Pop up 5k in the Park


Thank you for joining in on the 

Pop up 5k - Hawaiian Luau themed night! 

Summer is definitely here! A hot night for running, Hawaiian hot that is! We had such a great time with all of you at the 3rd race of the Pop up 5k summer series at Bill Moore Community Park in Fletcher, NC. Yay! Congrats to each of you that came out to run or walk with us!

Next up on Wednesday, August 11th: The 5k REWIND - This race will be the same as all the others, but you’ll run the course in reverse! The scoring for this one is simple: whoever wins the race wins a prize!

Share the event info with your friends about the Pop up 5ks and encourage them to come out and join in the fun.


Question about results? Email support@idaph.net

Pop up 5k Pop up 5k Hawaiian Luau Contest Winner Pop up 5k



Photos are posted HERE!



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