by Coach Susan

We only have two sessions left for Asheville Swim League! Thank you for joining us and please remember to check in when you walk through the front door of the Lelia Patterson Center. Sign up below if it’s your first time! 

Swim Workout Thursday, February 6, 2020

Beginner Freestyle with underwater Dolphin Kick and Long Steady Freestyle

Dolphin Kick - how to do it and how it can be useful
Long Continuous Swim - steady pace that can hold (mimic pace for your individual distance goal)

150 yards Warm Up Choice of Strokes

6 x 50s Freestyle on 2:00 increase number of underwater dolphin kicks off walls in cycles of 2:

#1 one underwater dolphin kicks off wall when push off and on turn
#2 two underwater dolphin kicks off wall when push off and on turn
#3 & 4 repeat pattern: #3 - 1 kick, #4 - 2 kicks
#5 & 6 repeat pattern again: #5 - 1 kick, #6 - 2 kicks

Continuous 10 minute Swim - set a distance goal and keep a pace can maintain for that distance.

Steady long and strong freestyle for 10 minutes - estimate will complete between 300 yards and 500 yards

100s Choice - slow enough interval to mix in stroke if you wish:

6 x 100 on 3:30 interval

(roughly 1500 yards plus cool down)

Cool Down with choice mixed strokes of 100 to 150 yards