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Here’s what’s up next for iDaph Events

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our athletes, friends, and families for being extremely supportive during these unprecedented times. It has been such a wild few weeks and we miss seeing all of you! We cannot thank you enough for all your kind words, texts and emails. Your support of our small business is so appreciated! 

As we all know, COVID-19 has completely decimated the events Industry. Just a few months ago, the thought of the potential simultaneous cancellation/postponement of every event in the world would have been considered completely ludicrous… and an impossibility of epic proportions. 

So where are we right now and what is the plan? The only way we are going to overcome this as a community, as a nation, and as global citizens, is if we all do our part. Our part here at iDaph Events is to continue to provide opportunities to our community to consistently tune their bodies through physical movement, to help everyone stay motivated and to achieve fitness goals. We believe wholeheartedly that by moving your body every day, you are not only going to be in good physical shape but also in a more positive mental state.

Right now, EVERY one of us needs tools and help to keep our heads on straight. Yes, times have changed, and that means we have to be even more creative about event experiences now and as we move into the future. We are ready, and from what we have heard from all of you, you are too! 

Stay tuned on new offerings for upcoming events

Each of our events that we design and produce and own (7 events) — and the ones we oversee and produce for our clients (20+ events) — are unique and are by no means ‘cookie-cutter.’ Therefore, each individual event will take meticulous evaluation and planning to ensure the utmost safety for all attendees. We are working on plans and updates for each of our upcoming events and our partner events for the remainder of this year. You will see new offerings from us including updated cancellation and deferral policies to allow you more time to make decisions regarding your participation. We will also be offering new virtual event experiences for the majority of our events so that regardless of what may happen in the next day, week and months, you will also have a fantastic virtual experience.

We are working with several partners on these virtual offerings and will continue to provide upgrades to these experiences as the technology evolves. We are really excited about the virtual event space and how it has evolved in just a short amount of time. We admit we were all skeptics of virtual events before we participated in them, but now we realize there is a great deal of fun, excitement and motivation to be had by participating in virtual events!  

The Virus Bustin’ Virtual Run & Ride

We are kicking things off here on June 1st with a brand new virtual event: The Virus Bustin’ Virtual Run & Ride and we are pumped! As we have been deep cleaning and moving our warehouse/office operations to another facility, we have found lots of awesome treasures over the last few months! Get ‘re-charged’ and motivated by joining your community of runners and cyclists in this virtual run or bike event and join us for a ‘Vintage Style’ Virtual run and ride experience.

We plan to launch another Virtual Challenge soon and bring back an oldie-but goodie event series that has a style that fits perfectly in this pandemic! Stay tuned!

Asheville Triathlon and Light Up the Night 5K

Our two upcoming events within the city limits: the Asheville Triathlon and Light Up the Night 5K presented by Western Carolina Rescue Ministry are currently being adjusted based on city requirements for upcoming events. We are very hopeful that we can produce some version of each of these events! We are in contact with the city and we will keep everyone informed with these adjustments. We will make final decisions about each of these events on or by July 1, 2020. 

We paused all our event registrations on March 13th, due to the uncertainty of gatherings and restrictions. We will be slowly opening up most of our event registration platforms this month, so stay tuned to the iDaph website, our blog, the Facebook page and Instagram for those updates! 

The Plan! (For Now)

As of right now, here’s the plan:

June 1 thru June 14th: BRAND NEW!  Virus Bustin’ Virtual Run & Ride

July 4: Firecracker 5k presented by Brevard Rotary 

Our friends at the Brevard Rotary Club are planning a virtual run for July 4th week. They are working on putting together a plan to also hopefully produce some in-person activities. Stay tuned to their registration page for updates to the event. 

July 19: Asheville Triathlon - limited registration and a new virtual option will be open by the end of this week. 

August 7: Light up the Night 5k presented by Western Carolina Rescue Ministry (WCRM)  - limited registration and a new virtual option will be open by the end of this week. 

September 7: Tour d’Apple presented by Four Seasons Rotary Club

This bike ride in Henderson County is one of the Four Seasons Rotary Club largest fundraisers. They are hopeful that there will be some version of the event permissible by September.

Online registration will open again soon. Stay up-to-date through the FB page and TDA website. 

September 12: Rock the Quarry presented by Hedrick Industries

September 20: Asheville Off Road Series at Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate is just as excited as we are at iDaph events to produce this event in the fall! We are working closely with Biltmore on establishing new event safety plans and protocols. Registration will open again soon with additional options for deferrals plus a new virtual event experience will be offered. 

October 17: Trick or Trail and Spooky Sprint - Registration opening this summer!

November 26: Biltmore Park Turkey Trot - Registration opening this summer!

By no means is this calendar set in stone. However, we will try to host the events that we have scheduled on their original dates because rescheduling could be very difficult for us, you, our partners and other event companies in our community. If you read our blog What will sport events look like when they come back?, I was quoted saying, “Rescheduling for later in the year has its own problems: There is already an endurance event scheduled for nearly every weekend in our area. We project that large events and gatherings could take much longer to revive themselves. How large is too large is the question… is 100 people too high of a risk for an endurance event?”

Getting creative

We are having to get very creative with events as we work on re-opening plans. We are up for the challenge! 

The only thing we ask of you is that you understand that in each and every decision we make, we’re making it in the best interest of the athlete, the communities in which these events are held, and in a manner that will allow iDaph Events to survive and ultimately thrive once we slingshot through this pandemic.

I believe that we are a community of determined, endurance-loving humans and that we all have the strength to pick ourselves up and start again. The more we can all lift each other up to find that strength, the better we all will be — even if that means we make small baby steps, each and every day to reach our ultimate goal. We look forward to seeing you on the start lines virtually and in person again soon!

‍My Best, 

Daphne Kirkwood

Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events

Entrepreneur | Athlete | Mom

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