years and years, so if you have been at a running race, you have probably seen her bright light and grin at the races. Don’t let her fool you though. Amy is determined, disciplined and works hard to keep that smile on her face when she races. She is one of the most passionate lovers of running that we know in our community!

We have the honor of having Amy on our team now! She started with iDaph Events in April of 2022 on our Registration and Support team. We are so lucky to have this shining star. If you send an email to support or call us, Amy is your gal! Also, at the races Amy will be behind the registration and bib pickup, and merchandise tent, but she will also be out there racing in the running events right alongside of you. You say, how does she do that? Welp, that was one of the conditions that we had if she worked with us… that she HAS to keep racing. It is a job requirement. So she is!

We asked Amy a little bit about herself - her favorite running shoes, races, and more! Here are a couple quick things about Amy that you should know.

About Amy…

Any fun races coming up? I’m looking forward to my 14th half marathon with one of my best friends (just for fun!) this Fall, in Clearwater, Florida. A long weekend with a “racecation” at the beach? Yes, please!

Speaking of races, which iDaph event has been your favorite to date and what made it so special? I truly love all iDaph Events races, but my favorite is the Jump Off Rock 10K. It’s the week before my birthday and the Inaugural race in 2021 currently holds my 10K PR! The course is scenic and beautiful and the finish line cheers in the heart of downtown Hendersonville are amazing!

What advice would you give to anyone struggling to get back into running after a setback (injury)? Listen to your body! As a runner, I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get out there and do what you love, but trying to push through an injury can just make things worse. Take the time to heal and recover and you’ll be back stronger than ever!

Favorite race distance? 10K

How many times a week do you run? I run 4 days/week with my long run on Saturday, and do walk/run intervals 2 days/week.

How many times a week do you exercise? I’m active 7 days/week. In addition to running, I strength train 4 days/week and typically enjoy a long walk on Sundays.

Music or no music when running? Music, 99% of the time, but I do enjoy a quiet run, occasionally.

Favorite running season? WINTER!! Give me ALLLLL the cold!! The colder, the better!

Favorite running shoe? Saucony Endorphin Shift 2.

Running solo or with friends? Although most of my runs are solo, I definitely enjoy running with friends. The miles fly by so much faster with company!

And then anything else you think that would be fun/interesting to share with our participants about you! My first race was a 5K in September of 2008 at Carrier Park, at the age of 34, with no training. I discovered my love for running and the rest is history!


Amy Silvers Amy Silvers Amy Silvers