In the time that iDaph Events has been organizing running, cycling and multi-sport events in Western North Carolina, a footprint has been made, a reputation earned, and an identifiable mark left. But we will not simply settle for being at the forefront of the race scene. No, my friends, “good enough” just isn’t good enough for us as organizers, nor for you as participants. We hope you continue to…

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We work with a lot of different event directors and I can honestly say that your events are the most organized events we work. We heard numerous positive comments from many of the participants. Everything seem to flow really smooth. We greatly enjoy working with you and your staff. Cheers!

Neal Boyd

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Daphne Kirkwood, a veteran multi-sport athlete and seasoned event management professional with 20 years of destination-centered hospitality experience, realized the importance of client-centered event productions, promoting and building excitement about events, and focusing on details to make an event an enjoyable and memorable experience. This culminated in the foundation of iDaph Events, a full-service race management company, in 2011. Understanding further need for community outreach, Daphne created the iDream Athletes Foundation in 2015 to offer instructional, motivational, and financial support for WNC area athletes.
Daphne Kirkwood

Daphne Kirkwood

event extraordinaire

Not only does Daphne Kirkwood plan events, she has also participated in and excelled at them since 2004! The ‘Daphanator’ enjoys breaking new records and PR’s and the experience that races provide for all involved. After multiple running injuries, rehab required cross-training in the pool and on the bike. She loved swimming and cycling so much that, upon recovery, she tried a multi-sport event, then several more, and was hooked! Multi-sport training provided more balance which allowed her to train and race relatively injury-free. Daphne continues to train and participate while directing her passion and energy towards designing, directing and promoting events that she would also like to participate in! Reach out to Daphne for event support by email at events@idaph.net

You just don’t know how proud I am of you. Been with you since the beginnings of iDaph and seen how much it has grown under your direction and the contributions it has made in so many sports and athlete’s lives. You are truly a marvel, an inspiration, and one of the very few who have truly made a contribution to the sports you’re involved with.
Marshall Gordon

Grandfather of Cyclists in WNC

Anna Brunton

Anna Brunton

Creative Event Coordinator


Joel Collier

Joel Collier

Timing Lead


Kate Sigmund

Kate Sigmund

Support Services Coordinator