This is what our fans & partners say about iDaph Events!

“For the second year in a row, St Baldrick’s of Western North Carolina (formerly of Transylvania County) had the honor of being the charity partner at the Asheville Off Road Series. So far they have been responsible for over $1120 in donations to St Baldrick’s–enough to cover a month of cancer protocol for a child. As a mom of a childhood cancer survivor, I cannot stress how important that protocol is. It saved my daughter’s life.

Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up at zero-dark-thirty this morning, to the donors, the participants, the iDaph staff, Ride Kanuga, and especially to one of the most remarkable women I have ever met: Daphne Kirkwood. She set up the whole thing, allowed donations during registration, and came up with awesome ideas to increase donations. And, she is donating $$ for each volunteer I provided…final total to come later.

I may even participate in the New Year’s Resolution Run! (but I will walk…). The riders, the runners–you all are amazing.” ~ St. Baldrick’s of Western North Carolina, 2022 Asheville Off Road Series Charity Partner


Daphne and team…. I just wanted to commend you on putting on a great event today! Mother Nature did not hamper the spirit… Your course marshals, course markings were great! And the swag is awesome!!! You set a wonderful example of how we can still race and be safe in the Covid world we live in.” ~ Mindy Soranno, Resolution Run Participant


“I really can’t say THANK YOU enough for this event. The cheerful attitude of the iDaph staff and volunteers really made the weather a non-issue. Absolutely incredible work!! ~ Andrea Hipps, Black Bear Half participant

“I’m glad I finished!!! Because it rained, I sound more badass than I am when I talk about the race to my non-running friends. Thanks for taking the time to organize!” ~ Megan Sussman, Black Bear Half participant

“Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put together this event! You don’t know how much this meant to have somewhere to run after all the craziness and cancellations of this year. It was a much needed outlet. You all provide a safe and effective environment for runners to still be able to run in, while adhering to COVID guidelines. (and hopefully an example for other race organizations on how to begin running safely again). Definitely a great way to start off my birthday week!”~ Kristen Clyburn, Black Bear Half participant

“Thank you to the organizers, sponsors and volunteers for making this event happen. I had two other races scheduled for this day that were cancelled and desperately wanted to race. You guys rock!” ~ Christopher Branham, Black Bear Half participant

” I have run a lot of races, and I have never seen a more informative, complete, colorful, and twenty-more-complimentary-adjectives newsletter about a race than this one. After clicking on Learn More and perusing the information, I found every possible aspect of the Black Bear Half Marathon covered. And, those finisher’s medals. WOW! Great job, Team iDaph.” ~ Wayne Boynton, Proud to be a sponsor


“We had the best time and we really enjoyed getting to see all the happy faces that graced our office and participated in the resolution run. Daphne and the rest of the incredible crew a big fat thank you!  Again, you all were so well organized and really constructed a fantastic event. We are so proud to be part of it! Thanks again.” ~ Julie Willard, Baird Financial Group


IC Imagine Public Charter Schools

Mamie and Daphne - A quick email this evening to congratulate you on another fantastic iDaph Event! Everyone I spoke with had a fantastic time and experience. I think we’ve got a handful of adults and youth eager to be participants in 2020.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to let you know I received positive feedback from many of our volunteers. They commended your attention to details and felt they were prepared for their tasks at hand. I encouraged them to share any feedback they might have directly with you as I know you, like us, are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Thanks again for providing IC Imagine MTB the opportunity to be a part of AORS2019.

Avery Jones, Development Chair
IC Imagine Public Charter School

iDaph Participant

“I have been involved with many of the wonderful, well organized events sponsored by iDaph Events. Some of the events that my cycling group, Kirbo Cycling Group, has participated in are:

  • The Lung Buster Time Trial series
  • The Asheville Winter Bike League, AWBL
  • The WNC Flyer
  • The Tour d’ Apple
  • And others as they have become available.

My group has really enjoyed the well organized and coordinated efforts that Daphne Kirkwood and her team puts together to keep our rides safe and well organized.”

Randy Kirbo, Kirbo Cycling Group

Western Carolina Rescue Ministries

On behalf of EVERYONE at Western Carolina Rescue Ministries, I would like to thank you all for your hard work in helping raising awareness of our organization and it’s need.  I am THRILLED to tell you that we EXCEEDED our goal of 100 pair of shoes.  I think the final count was over 150!!!

Jessica May
Director of Development / Major Donor Officer
Western Carolina Rescue Ministries 

iDaph Supporter

Your events are hands down some of the best I’ve participated in and I’m closing in on 150 races over the last 9 years.

Your swag is phenomenal. The opportunity to experience Biltmore Estate is one of a kind. You have always done right by your participants even when mother nature has conspired against all of us.

Becky Ignatowicz

Asheville Winter Bike League

Thank you so much for putting together the community events! You do an amazing job. It was a wonderful ride for the C Group yesterday. This was my first ride this year with AVL WBL. We had co-leaders on our ride and they were terrific. There was a third woman named Marilyn. Marilyn was amazing!!! She stuck with me (the last rider) and gave me riding tips and much encouragement all along the way. I was quite a bit behind getting back to Fletcher Park and was unable to express my gratitude to her.

Yesterday was not an anomaly ~ it seems to be what this community of riders will do for each other. Last year on the very first ride of AVL WBL, I was brand new to road biking and had recently purchased a wonderful second hand bike. Due to a few bad falls (which resulted in broken bones and stitches) while mountain biking clipped in, I opted for sneakers for my first group ride - 33 miles. Laura Rice was the C Group leader that first day. She was AMAZING, so very kind and encouraging. Although I had a snack, I left it in the car, probably due to nerves, and she shared a Shock Block or two with me. She didn’t leave me when the going got tough, she led the group and rode back for me when necessary. Although I apologized profusely for holding everyone up, no one seemed to mind and shared words of encouragement, leaving me with a sense of accomplishment and absolution. It was a wonderful experience with an exceptional community of people. Thank you for putting this together and allowing the newbie to feel like they are riding with the Big Dogs!

Patricia Slattery, Asheville Winter Bike League Participant

2017 New Year’s Resolution Run

I like the laid back style - no pressure. Now I can work on doing better after years of not entering any races:) Thank you for giving me an opportunity to start again.

Patsy Keever, 2017 New Year’s Resolution Run Participant

2016 Asheville Off-Road Series

Such a great race! I was honored and excited to stand on the podium for the 20 miler Gravel Grinder. Will definitely be doing this again next year and I might even bump up to the 40 miler! iDaph put on such a great event. Lots of fun and what a beautiful course!

Samantha Winogrond, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

I look forward to this race every year to kick off the fall racing season. Usually the temps have just dropped and you get a scenic route around Biltmore. Use this race to test your summer training and see how all those hot miles paid off!

Brandon Lyko, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

Love it! Will race it every year! So much fun! Thank you!

Tracie Hollifield, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

The gravel grinder bike race has become one of my favorite races each year. The course is beautiful, yet challenging. The event management is world class, and staff and volunteers always have a smile on their faces. Plus the fun of riding past the Biltmore house and gardens is always amazing! Thank you Daphne and crew!

Laura Rice, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

Fast course! Gripping views and loose gravel. This is by far the most memorable race that takes you to the front door of the mansion, past the garden and through the vineyard. Great race support. I’m doing it again next year.

Jaimee Johnsen, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

I want to say thank you so much for putting on a spectacular race this past Sunday. It was a really special day and you all did a superb job executing.

Matthew Martz, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

Thanks to everyone who took part in making this year’s event a success! I was incredibly impressed with the organization of the event, the friendliness and support by all of the volunteers, and the amazing prizes for winners! Rounding the corner and having the Biltmore mansion in front of me in that amazing morning light is a memory I will cherish forever. And standing on that podium with my Pure Velo Racing teammates for the first time ever is another memory I will cherish. THANK YOU iDaph Events for making it all possible!

Eliz Harrison, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Participant

A successful event really does take a village coming together for the greater good. With your help as volunteers, sponsors, and racers, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity raised $17,000 for our Shiloh: Let’s Build! initiative as the charity partner of the 2016 Asheville Duathlon, 10K Trail Run, Gravel Grinder Bike Race and Kids Du. These funds will help repair 30 homes and build 15 new energy-efficient houses in the Shiloh community in the next two years, helping approximately 90 adults and children to have safe, affordable homes.

Thank you so very much to ALL Sponsors, Volunteers, Team Habitat athletes, Raffle Prize Donors, and Habitat Staff and Spouses for your contribution, participation, time, and enthusiasm. It is appreciated beyond words! More here >

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, 2016 Asheville Off-Road Series Charity Partner

2016 Asheville Triathlon

I participated in my FIRST triathlon last weekend at your event. I wanted to follow up and let you know that after conquering the nerves (which dos not happen until I actually entered the pool!) this race experience was fantastic! The informational meeting the night before was helpful for my organizing brain. The morning activities flowed smoothly and everyone was friendly and encouraging.

Thank you for putting on this incredible event and helping my first tri experience be positive! It was an amazing morning and crossing that finish line was exhilarating!

Kandi Newkirk, 2016 Asheville Triathlon Participant

2015 Asheville Winter Bike League:

Just a short note to say congrat’s and thanks for the time and effort that you and your team put into the WBL.  I participated in this past week’s event and will try to participate in more…but I wanted you to know that I thought the organization of the event and the routes was very good and I want to give kudo’s to the ride leads for not only keeping the groups together but also for their time and effort.

I cannot speak for everyone on the ride(s) but from within the A group people were positive, appreciative and supportive. Again, thanks goes to you and the entire Idaph team for putting this together and hope that we just continue to see more participation….though I have to say 60+ for the first event is not too shabby.

— Rpotter, 2015 AVL-WBL Participant

2015 Asheville Duathlon, 10k Trail Run, & Gravel Grinder Races:

Congrat’s to you and your entire staff on a very well organized and successful event. I participated in the 60mile gravel grinder and found the course exciting, challenging and just plain fun. I felt that all aspects from picking up the packets to the finish line events were staged well, plenty of friendly people to talk to and good information.  Thank you and the entire Idaph team and the sponsors for a perfect fall day.  I can promise if I am in town again next year I will indeed sign up again.

Rob Potter, 2015 Participant

2015 Collier Lilly Ride for North Carolina Outward Bound School:

You played a HUGE part in our success this year. I can¹t thank you enough for the wisdom and leadership you offered in the short time you were given to make this a viable ride! Thank you!

Carrie Myers, Associate Director of Development at North Carolina Outward Bound School

NCOBS Team, I cannot tell you how pleased I was with how the ride turned out! Everyone deserves lots of applause for all of their hard work… Bringing Daphne in was a great idea, and I think [she] will help in the future. Our office staff loved being a part of it and there was some even some envy among those who did not participate! Thanks again for all of the effort that everyone put into making it successful.

Ed Lilly, Blue Ridge Bone & Joint (Sponsor) & Brother to Collier Lilly

2015 Biltmore/Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races:

I just wanted to give you a big shout out and say you did a really great job with the event on Sunday. We work with a lot of different event directors and I can honestly say that your events are the most organized events we work. I hope the nonprofit appreciates the amount of work and organization you put into the event. We heard numerous positive comments from many of the participants. Everything seem to flow really smooth. Even though the race start time was early, it started on time. That’s a big deal. Thank you so much for choosing to work with Charlotte Sports Timing.  We greatly enjoy working with you and your staff. Cheers!

Neal Boyd, Charlotte Sports Timing & Charlotte Sports Cycling

2015 Gnarliest Kids Adventure Race + 5k Race:

Thanks Daphne… so much for all you have done for our school! I’m so very grateful our paths have crossed… For many reasons. I know [our] event will be a great success and we all have you to thank for your organization and hard work!! 

Denise Pesce, Principal of The Mountain Community School (Race Partner)

2014 Asheville Duathlon + 10k Trail Run on Biltmore Estate:

We really enjoyed being a part of the race and the donation from you all will do a lot to make sure we can provide quality programming all year!! The visibility in the community and then new connections we have made as a result of this partnership are even more valuable. Thank you!

Kate Justen, FEAST (2014 Charity Partner)

I loved that there was a bike rental company willing to bring bikes to the start line, I traveled there so it was very convenient for me. Very professional photographer, having fun looking at all the photos on his website. I loved that he took pictures at specific locations that were a good photo op with something pretty in the background and not just a close-up of me in misery.

Sarah Schoonover, 2014 Participant

Race Tee is probably one of the best I own (and there are hundreds..). Second run course (if marked better at certain points) is great! I will train for this specifically again next year- I loved it. Bike course… was a challenging, yet fair course that is suitable for all levels of experience.

Brian DeRose, 2014 Participant

Only way it could be better for me would be for me to be in better shape! Ran a mud/obstacle race the day before so was tired but had sooooo much fun at the Du! Idaph puts on the BEST events, they put their heart and soul into putting on super events!

Melissa McCullooch, 2014 Participant

2014 Lung Buster Time Trials:

Thank you for a great race. We all had a blast!!! What a great turn out of Women!!! Thank you for creating a welcoming race for all level of racers…from first time racers to us silly Masters+ Women on fixed gear with pink “I’m with Awesome” socks on. Look forward to the rest of the series.

Wendy Coin (2014 Lung Buster TT Etowah 1 Participant)

2013 LPC Triathlon:

John Neff,  Photographer

Overall, I’m so glad I raced today. Not just for the swag but for the awesome course and fun crowd. There were a lot of first timers today, whom I admire because when it’s your first tri and it is cold and rainy, it must be really extra stinky. So way to be badasses, ya’ll! And finally, thanks to all the great volunteers and race staff. You all rock.

Kit Hayes (LPC Triathlon First Place Female)

(See Kit’s full testimony on her blog post “Rain, Roadkill & a Leotard: the 2013 LPC Triathlon”)

You do a great job on marking the routes, and having people give directions, and having people controlling traffic on bike intersections. Thank you. Super volunteers. Also thanks for moving the time back so we don’t start in the dark.

 Dan Funk (Participant)

I thought it was well organized and the students at the water stations were a lot of fun! I was a volunteer last year but as a participant this year I thought the later start time was better on everyone.

Tag Garmon (Participant)

LOVED the goodies in the registration bag! Overall the course was well marked, & I LOVED the inspirational spray paint on that huge mountain we had to bike up. Also liked how registration was available 2 days before. Lessened the chaos on race day. Bigger sign next time to indicate where to get marked would help the spastics like me.

Jamie Martina (Participant)

Great local race! Super event that runs very smoothly.

Doug Draper (Participant)


2013 Asheville Triathlon:

Just wanted to let you know my wife and I attended the Avl Tr for our second year and had really great time!  Our son also tried the splash and dash and had blast - he’s hooked.  Thanks for putting on a great event!

James Bound, President, Greencraft Inc.

FYI - my two daughters did the kids’ race and had a wonderful time. Kudos for putting on a fun event. I did the tri the next morning and had a great time as well. Did it 5 years ago as one of my first triathlon experiences and it was just as much fun this go round. Thanks for putting on fun races!

Alana Kennedy-Nasser (Participant)

Thank you for all of your hard work in presenting a first class triathlon. As a business owner and an athlete I recognize the amount of work that goes into a successful event and all the things that can possibly go wrong. From an athlete’s perspective the event was seamless.

Lonnie (Participant)


2013 Asheville Marathon:

Firstly, just wanted to thank you on a really incredible event. I’ve run marathons in 16 states and I have to say this is one of the top 5 I’ve run. The staff was fantastic, super friendly and the course was so well marked. The aid stations were also really well stocked, which makes a huge difference. Everything about the race was well done. Thank you for all your work. 

Vincent Rossmeier (Top 5 men)

Just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your marathon yesterday.  For a first time marathon, it was excellent–great attention to detail… The scenery was excellent, and the historical perspective was great. 

Don Kern, Race Director from the other Beer City, Grand Rapids, MI

I have told many people that I firmly believe the Asheville Marathon course helped me prepare for the Boston Marathon, which also has a few hills (most of them in the second half, including “Heartbreak Hill”).  I ran my best Boston Marathon time ever this year. 

Francine Robinson (Participant)

2012 Biltmore/Kiwanis 15k/5k Race:

A special thank you to Daphne our race director, who did an absolutely amazing job. She was cool, calm and collected…  CAN I SAY ORGANIZED!!  

Cindy Fuller, President, Kiwanis Club of Asheville

2012 Lung Buster Time Trial Series:

Kudos to you Daphne for doing such a great job on organizing and running this Lung Buster Time Trial series.

John (Participant)

2012 LPC Triathlon:

I wanted to extend a big ‘congratulations’ for putting together a really fine event yesterday, even more-so, as the weather did everything it could to throw some roadblocks your way; everyone I talked with had a great time, and you and your group(s) did an outstanding job! I can’t wait for more events, and next years LPC Tri! Thanks again, and so proud of your events’ group for putting on a great Triathlon!

David Ward, M.D., M.S.

I fully intend on returning and competing again in your event should you have it next year. The folks involved carried a lot of spirit in horrible conditions.  I sincerely think it was the most professionally run event that I have competed in a long time.  I especially like all the effort you put in to the on-line and virtual information!  The word will get out and you will need a bigger transition area!!  

Joe Campola (Participant)

What a great job, wonderful layout on the course, great food, great venue. We want to come back. I have done 37 events in two years and this one is at the top. I just can not say enough, all the help, everyone was perfect. 

Lorand (Participant)

iDaph Events team:

You are simply amazing and continue to blow me away with your authenticity, organization, and positive/loving attitude.  I’m very blessed to be a part of the iDaph team and to help you create what you’ve envisioned for so long! 

Micah Pulleyn, iDaph Events, Assistant Events Extaordinaire


Light Up the Night 5K

Our iDaph Team enjoyed being a part of the inaugural Light Up the Night 5K on Friday, August 9th. All the proceeds went towards Western Carolina Rescue Ministries, who ended up raising $7,000 for their organization! iDaph provided Registration & Timing, and marketing for this event.