September 14th Update:



September 12th update:

We are still monitoring the weather for our mountains and continue to be hopeful and optimistic! Thanks for your patience and support.

We have been getting lots of weather related questions regarding the event. We know that you have been training hard and are looking forward to this event. We are too! We have been planning it for you for an entire year! We will do everything responsibly possible to move forward with our plans to race. What we will not do, is put our volunteers, participants, staff or any of our local community resources in danger. The safety of our athletes is of the utmost importance to us!

We are closely watching the track and potential impacts of Hurricane Florence, with the understanding of the needs of our participants to plan for travel, etc. We are athletes too, so we get it! However, at this time, based on the current models and forecasts, it is too early to tell what is going to happen with the impacts of Florence on the mountains of Western North Carolina and specifically the estate. We have seen many storms predicted for our area that have never actually impacted us at all and others that have taken a sudden turn and been a big impact to our area.

This week we will continue to have meetings with emergency resource professionals in the county and on the estate. We expect to have a better sense by Friday evening of the impact/if any on the estate because of the storm. We believe waiting until Friday evening will allow us to make an informed decision based on the most updated information.

We are hopeful that the event will continue as planned. Please check your email as well as our Facebook and event pages for updates. If you are in the expected path of Hurricane Florence, we wish you all the best for a safe outcome.

We will continue to keep this weather update blog updated up until the event. 

Missed the pre-event email sent out to all pre-registered participants on Wednesday? Check it out HERE!

NOTE: If you are from out of town and decide to not travel to the area, we will post a shipping link after the event if you would like to get your shirt mailed to you.