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Two runners at Pop UP 5K in the Park near Asheville

Runners take rainy weather in stride for half-marathon

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Runners took the rainy weather in stride on Saturday, for a half-marathon in Hendersonville. With COVID-19 precautions in place, it was a socially distanced race from start-to-finish.

Organizers say it was great to see about 175 people come together to participate in the event.

“Having people be socially-distanced, but being able to race together I think is so important,” said race director Daphne Kirkwood.

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Two runners at Pop UP 5K in the Park near Asheville

Fall Pop up 5K Series begins Oct. 7 at Fletcher Park

Due to the popularity of the brand-new Pop up 5K Series, which was created and produced for the first time this summer, iDaph Events is continuing the events with a new Fall Pop up 5K Series through October.

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WLOS at Hendersonville Triathlon

Hendersonville Triathlon moves forward with COVID-19 precautions

The triathlon was limited to 150 participants and COVID-19 precautions were also in place.

Race director, Daphne Kirkwood, said though it was different from start to finish, it was great to provide this opportunity for area athletes.

“People are just so happy to have an event to do that’s safe and socially distanced,” Kirkwood said. “We are doing our part to keep this community alive with athletics and so we’re just so honored to be able to be here.”

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Competitive Triathlon in the Time of COVID-19

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, but it couldn’t stop one group of hardcore triathletes from competing this summer. Last Sunday, just over 100 participants showed up at a park in Hendersonville, N.C., to do something that most athletes used to take for granted: toe the line at an in-person race.

The Asheville Triathlon, held at a new location in nearby Hendersonville’s Patton Park, set an example of what in-person events may look like in the future during the time of COVID-19. “This coronavirus has really forced us to make some big changes in the endurance event industry,” said Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events and race director of the Asheville Triathlon.

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Relocated Asheville Triathlon spawns new Hendersonville Triathlon

Dean Hensley, BlueRidgeNow.com,

The annual Asheville Triathlon was relocated to Hendersonville this year due to pools not being allowed to open in Asheville amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the event was a big success, according to race director Daphne Kirkwood.

“The event was such a hit that we are going to have the event again on Sunday, September 20. This time it will be called the Hendersonville Triathlon … same venue, same courses, same layout and format as the one we produced in July,” idaph.net founder Kirkwood said.

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The pandemic changed things, but people still showed up for the Asheville Triathlon

The pandemic had changed a lot of things, but it couldn’t stop one group of hardcore triathletes from competing this summer. Last Sunday, just over 100 participants showed up at a park in Hendersonville, NC to do something that most athletes used to take for granted: toe the line at an in-person race.

The Asheville Triathlon, held at a new location in Hendersonville’s Patton Park, is setting an example of what in-person events may look like in the future during the time of COVID-19. “This coronavirus has really forced us to make some big changes in the endurance event industry,” said Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events and Race Director for the Asheville Triathlon. “There just isn’t a cookie cutter way to design and produce an in-person event during a pandemic. But I’m really happy with how safely everything turned out.”

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Asheville Marathon goes virtual

The Asheville Marathon and Half at Biltmore Estate may have been cancelled, but 415 runners across the country joined the Asheville Marathon and Half Virtual Run last month. Cheer them on virtually below! 👏🏼

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Asheville Triathlon to take place Sunday, July 19th in Hendersonville, NC

Dean Hensley, BlueRidgeNow.com

With Asheville’s Recreation Park Pool closed for the summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asheville Triathlon needed to find a new venue and fast.

Organizer Daphe Kirkwood of iDaph Events proposed that the event be moved to Hendersonville this year and at Thursday evening’s Hendersonville City Council meeting, the proposal was approved.

The event will be held Sunday, July 19 at two different sites in Hendersonville. The 400-meter swim will be at Patton Pool, and Oklahawa Greenway will host the 12.5-mile bike ride and the 5K run.

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Chilly weather not a problem for Frostbite runners

Stephen Kindland, Times-News Correspondent
Posted Feb 17, 2019 at 9:39 PM

FLETCHER — Sunday’s aptly named Frostbite 5K and 10K races were held under cold and drizzly conditions, but that didn’t seem to bother Danny Kratzer, who finished first overall in the 10K. 

The 41-year-old Hendersonville resident turned in a time of 38 minutes, 2.7 seconds to finish ahead of runner-up Luis Cortinas of Candler (40:26.7) and third-place finisher Jake VanBeukering (40:32.0), a junior at Fletcher Academy. 

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New Years Resolution Run

Hundreds run through downtown Asheville for 5K on New Year’s Day  
Featured in WLOS
January 1, 2017
By Jennifer Saylor

To kick off the new year, several hundred people ran through the streets of downtown Asheville Sunday morning during the third annual Resolution Run 5k .

The run kicked off at 10 a.m., late enough to let participants sleep in after ringing in 2017.

Money raised benefits the western North Carolina YMCA, iDream athletes foundation, and the Police Unity Tour Chapter Four. Read original article…


Winter Bike League Gets Cyclists Together  
Featured in Blue Ridge Now
January 3, 2016
By Beth De Bona

Multiple layers of performance clothing was one strategy used by cyclists for fighting the bitter temperatures Saturday morning at Fletcher Community Park, while some smeared Vaseline on their faces as a windbreak. Though, dealing with the cold is expected by those riding with the Asheville Winter Bike League (AVL-WBL), which has been meeting in Fletcher for weekly rides since November. “It’s an opportunity to train and be a community together,” said Daphne Kirkwood of iDaph Events, the company that inaugurated AVL-WBL as a season extender for area cyclists this fall. “We saw there was a need for people to continue getting together when the weather got colder.” Read Original Article…


2016 Asheville Marathon to Welcome First Visually-Impaired Participant

Featured on Mountain Xpress
February 16, 2016

The Asheville Marathon & Half at Biltmore Estate is excited to welcome its first visually impaired runner to its 2016 events. Veteran marathoner Mike Merino, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, will be joining 1,400 other participants for the full marathon on Sunday, March 13, 2016, guided by Curtis Nash of Greenville, South Carolina. Why did Merino choose the 2016 Asheville Marathon? “It’s a Boston qualifier, it’s conveniently close, it’s well-timed — a great time for keeping that holiday and winter weight off, and it’s non-urban, something that isn’t found too often in marathons,” he says. Read More…

Traiser, Peters win Asheville Marathon at Biltmore

Featured on Citizen Times
March 14, 2016
By Karen Chávez

Miles Traiser, 25, of Bismarck, North Dakota, came a long way for a wet run. But it was worth the trip for Traiser, who was the overall winner of the 2016 Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate on Sunday, March 13. The fourth annual race was warm, yet extremely soggy, with downpours throughout the 26.2-mile race that started at 7:30 a.m. and swept across the luscious grounds of the private Biltmore Estate. Runners also had to battle lost sleep after losing an hour to Daylight Saving Time the night before. Double bummer, but what an accomplishment for those who came out in the rainy dark to run 26.2 miles! Read More…

Asheville Marathon & Half Weekend 2016

Featured on Run Like Boys Blog
March 15, 2016
By  Crystal Shirk

This weekend was the culmination of almost a year of planning.  A weekend packed full for sure.  As an Asheville Marathon Ambassador, there was much more to this event than just training with my feet, but helping prep for this event and playing a teeny tiny role in helping it go smoothly.  Daphne, who runs the IDaphe events, has an amazing setup and assistants… this experience has shown me how much planning it takes to make an event like this go off so well. Read More…

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Featured on The Weather Channel


Video by Paul Jackson

Asheville River Road


We all enjoy taking the time to share our beautiful Town. I am very happy with the turn out and we all had lots of fun! I have a couple of Officers that are now wanting to train to participate in future bike events. We just re-implemented our Patrol Bike Team; it has really been a great way to build the bridge with cyclist and Town residents.

Chief Bobbi Trotter

Jump Off Rock Time Trial

Thank you so much for putting together the community events! You do an amazing job. It was a wonderful ride for the C Group yesterday. This was my first ride this year with AVL WBL. We had co-leaders on our ride and they were terrific. There was a third woman named Marilyn. Marilyn was amazing!!! She stuck with me (the last rider) and gave me riding tips and much encouragement all along the way. I was quite a bit behind getting back to Fletcher Park and was unable to express my gratitude to her. 
Yesterday was not an anomaly ~ it seems to be what this community of riders will do for each other. Last year on the very first ride of AVL WBL, I was brand new to road biking and had recently purchased a wonderful second hand bike. Due to a few bad falls (which resulted in broken bones and stitches) while mountain biking clipped in, I opted for sneakers for my first group ride - 33 miles. Laura Rice was the C Group leader that first day. She was AMAZING, so very kind and encouraging. Although I had a snack, I left it in the car, probably due to nerves, and she shared a Shock Block or two with me. She didn’t leave me when the going got tough, she led the group and rode back for me when necessary. Although I apologized profusely for holding everyone up, no one seemed to mind and shared words of encouragement, leaving me with a sense of accomplishment and absolution. It was a wonderful experience with an exceptional community of people. Thank you for putting this together and allowing the newbie to feel like they are riding with the Big Dogs! 
Patricia Slattery

Asheville Winter Bike League

This was a super enjoyable event and so much less pressure than I have experienced at other events. Thanks to Mike from Liberty Bicycles for the seat hold and thanks to the neighborhoods for being so welcoming. Above all, thanks to the organizers for putting together a great climb!

Kyle Kuykendall

Jump Off Rock Time Trial

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic experience at the 2016 Asheville half marathon at the Biltmore.  My quads are still sore from those long hills (flat lander from Iowa here), but I’m still smiling.  The un-metal medal is the classiest, most tasteful looking medal I’ve ever received.  The finisher blanket is wonderful.  The metal award for being top 5 is so absolutely unique!  What a great idea.  These are just some of the things that made this a first-class experience.   A huge thanks to you and all of the volunteers.  I have organized races (on a much, MUCH smaller scale) over the years, and I know how much effort it takes to pull off a small event, let alone one of this magnitude.   The effort and care you all put in to this was evident at all turns.  You should be very proud.  P.S. Thanks for the spectacular weather.  I only wish the full marathoners had been as lucky as us.  🙂

Joanne Sackett

2016 Asheville Half Marathon

The 2016 Frostbite was spectacular, a few items I loved: 1. Live 17 piece band, they played before, during, and after the run 2. Kids run a mile and finish at the adult time-line before we started 3. The support and guidance along the route 100% consistent 4. Encouragement at the home stretch was appreciated 5. Post race treats were nutritious and healthy, no junk food 6. The youngsters were recognized before adult awards. 7. I felt like I was a member of the LPC family while on-site Thank you LPC and Daphine Kirkwood, Race Director. Look forward to next year. <3 <3 <3

Joe Barrett

24th Annual Frostbite 10k, 5k + 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk