Results for the Hendersonville Triathlon

Results for the Hendersonville Triathlon

The results to the Hendersonville Triathlon are in!

Thank you triathletes! It was a chilly morning for a swim, bike and run in-person event, but you did it! Our iDaph Team LOVED seeing all of your happy and smiling faces Sunday morning. Thank you for being a part of our events, and for supporting our local triathlon community.

Awards for the Hendersonville Triathlon

Awards can be picked up at Fleet Feet Asheville starting on Wednesday the 23rd. If you are out of town, we will ship the awards to you. Not sure? Please email support@idaph.net

Thank you race partners!

A huge thank you to our partners! Without them, these events would not happen in our community. Thank you City of Hendersonville, YMCA of Western North Carolina, Fleet Feet Asheville, PT Solutions, Asheville School, Patton Pool and Patton Park, Sycamore Cycles, Yam, and Hendough Chicken and Donuts.

College Team Category Winners!

Great job Milligan Buffaloes! Your team is the overall winner of our College and High School Team Category! And all that after getting a flat on the way to the event and missing your original start time!

Total time for the Team was 4 hours, 52 minutes. King College overall time was 5 hours, 21 minutes. We LOVE having college and high school athletes at our events and we appreciate your support and participation.

Special shout out to these amazing racers!

John Smith: Got a flat on the bike course and ran 3 miles in his bike shoes. Woah!

Bill Deaton: Got a flat, fixed it, and went back and did the swim portion AGAIN to start all over again. Wow!


Congratulations to our overall winners!

Male Overall Winner: Sonni Dyer, 52, from Charlotte, NC, finished 1st overall, with a final time of 01:03:22.

Female Overall Winner: Faith Powell, 19 from Erwin, TN, with a final time of 01:06:07.


Milligan college athlete at Hendersonville Triathlon
cyclist at Hendersonville Triathlon

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Hendersonville Triathlon

Hendersonville Triathlon

The Hendersonville Triathlon will take place at Patton Park in Hendersonville, NC! Patton Pool is operated by the YMCA of WNC in Hendersonville and Patton Park is operated by the City of Hendersonville. The event consists of 400m pool swim, 12.5 mile bike and 5k run! The bike and run will use portions of the Oklawaha Greenway.

Hendersonville Triathlon Swim Wave Starts & Cue Sheets

Hendersonville Triathlon Swim Wave Starts & Cue Sheets

swimmer at asheville triathlon

Welcome to the 2020 Hendersonville Triathlon on September 20th!


If you haven’t already…

#1 Please READ through our DIGITAL EVENT GUIDE. 

#2 You can also LISTEN to our Podcast with race info HERE

#3 CHECK OUT THE HUB MAP HERE and get familiar with the event hub before you arrive on race day. 

#4 Updated RACE MAPS with DETOURS due to Flooding – BIKE and RUN


To find your wave and start time, search for your name on the Official Swim Start List below:


Click HERE –> Hendersonville Triathlon Swim Start List 


Info about the order/wave start list and how it will work on race day….

• Swim start waves have been assigned based on the swim time you submitted when you registered.

• Participants are assigned a wave start, rather than an exact start time. It is a ‘rolling’ wave start. Swimmers will start every minute in a time trial start format. 

• The PT Solutions provided, socially distanced ‘circle’ spots are the locations that you will stand around the pool to wait for your start. These are first come, first serve, within the wave. There is no ‘order’ to folks within the wave that you are in. Everyone that is in your wave submitted a similar swim start time.

• Please do not arrive early for your swim start wave. This isn’t an event to just stand around and hang out.

• You will only be allowed onto the pool deck 5 minutes prior to your swim wave.

• There are NO swim warm-ups.

•  We are limiting the number of participants in the pool zone at one time.

• Before you enter the pool area, PT Solutions will screen you for COVID symptoms, take your temperature, and hand you a disposable mask which you must then wear after you leave the PT Solutions tent and walk into the pool area. You must wear your mask up until you jump into the pool.


When you go to the pool to start you will:

#1 Put your shoes for the swim to bike transition, under the picnic shelter. This is the side exit area for the swim finish that is to the far left side of the pool when facing the building from the parking lot. (see hub map)

Then next…

#2 Have a brief COVID19 screening and get your temperature checked by PT Solutions right before you enter the MAIN ENTRANCE of the pool (see hub map).
Then next…

#3 You will find the next available ‘SPOT’ on the pool deck to stand on. Get in line.


#4 These circles are socially distanced around the pool deck.
#5 Participants will start approximately every minute, and will jump into the pool at the deep end. (for swim flow and maps see Event Guide)
#6 Participants will move up in line, onto a new circle in front of them as participants start their swim.

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday morning!





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What you need to know for the Hendersonville Triathlon

What you need to know for the Hendersonville Triathlon

We have created an Interactive Digital Event Guide to help inform our participants what to expect on race day.

We have also created an “Everything You Need to Know” Podcast for the event so you can listen while you drive to work or packet pickup and get all the important details. Please read through the Event Guide and/or listen to the podcast so you will be prepared for Sunday! 

A few things to note:

• Face coverings MUST BE WORN before the event and after finishing. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. PT Solutions will provide a disposable mask while you wait to start your swim. 

• Face coverings do not need to be worn while racing.

• Your transition area is at your personal vehicle. Please do not set up your transition items in an empty parking spot beside your car. Your items should be close to the front, sides, back or on the hood/trunk of your car. You can leave your bike on your bike race too!

• Once you set up your transition area space please either go warm-up on the Hwy 25 sidewalk (not on the run/bike course!) or stay in car until 10 min before your wave start.

• After setting up your transition space and exiting the transition area we ask that you continue to wear a facial covering any time you might be in contact with another athlete, staff member or volunteer.

• Get your temperature checked before entering the pool for your race.

• There will be no body marking station at this event. We do ask that you body mark yourself by applying your race number on both arms/biceps with permanent marker.

• There is access to restrooms outside the pool building and inside the pool area.

• THERE WILL BE NO PRE-RACE MEETING. Please look for updates on our Facebook Page

The Swim List will be posted on Friday, September 18th after registration has closed. Please check this blog for the list and updates.

We wish everyone an awesome triathlon experience! We will have RESULTS posted on the iDaph Website on Monday after the event!


click to view hendersonville triathlon map

LISTEN to our Podcast for everything you need to know for the Hendersonville Triathlon!

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Hendersonville Triathlon registration is now open

Hendersonville Triathlon registration is now open

john Smith Asheville Schools riding his bike at triathlon

Due to the popularity of the Asheville Triathlon in July, iDaph Events is proud to announce that registration is now open for the Hendersonville Triathlon, which takes place Sunday, September 20, 2020! Same location, same course — new name!

“We are so excited to officially announce that we have received approval to produce another triathlon THIS YEAR at the Patton Park and pool in Hendersonville,” says Daphne Kirwood, race director and owner of iDaph Events. “The city and park were so pleased with the July event that they would love for us to do it again this year, and 83% of our past participants said they would come back and do it again.”

The Hendersonville Triathlon will again be limited to 150 participants, and the format and courses will also be the same. The iDaph team is making improvements to the September event based on  feedback from the post-race survey from the Asheville Triathlon in July. Those updates will be posted on the website page and social media pages.

Here is the course description:


The 400 meter swim takes place in Patton Pool, an Olympic sized 50 meter lap pool with 8 lanes. We will space the swimmers in time trial starts. Participants will have a time trial start with plenty of time between each swimmer and will be organized in wave starts according to their estimated 100 yard swim time. Swimmers will flow in one direction in the lane.


The 12.5 bike course rolls through the quiet and beautiful Oklahawa Greenway in the City of Hendersonville, exits the Greenway and flows along a ‘rolling’ course through Henderson County countryside roads. Cyclists will return to the park by way of the Greenway and back to the transition zone.


The 5k run is FAST and for the most part-flat, except for one little dipper hill that you will crest before entering back to the park. The entire 5k run is on the quiet, shaded and beautiful Oklahawa Greenway in the City of Hendersonville. The section of the greenway used for this event will run towards Jackson Park. There will only be a short section where the bike/run overlap. The route is an out-and-back, lollipop course, with one ‘self-service’ water station at the halfway point. We do encourage you to bring your own fuel, nutrition and refreshments for this event.

 Virtual Option

The Hendersonville Triathlon also has a Virtual & Self-Serve vent experience, so participants who are not comfortable attending the in-person event, or who simply cannot make it that day, can participate in the virtual option and still be eligible for prizes, a race t-shirt, and a medal.

 Changes due to COVID-19

“Here at iDaph Events, safety is our top priority,” says Race Director Daphne Kirkwood. “We want to ensure that our participants, staff and volunteers stay safe and healthy, and we are following all of the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Over the past few months iDaph Events has put together event safety plans for our event to move forward in a new format to ensure social distancing measures that are set forth by the CDC are adhered to.

“We will aim to have a ‘contactless’ event to provide a safe event for all,” says Kirkwood.

What we are doing to ensure safety at our events concerning COVID-19

To adhere to the NC guidelines, iDaph Events will be putting the following rules in place. To see what the guidelines are, please visit our Hendersonville Triathlon page.

New for September 20th!

Yoga and Massage is providing two unique yoga options specifically designed to help prepare for (and recover from) a triathlon. You can purchase one or both options during registration for $5 each.

 Pre-event Gentle Flow Class: This class will take place at the packet pickup session from 2:30 - 3:30 PM. This class will help to prepare you physically and mentally for your event… Warm-up your body, breathe deeply, and enhance your focus and concentration thru mindful movement.

Post-event Recover, Rest, & Rejuvenate Class: Online Class Recording, to practice at your convenience at home (this class will be emailed to you). This class will help post-race soreness and fatigue through a restorative practice of longer held and supported yoga poses… be good to yourself.

 New category: High school and college teams

iDaph Events is putting together a new category for the Hendersonville Triathlon for college and high school racing teams. The college and high school racing seasons have been severely affected by COVID-19, and having local triathlon events is a great way to encourage competition and provide motivation for those athletes. The category will include an award for fastest school teams.

“We know the college and high school racing season has been decimated due to the pandemic,” says Kirkwood. “This is an opportunity for high school and college athletes to come and participate in an event.”

 Hendersonville Triathlon is set to be an annual event

The City of Hendersonville and the YMCA pool have stated they would like for iDaph Events to make the Hendersonville Triathlon an annual tradition each year in late May/early June. Due to its proximity to the Oklawaha Greenway and its heated pool, Patton Park is an ideal location for both triathlon training and triathlon events.

“So come on out, support a local triathlon and put all your training and fitness to good use again,” says Kirkwood. “Thank you in advance for continuing to support our small business by participating in our local, social-distanced events and the triathlon community. We are so grateful and love seeing all of you have purpose in all your training miles, enjoy the event experience and race your hearts out on race day!”

 Donate to a great cause

Have a towel you can donate? iDaph Events is collecting new or gently used towels for the Western Carolina Rescue Ministries. Towels will be collected at packet pick-up and race day. Please help us collect towels for this wonderful local organization!

 Testimonials from the Asheville Triathlon in July at Patton Park

“iDaph did a fabulous job putting on the event with the location switch - everything from the drive through packet pick up to a rolling swim start and finish line bags to-go. It was definitely a different race day experience, but it worked.” ~ Jenn Stanton, female overall winner.

“I thought the race did a good job with using specific COVID protocols in order to make it a safe and fun experience for everyone. ~ Ricky Flynn

“Thanks for a great race and race plan. I felt safer racing yesterday than going to the grocery store.” ~ Carlton Beverly Cooper

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible event this morning. It was my first tri and it was a blast - felt safe, so so organized, and positive. I know there ended up being some challenges with the bike but you guys truly put  on an amazing event..” ~ Catherine Beck

 Sign up and join us! All levels welcome

The Hendersonville Triathlon is great for all levels of triathletes. If you’ve never done a triathlon before, this sprint tri offers a course that is both challenging and doable with NOT a ton of training. (Check out our blog about Crystal Shirk, who just completed her first sprint triathlon in July). To learn more, click on the button below. We hope to see you in September! 

man running at asheville triathlon
woman cycling at asheville triathlon in hendersonville
woman in swim cap at asheville triathlon in hendersonville

In the Press

Blue Ridge Now Article — Relocated Asheville Triathlon spawns new Hendersonville Triathlon: https://www.blueridgenow.com/sports/20200803/relocated-asheville-triathlon-spawns-new-hendersonville-triathlon



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