AVL Winter Bike League 4th Ride

AVL Winter Bike League 4th Ride

The AVL-WBL is excited to host the best structured, long, winter-road training rides on the planet. But we are more than just a ride, we are a cycling community, a network, and even a family; we look out for each other on the road.

The AVL WBL rides are not designed to drop riders, but neither do we coddle the masses. Our goal is to ride at a smooth and steady tempo, not too fast or too slow, avoiding rapid accelerations and decelerations, for the entirety of a ride.

We will make announcements before the rides on Saturdays at 9:45am and meet the ride leaders, the rides start promptly at 10am. Sag Support is provided at each ride by our local bike shop partners –Asheville Bicycle Company, Motion Makers, Liberty Bicycles and Youngblood Bikes.

All participants must sign in before EACH ride. The rides are free, but there is a suggested donation of $5 per person to help offset costs of the rides and to put towards iDream Athletes Foundation Scholarships. COMPLETE ALL 11 AVL WBL RIDES & WIN the coveted, LOCALLY MADE AVL WBL Pottery Mug.

What is Asheville Winter Bike League?

What is Asheville Winter Bike League?

Ride Leader Reid Beloni points out benefits of riding with the Asheville Winter Bike League (AVL WBL)

Does your cycling stop when the weather gets cold outside? Well now you have no excuses! When you join our AVL WBL group, not only will you be enjoing safety in numbers, you’ll also be more motivated to squeeze on those winter riding clothes and get outside this winter. The Asheville Winter Bike League (AVL WBL) is a series of free, road cycling group rides that take place every Saturday starting November 16th and ending on January 25th. SEE RIDE SCHEDULE. 

A way of giving back to the cycling community

AVL WBL is more than just a ride; it’s a cycling community, a network, and even a family. As Ride Leader Reid Beloni puts it, “It’s super awesome.” Reid works with Carmichael Training Systems, an endurance sports coaching group based in Brevard, NC.

“I have fond memories (from when I was younger) of getting into cycling and doing group rides, and finding mentorship from older, more experienced riders,” says Reid. ” This is a way we can give back and get new people into the sport. You get motivation out of a group ride in the winter.”

AVL WBL is for all abilities, and there are different groups based on skill level. Each group has SAG support and an experienced lead rider. AVL WBL is an initiative of iDream Athletes Foundation, a 501c3 non -profit organization founded by iDaph Events - Daphne Kirkwood. This will be Reid’s fifth year with AVL WBL, and one thing he likes to emphasize is the camaraderie he sees during his rides.

“It’s not about who’s the fastest or showing off egos,” Reid says. “It’s about having fun on the bike, learning skills and fundamentals, and enjoying company and camaraderie when it gets cold and wet outside.”

No entry fee for riders

There is no entry fee to AVL WBL, but we ask riders to show their appreciation for the support of the ride leaders, sag and organized rides by giving a suggested donation of $5 at each ride. Donations accepted at sign up will cover the expenses of organizing the rides and then any surplus will be given to iDream Athletes Foundation to support scholarships in our community.

Visit our website page for more information, and be sure to RSVP to our Kick Off Party on Wednesday, November 13th at Youngblood Bicycles.

Our Kick Off Party will go over everything you need to know about AVL WBL, including what to wear. We will have free pizza and beer for those who attend.

We hope you can join us for this year’s 2019-2020 Asheville Winter Bike League Series. Let’s get out and ride!

“It’s not about having egos. It’s about having fun on the bike.”

Reid Beloni

Lead Rider and Coach, Carmichael Training Systems

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2018 Asheville Winter Bike League presented by Hunter Subaru RIDE DATES & LOCATIONS


ALL rides begin at 10am  

Ride #1 November 18th - Kickoff Ride at Bold Rock Hard Cider (Mills River) 
Ride #2 November 25th - Burn The Turkey Ride at Mills River Park
Ride #3 December 2nd at Carmichael Training Systems in Brevard
Ride #4 December 9th at Bold Rock Hard Cider (Mills River)
Ride #5 December 16th at Mills River Park
Ride #6 December 23rd at Fletcher Park
Ride #7 December 30th at Bold Rock Hard Cider (Mills River)
Ride #8 January 6th – New Year’s Kickoff Ride at Fletcher Park
Ride #9 January 13th at Carmichael Training Systems in Brevard
Ride #10 January 20th at  Fletcher Park
Ride #11 January 27th – FINAL RIDE at Bold Rock Hard Cider (Mills River)

Ride schedule and locations subject to change, please check weekly on our AVL WBL Facebook Page for up-to-date changes. 

2017 AVL WBL Pottery Mug Shown - 2018 mug to be revealed at the final AVL WBL ride in 2018.






The AVL WBL presented by Hunter Subaru offers A, B+, B- & C groups with SAG support. All levels of cyclists encouraged and invited to attend.

A group = experienced, pro’s/elites, competitive, ‘team’ racers & can maintain 18-22 mph throughout entire ride. This is a DROP ride, if you can’t hang please join one of the B groups.
B+ group = experienced, mostly non-competitive, & can maintain 17-19 mph throughout the entire ride. This is a DROP ride, if you can’t hang please join B- group.
B- group = experienced, non-competitive & can maintain 15-17 mph throughout the entire ride. No Drop, but expected to keep B- pace. 
C Group = novice/beginner riders, riding an easier pace. No one left behind. 

Please note the groups offered and the paces associated with the AVL WBL groups. 

  • If you participate in the Tuesday Night Worlds rides in Etowah or along the river in Asheville and ride in the ‘A’ group this would be the same as the A group in the AVL WBL rides.
  • B+ AVL WBL Group– If you have participated in the Kirbo Cycling ‘A’ group rides, the B+ group is considered the same as the Kirbo ‘A’ Rides. 
  • B- AVL WBL Group is the same as the ‘B’ Kirbo Group. The B- Group is a NO DROP  Ride, however,  you still need to be able to maintain the expected B- pace overall. The leader will plan on stopping at key re-grouping points, but can’t expect to have the group waiting excessively for anyone that is consistently falling behind unreasonably, so make sure that you are at the proper level to sustain a B- pace. 
  • C Groups– are for riders wanting a gentler pace, to soak in the scenery, new to the bike and/or may not feel comfortable drafting or riding with a group. This is a NO DROP Ride.