Meet Daphne Kirkwood | Creator, Designer, Producer & Owner of iDaph Events  #idaphcrew

Meet Daphne Kirkwood | Creator, Designer, Producer & Owner of iDaph Events #idaphcrew

Where did the business name - ‘iDaph events’ come from?  Well, in 2011 - I needed to come up with a business name to form the LLC. I had been supporting and producing events as a side-hustle up to that point. When it came time to turn in the paperwork to make the business legit, I was trying to come up with something unique and nothing had the right sound to it. My name has always been ‘different’ and so a friend of mine suggested I use my name in the business name. Little did I know that iDaph events would be the full event production company that it is today. So the name has just stuck and there is no sense in changing it now. 

If I can encourage and keep people moving, by providing fun, impactful and memorable event opportunities for people in communities… well then,  I am fulfilling my purpose in this life. 

Daphne Kirkwood
iDaph Events
Daphne Kirkwood owner at iDaph Events

Which iDaph event has been your favorite to date and what made it so special? There are so many races on the calendar that I love! But my favorite race over the last couple years has been the Jump off Rock Half Marathon & 10k races. The entire community is involved and included in making this race experience amazing and it has given me so much joy to see it unfold on race day and happen each year in Hendersonville. 


What is your favorite sport? It’s really too hard to pick. I am a lover of variety in my exercise routine and activities, it keeps me enjoying getting out the door and moving everyday. I love all things running, cycling, swimming, multi-sport and yoga! 


When did you start running? I started jogging when I was 22 years old. I ran my first race a few months after I started running and got completely hooked on running and races!

I never would have imagined that my love of running and my business degree would turn into my passion to organize, create, plan and produce events! 

 When did you start biking? My memories of being a kid growing up in Pennsylvania, were always being outside. I spent very little time (even in the winter) being indoors and I didn’t want to be. I always remember having a klunker bike and having freedom to explore the wild outdoors wherever we may have lived at the time. When I got my first running injury (not long after I started running), I got a bike and started swimming to cross-train and keep fitness while I was healing. I have been riding my road bike for about 21 years now. 

 When did you start swimming? I swam on a summer swim club team only one summer, when I was 11 years old, I learned the swim strokes, loved the team and competition with myself. My family moved when I was 12 so didn’t continue the swim program, but it laid such an important foundation for me to be able to come back to swimming 10 years later and use it as an incredible cross-training tool, recovery after hard workouts and races and allowed me to feel comfortable competing in the world of triathlons. 


When did you find yoga? I dabbled in yoga for years, taking occasional classes and enjoying them from time to time when I could fit in a stretch here or there. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma in June 2018, yoga found me on a regular basis and it has been a regular part of my weekly routine and practice now since that time. Yoga is the activity that has taught me to slow down, it allows me to pause, and to do something for myself that running, cycling and swimming don’t do. It is a beautiful practice of attunement to my body, mind and my spirit and to the others that also share that same practice. 

Music or no music when running? If I am running alone, music 100%! #truth I always have a back-up pair of corded headphones with me, just in case my airpods aren’t charged! If I am running with friends - absolutely no music!

Favorite running season? Summer, I love the warmth and the sweat. 

Favorite running shoe? Asics Cumulus (road shoe)

Daphne Kirkwood owner at iDaph Events

What advice would you give to anyone struggling to get back into running after a setback (injury)? I have had pretty much every running injury you can imagine. Cross-training is key — swim, water jog, bike, yoga, whatever you can do to keep yourself moving while you are healing is key to keeping your head on straight and to set you up for getting back to it quicker. Take care of yourself and get professional help through Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Doctors, Podiatrists, etc if you can’t figure out how to get it healed on your own. I have started over and over again so many times due to injury. The key is being willing to just START. 

Running solo or with friends? I love both! I am an introvert and running and exercise in general helps me to recharge my batteries. So if I am drained or life is super hectic, I will tend to run alone. But I love having friends to run, bike, swim and do yoga with… it brings me a lot of joy and the best conversations always seem to come out of my exercising with friends! It is the way I would prefer to do all business meetings (on bike or on foot)! 


And then anything else you think that would be fun/interesting to share with our participants about you! I absolutely believe that donkeys are the coolest animal on the planet. I love the way they look, I love the way they act and I love what their purpose is in this life. When I see donkeys or memorabilia with a donkey on it, it puts a smile on my face and brings joy to my heart. 


Why do you continue to create and produce events? I have so much love for our community. The people, the animals, the businesses, the recreation, everything. Period.


I am passionate about keeping bodies moving and I love creating, designing and producing events. It truly is the magic in my life.  I have seen first-hand what it feels like to be able to move whenever I want to,  and then to not ‘be able’ to physically move around on a daily basis. It made me have such a huge appreciation for the bodies, body parts and the energy that we are given to use each day. I believe it is vital for each and every person to use every ounce of energy that we have been given EVERY SINGLE DAY that we are on this earth. 


If your body is capable of moving, use that energy for the good of yourself, for the good of your community, for the good of your family and for the good of your relationships. Exercise is a way to move to do all of those things. If I can encourage and keep people moving, by providing fun, impactful and memorable event opportunities people in communities, well then,  I am fulfilling my purpose in this life.  


Shout out to Justin Friede for his amazing photography skillz and special thanks to Continuum for providing the perfect place for me to let loose and show me… and the catalyst for these photos to come to life. 

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2022 Asheville off Road Series Event Guide

2022 Asheville off Road Series Event Guide

Asheville off Road Series

Here is what you need to know for

the 2022 Asheville Off Road Series


Event Guide (with maps and clickable links)

Event Guide Podcast (audio) HERE

Event Guide Podcast (video) HERE

How the Duathlon Transition Works (video) HERE



Welcome to the 2022 Asheville Off Road Series! We are so excited to be back at Ride Kanuga to see you all racing your hearts out. Bring your friends and family to race with us too and let’s have a blast on some dirt roads and trails together!


  • Address to Ride Kanuga: 1249 Kanuga Lake Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28739
  • Easy Parking: Camp Kanuga (.5 miles from start/finish) see event guide/listen to podcast. 
  • Parking is also avalable at Ride Kanuga, however it will be difficult to leave during the race happenings. If you don’t plan to hang out after the race, please park at Camp Kanuga. 
  • THERE IS NO ROADSIDE PARKING on KANUGA ROAD, they will tow you! 
  • Races start and finish at the RIDE KANUGA main entrance area at 8:00am, Gravel Grinder bike races go out first, then the duathlon runners start right after. (see map on event guide)
  • New for 2023: Tansition for duathlon participants is located near the start and finish line at the race hub. items must be set up in transition by 7:45am.  Transition will ‘close’ at 7:45am and all participants need to leave that area until you race. This will eliminate unnecessary congestion in the transition area and everyone will have a better experience throughout the race.  (to hear more about the duathlon transition area, listen to the podcast)
  • It will be dark when you arrive on race morning. Bring lights for the front and back of your bikes and runners bring headlamps. 
  • SAG # is 828-329-8863, if you need mechanical support. For an emergency please call 911.

INTERACTIVE DIGITAL EVENT GUIDE (with maps, links to podcast and more!)

Please CLICK HERE to read and/or listen to our 2022 Asheville Off Road Series Interactive Digital Event Guide. This guide has tons of information to prepare you for the races. We highly recommend that you read through it or listen to the podcast when you are training, in the car or on your way to the race!


Asheville off Road Series Event Guide




Summer is Here! See what is coming up.

Summer is Here! See what is coming up.



See what’s on our calendar!

June brings the heat and also a line-up of awesome, fun events! We have something coming up for every type of athlete,  including running events, cycling and multi-sport. So what are you waiting for? It is time to commit yourself to your health and to get moving… get signed up for an event and join in while the events are here! 

Upcoming happenings: 
1. The WNC Flyer presented by Hunter Subaru is filling up! The ride is THIS Sunday, June 5th and returns to Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard this year. We are excited to be back in Brevard for the annual bike event that includes a century, metric, half century, half metric routes. Come for the BIKES, BBQ, BEER, BLUEGRASS! – Register 
2. Inaugural RAD Half Marathon & 10k is on June 12th. The courses are both USATF certified and sanctioned and are fast and incredibly scenic races. Both races start in the heart of Downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Runners will whiz downhill to the River Arts District, and wind along the peaceful French Broad River. We expect the races to sell out prior to race weekend. - Register
3. Strut your Mutt 5k & 1 mile benefitting the Blue Ridge Humane Society is on June 18, 2022. Bring your furry friend and join in on this annual fundraising event for the animals in our community.  Register
4. The 3rd Annual Hendersonville Triathlon presented by Hunter Subaru takes place on June 26th at Patton Park in Hendersonville, NC! The triathlon event consists of 400m pool swim, 12.5 mile bike and 5k run! The run will take place on the beautiful, flat and scenic Oklawaha Greenway. - Register

Registrations opening soon:
1. South Asheville Turkey Trot in Biltmore Park Town Square on Thanksgiving Day - registration opens on Wednesday, June 8th at 3pm
2. The 11th Annual Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon - registration is opening later in June/early July, Watch the Asheville Marathon Facebook page posts for updates! 

We would love to see you out at one or more of these events this month. 
Keep moving friends!
View Our Race Calendar


Here’s how it works:

  • If you register for at least 3 of our 4 half marathons in 2022, you’ll get an awesome extra medal after the last one!
  • The deadline to be registered for at least 3 of the races is July 10th at midnight so we have time to order the medals.
  • Medals will be given out at the 2022 Black Bear Half Marathon event. If you can’t make it to that event, medals will be available for local pickup at Fleet Feet Asheville or shipped to you for $10.
  • There are 200 spots available for the 2022 trilogy.

Here are the 4 eligible events to choose from. As long as you are registered for at least 3 of them by July 10th at midnight, you’ll get your extra medal!

Date Event
March 19th  Asheville Marathon and Half  (the full marathon also qualifies)
May 14th Jump off Rock Half Marathon
June 12th RAD Half Marathon
October 9th Black Bear Half Marathon
Get More Information


Brevard, NC
June 5, 2022

The 18th annual Hunter Subaru WNC Flyer will be held at Oskar Blues Brewery in beautiful Western North Carolina. Start your ride anytime between 8-8:45 AM.

We can’t think of a better way to spend the day than with a rolling bike ride, a frosty brew, and BBQ… can you?!

Riders will have their choice of a century, metric, half-century, and half metric rides that wind through the valleys south of Asheville, NC. There is beautiful mountain scenery around every bend of the road without the long mountain climbs. The Flyer is a ride for everyone - from first-time riders to experienced cyclists.

Register Here

*INAUGURAL* RAD Half Marathon & 10K

Asheville, NC
Sunday, June 12, 2022



The brand new RAD Half Marathon & 10K will run through the best parts of the City of Asheville. Including downtown city streets, River Arts District, along the French Broad River, and through the parks for this city-style, point-to-point race. This fast race is a dream come true for runners looking to get a personal best in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The majority of the miles are ‘flat’ running along the river on the greenway and through the city parks. Endurance runners will have an opportunity to ‘break in’ the brand new section of the newly completed greenway section of the French Broad River Greenway on Riverside Drive and Lyman Street. Runners will be on mostly paved surfaces throughout the entirety event with a few dirt sections within the French Broad River Park.


Strut Your Mutt 5k & 1 Mile Furry Scurry

Fletcher, NC
Sunday, June 18, 2022

Run, strut or scurry the 5k or 1 Mile events and support the animals of Blue Ridge Humane Society at Fletcher Park! All participants receive a goodie bag with extra treats for the furry runners too! The Strut Your Mutt Pet Festival! 9 am-1 pm with pet and local business vendors, community organizations, and more! The post-race festival is open to all!


Hendersonville Triathlon

Patton Park, Hendersonville, NC
Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Third Annual Hendersonville Triathlon presented by Hunter Subaru will take place at Patton Park in Hendersonville, NC! Patton Pool is operated by the YMCA of WNC in Hendersonville and Patton Park is operated by the City of Hendersonville. The triathlon event consists of a 400m pool swim, 12.5-mile bike, and a 5k run! The run will take place on the beautiful, flat, and scenic Oklawaha Greenway. The bike course will be on rolling, rural roads in Henderson County and City limits. 

Sign Up!

Asheville Triathlon

Recreation Park, Asheville, NC
Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Asheville Triathlon course is a super event for every level of triathlete, from novice to elites. Novice + Beginner tri-athletes love this race! The pool swim is great for new swimmers & the run is a flat, and easy to navigate. Elite athletes – get ready for a PR! This race is fast and is a huge hit among local elites. The time trial swim start in a 50m pool allows swimmers to spread out. The bike leg is flat the first couple miles, so get down in your aero bars and push it. The middle section has some steep hills just get outta the saddle and roll over ’em! There are several downhill sections that are smokin’ fast! Many elites have PR’d during the 5k run, bring your racing flats! 


Asheville Off Road Series

Ride Kanuga, Hendersonville, NC
Sunday, September 18, 2022

The AORS (Asheville Off Road Series) consists of two main events: Asheville Duathlon (run/bike/run) and two Gravel Grinder Bike events. Each of these events gives a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts the ability to explore either by foot or by two wheels the Western North Carolina trails, gravel roads and scenic country paved roads. With so many different options, it’s a great event for beginners and intense competitors alike!


Black Bear Half Marathon

presented by Hunter Subaru 

Hendersonville, NC
Sunday, October 9, 2022

The in-person half marathon and 8k both wind through Hendersonville, NC (near Asheville) on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2022. There is also a Virtual Half Marathon and 8k running option for runners not able to attend the in-person event.

The Black Bear Half presented by Hunter Subaru and 8k both offer a scenic, mostly flat course along the Oklawaha Greenway. The Half Marathon has less than 400 feet of elevation gain and a socially distanced setup, so you won’t want to miss it! 


Trick or Trail 5k

presented by Hunter Subaru

Dupont State Forest, Hendersonville, NC
Saturday, October 22, 2022

Runners at the Annual Trick or Trail 5k presented by Hunter Subaru get to once again experience the beauty of DuPont State Forest in a unique nighttime racing format. The Trick or Trail is a family favorite event with costumes, spooky decorations, and lots of great candy, snacks, and food!



Participate in the South Asheville Turkey Trot, Ugly Sweater Run, and New Years Resolution Run 2023, and get an extra medal! We want to keep you motivated to stay active through the holiday season and even better celebrate the best way we know, how, with a run!

More info coming soon… stay tuned!

South Asheville Turkey Trot

presented by Hunter Subaru

Biltmore Park, Asheville, NC
Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving is the largest running holiday with families all over the country! Turkey Trots are a great way to start the day. Join us at Biltmore Park Town Square and enjoy some fresh air and exercise before gathering around the table for your Thanksgiving feast! You’ll share miles and smiles with your family and friends as part of this fun, annual tradition.



Ugly Sweater Run

presented by Hunter Subaru

The Riveter, Mills River, NC
Saturday, December 3, 2022

Don’t miss the 3rd Annual Ugly Sweater Run 5K and 10K presented by Hunter Subaru. The race is set for Saturday, December 3rd at the Riveter in Mills River, NC! Ugly Sweaters and holiday cheer are strongly encouraged!

The races include something for everyone! A 5k, and a 10k (double loop)! Everyone gets a cozy, ugly-sweater t-shirt, a Hunter Subaru swag bag, and a finisher Christmas ornament! All levels and abilities are welcome! Run a relaxed pace and take selfies, OR run your heart out and try to get a personal best!


New Year’s Resolution Run

Downtown Asheville, North Carolina
January 1, 2023

The Annual New Year’s Resolution Run in downtown Asheville will be on January 1, 2023. Plan to kick off 2023 on the right foot and celebrate with what we love to do most: RUN! This event starts at a reasonable 10:00 am and offers a 5K and 10K distance. We welcome families and participants of all ages to come run or crawl their way to completing their first resolution! Bring warm layers of clothes, tie up your running shoes, and get ready to ‘run into’ 2023! 


2022 Community Partner Events 

WNC Flyer, Brevard, NC — Sunday, June 5, 2022 – Register 
Strutt your Mutt, Fletcher, NC — Saturday, June 18, 2022 – Register 
Light up the Night, Asheville, NC — Friday, August 5, 2022
Apple Festival Races, Hendersonville, NC – Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022 – Register
Tour d’Apple, Hendersonville, NC - Monday, September 5, 2022 – Register
Jingle Jog, Hendersonville, NC — Saturday, December 17, 2022

Events are in the process of permits and final approvals. Dates and locations are subject to change.  Additional new partner events will be added for 2022, stay tuned!

Jump off Rock Bike Hill Climb Results, Photos & Thanks!

Jump off Rock Bike Hill Climb Results, Photos & Thanks!


presented by Hunter Subaru


A beautiful, sun-filled afternoon in Laurel Park, Hendersonville, NC today at the Jump off Rock Hill Climb presented by Hunter Subaru. We loved seeing our cycling community at the hill climb,  feeling all the energy and buzz of electricity and nerves at that start line and the smiles for miles at the top of Jump off Rock! We appreciate each and every one of you for coming out race today. Thank you!

Special thanks to to the Town of Laurel Park for extending the offer for us to come back and race once again up to the top of Jump off Rock. All the Friends of Laurel Park volunteers were incredible and the police and Fire Department that kept our cyclists safe, thank you! Sycamore Cycles, thanks for the prizes and for being on-site for mechanical support. And Hunter Subaru, thank you for lending support for this event, we cannot thank you enough! 

CONGRATS to the KING & QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN Jump off Rock Bike Hill Climb

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN!!! Tyler Miranda - 17:02

QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN!!! Hannah Arensman - 20:59









Random Sycamore Cycles prizes for our participants, we picked 3 WINNERS!!

Stop by Sycamore Cycles in Hendersonville to pick up your special prize!

James Martin

Steven Baker

Laura Calvin



Jump off Rock Hill Climb Start List

Jump off Rock Hill Climb Start List

Jump off Rock Hill Climb presented by Hunter Subaru

Welcome to the 2021 Jump off Rock Hill Climb presented by Hunter Subaru!

We are thrilled to have this local event return after a four year hiatus to Laurel Park in Hendersonville on Sunday afternoon. Thank you all for signing up for what is sure to be a fun afternoon of bikes, community and fun together. The first individuals will start promptly at 3pm and riders will start on a one minute interval. 

The Start List is HERE! 

If you sign up between Thursday, August 5th 5pm until race day, you will be put on the start list in order of walk-up to bib-pickup. 

General Race Info

Cyclists and Triathletes get ready for the return of the Jump off Rock Hill Climb presented by Hunter Subaru on Sunday, August 8th at 3 pm. The hill climb, time trial, cycling race made its debut in 2017 and returns this summer with much anticipation to Laurel Park located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

The cycling race is for all abilities! Test your fitness and challenge yourself to ride up this five-mile climb as fast as you can. This is an individual, time-trial-style event designed to challenge any type and ability of cyclists. You will be racing against the clock and will leave in one-minute increments. It is a race against yourself. This is not a mass start event. 

The one-way, time trial race starts at the Town of Laurel Park offices and goes up, up, up Laurel Park Scenic Highway to the top of Jump off Rock where panoramic views await you at the finish line. This event will be professionally produced and timed. 

Not only will this ride challenge you, there are also prizes and awards for the King and Queen of the Mountain and random giveaways to finishers. You don’t have to be the fastest to win in our giveaways!

The in-person Jump off Rock Hill climb coincides with the self-serve Lung Buster Time Trial Series that takes place this summer. If you are currently registered for the Series, you will be able to register for this grand finale challenge event for free. The Lung Buster Time Trial Series is a series of cycling events in Western North Carolina held with the intent of providing all participants a professional racer experience, no matter how fast or experienced you are. 

We look forward to seeing our community of cyclists challenge themselves in what is sure to be a lung-bustin’ race to the top of Jump off Rock. 


No warm-ups are allowed on Laurel Park Scenic Hwy after 2:50pm.  Follow the rules of the road, stop signs and speed limits when traveling back downhill after the ride. There is no parking available at the top of Jump off Rock.

This in-person event also coincides with the last ride of the virtual Lung Buster Time Trial Series. If you are currently registered for the Series, you will be able to register for this event for free! If you have not received instructions via email from the Series, please reach out to support@idaph.net



Let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little help getting up these giant WNC hills. We’re allowing e-bikes at this event and they will be scored in  their own category, so all riders are welcome!

Will provide mechanic support at the event. Overall & random giveaways will be from Sycamore Cycles.