Introducing the NEW 2018 WNC Race Series!

The WNC Race Series includes multiple events throughout 2018, participants will need to complete 4 events to be eligible for the series, with additional opportunities to earn points including volunteering and participating in the Winter Bike League and the Asheville Swim League. We will have an end of year celebration for participants with awards for top 3 in Age Groups. Age Groups are broken up into four categories:

  • Gazelles: 25 & Under
  • Cheetahs: 26-39
  • Whippets: 40-55
  • Foxes: 56 & Over

Participants must complete a registration form to be eligible for the series. All participants will receive Bragging Rights, Gift Certificates and SWAG at our End of Year Celebration! Join in the fun and be a part of the Inaugural 2018 WNC Race Series!