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What is a virtual run, bike or swim?

Virtual races are all the rage these days. What is a virtual event? Picture a race that you can do all on your own, from any place at any time. You still get a commemorative medal and cool race t-shirt, and your results get posted online so you can stay motivated to achieve your goals.

You get to race without the big crowds, the long lines, the wait for an open porta-potty, and the pressure of running with other participants.

After your run, bike or swim, you can submit your finish time to post on our results page.

You can also share photos of you and your friends wearing any cool swag and sporting the medal you achieved from your virtual run.

Virtual races give you an extra spark in your run that you can share with friends and family of your accomplishments!

Here are 11 other awesome reasons to sign-up for a Virtual Race!

1. To Stay Safe During a pandemic

Avoiding big crowds is in everyone’s best interest right now. Crowded start lines and after-parties are not in anyone’s interest as we get through this pandemic and stay socially distanced. Here at iDaph Events, we are having smaller in-person sport events in a socially distanced format to avoid any crowding at the start and finish lines, and we are adhering to the CDC guidelines to keep participants safe. But for those who do not feel comfortable or are more susceptible, virtual races are a great way to go and help you stay committed to your goals. 

2. Motivation

Having a goal such as a virtual race is a great way to stay motivated. Now that we are all running and cycling more, posting our personal race results online is a great way to show off your achievements. You avoid big crowds but still get the benefits of racing, and you’re sticking to your goal of staying healthy and fit!

3. The Medal

Who doesn’t love a little bling? Our race medals show off our own personal achievements, and we love showing them to our family and friends. Virtual races are no exception - and you get the medal mailed right to your door!

4. For the Sense of Accomplishment

Quite often what we need is having a sense of accomplishment, which comes from committing to a goal such as a virtual race. While it sometimes feels like the world around us is falling apart, at least a race can keep us focused on something positive and just for ourselves. Plus you feel like a badass. It helps us in all aspects of life!

5. For the Shirt

Have you seen our race shirts? Here at iDaph Events we take pride in our beautifully designed and custom-made shirts. They’re super comfy, unique, and oh, the colors! One of the  best ways to show off your accomplishment is by wearing a shirt that has your race on it. And again - it’s mailed to your door!

6. For the Finish Time

It’s great to be able to share your results and achievements with your friends! What better way than to have the results posted online. Submitting your results is easier than ever, and you can compare your time with others, if that’s what motivates you. You can see your friends’ times too and give them kudos. Knowing others will see your time can give you that extra push you need to accomplish your goals!

Check out our Lung Buster Series - our “virtual” series of cycling events. The Lung Buster Series is going on RIGHT NOW, and those who sign up receive exclusive emails with marked courses, race tips, and we have Cheer Nights for those who need that extra boost of motivation. This is a series of cycling events that take place in WNC, and are a great way to ride solo and post your time online. 


7. To Avoid Large Crowds

When you start a race, you’re often lumped in with hundreds if not thousands of other athletes. This can be frustrating and stressful. Yes large crowds do have their draw, but sometimes it’s better to just get away and allow yourself to run, bike or swim without the pressure of other participants.

It allows you to focus more on YOU and your personal race. And during this COVID-19 pandemic, avoiding large crowds is more important than ever.

8. To Avoid the Pressure of Time Limits

If you take a little longer to finish races (particularly longer distances), it’s good to not feel the pressure of getting left behind, being the last participant, or even worse – having the course close down on you.

Virtual races give you the flexibility to not only to run, bike or swim on your own time but also your own pace, and you can take as much time as you’d like. 

9. Support small business or a good cause

Every business has been affected by COVID-19, and iDaph Events is no exception. As we strive to keep our small business going and figure out creative ways to hold safe, in-person events, our virtual races help support our business and keep it open. They also help support our iDream Foundation, which helps to support local cycling and swim groups in our community. 

We don’t know what the future holds and when large, in-person sport events will return to the racing world, but virtual races can help keep our business and other event businesses afloat so we can have unique in-person sport events again in the future. Our events also help support local charities, such as the Western Carolina Rescue Ministries. 

Swim, bike and run virtually!

 These are just some of the many reasons virtual races are a great option! The VIRTUAL Asheville Triathlon allows you to swim, bike and run on your own time without the transition, so you can do each sport on a different day if you’d like, or do them all together like on race day. There’s no pressure, no embarrassing transition moments…and you get to time yourself in all three sports and see your accomplishments online. Learn more by clicking the button below.

All of our events have a virtual option

All of our events here at iDaph Events have a virtual option and we strongly encourage signing up for them! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@idaph.net. We hope to see you online! Stay active and let’s move forward together.  

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