By Race Director Daphne Kirkwood, Course completed virtually on 3/17/2021

Tip 1 -Slightly open the door to the restroom and peek in before you swing the door open, there may be someone that forgot to lock it inside and well that is just a visual you don’t want with you the entire time you are racing. 

Tip 2 - If you start seeing things like leprechauns and a guy riding a bike towing 3 freshly cut, very long bamboo trees behind his bike, believe it is real. You are not hallucinating. This is Asheville. 

Tip 3 - Airpods lasted 1 hr 20 minutes. If you run sub-1:20, no worries. If you take longer, bring a back-up music source… iPhone and old school headphones does the trick. It is worth it!

Tip 4 - The first 3 miles are ridiculously fast, downhill and the adrenaline is pumping… no need to slow it down. Just keep rolling but realize what will happen in tip 5+6. 

Tip 5 - The hill really starts at mile 11, and although it is just a hill, it is long and at times I wondered, “Am I really running, or am I crawling?” Just keep crawling. You will get there, it may not look pretty but you will, I promise. 

Tip 6 - Because of tip 5 and tip 4, the chances of you having a negative split race is pretty much  0%. So let it go. Let it go. (cue up Frozen soundtrack).  But if you do happen to run a negative split, you will be my hero and I will also know that you didn’t really run your typical pace the first 11 miles. 

Tip 7 - Take in and notice the various surfaces. Remember that grass and dirt are soft and the pavement is softer than concrete. 

Tip 8 - Having someone cheering for you lights up your world, I highly recommend having a spectator out on the course. There are so many great places to watch and cheer! 

Tip 9 - Soak in the scenery, you have city-scapes, greenways, trails, and parks and they each are unique and beautiful. 

Tip 10 - Smile even if it hurts. Enjoy every single minute. It goes by in the blink of an eye. And know when it is done, you can catch your breath, then go celebrate and swap stories at the post-race party!