Don’t miss this year’s beautiful ride through Henderson County

Event Date: Monday, September 2nd, 2019 (Labor Day)
Start Location: Blue Ridge Community College

The Tour d’Apple is an exciting ride through Western North Carolina’s apple orchards, waterfalls, and mountains to benefit the charitable projects of the Hendersonville Four Seasons Rotary Club. It includes a full Century (100 miles), a metric-century (63 miles), as well as 45 mile and 25 mile options. What better way to kick off Labor Day than with this gorgeous trek through some of North Carolina’s most beautiful terrain in the morning! The ride features an exciting course, no matter which distance you choose, complete with plenty of stocked rest stops. The ride begins at 8:00 am at Blue Ridge Community College.

Benefiting the local Four Seasons Rotary Club, proceeds from this ride will support the Rotary Club in assisting many local projects, such as Head Start, Boy Scouts, Bruce Drysdale BackPack Program, Children & Family Resource Center, Team ECCO, Special Needs Sports and scholarships at Blue Ridge Community College. 

“I’ve done over 100 organized rides like this and the 2 most important factors to me personally are a clearly marked course and an ample number of port o Johns at the rest stops,” says a past participant. “Tour d’ Apple gets an A+ in both categories. Probably the best marked route I’ve ever experienced. Job well done!” 

You can register for the ride by clicking HERE. Or visit for more information.

T-shirts in men’s and women’s fitted styles are complimentary for participants registered by August 15th. After this deadline, shirts will be limited and can be ordered for an additional $10 online until sizes run out. Register now to reserve your spot and ensure you get one of this year’s fantastic t-shirt.

Routes: This year’s Tour d’Apple offers four routes of varying distance and ascension. The pinnacle Honeycrisp Unbelievable Century tops the list at 100 miles and 8,000 feet of ascent over Sugarloaf Mountain, Bearwallow Mountain and Jump Off Rock. This ride also includes King/Queen of the Mountains using Strava and is for serious cyclists. The Gala Metric Challenge is 100 km (63 miles) with nearly 5,000 feet of ascent and also treks over Sugarloaf Mountain and Bearwallow Mountain, as well as Terry’s Gap. This ride is for experienced cyclists. The Jonagold Lite is a great challenge for new and returning cyclists, riding 45 miles with approximately 2,300 feet of ascent. There is also the Green Apple Enthusiast option, which clocks in at 25 miles with 1,000 feet of ascent.

We are excited to present a truly gorgeous trek through some of North Carolina’s most stunning scenery on the Labor Day holiday. Register now to ensure your spot and we look forward to meeting all you cyclists on September 2nd!


Be a part of our King and Queen of the Mountain Challenge! 

2 entries (KOM/QOM) for best time of the day Bearwallow for the Metric
2 entries (KOM/QOM) for best time of the day Cabin Creek for the Century
2 entries (KOM/QOM) for best time of the day Jump Off Rock for the Century 


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