Run 3 of 4 Half Marathons in 2023! 

If you register for at least three out of four iDaph Events half marathons in 2023, you’ll get an awesome extra medal after the last one! The deadline to register for at least three of the races is July 9, 2023 at midnight (so we can order your medals!) Medals will be given out at the 2023 Black Bear Half Marathon event.

Here are the four eligible events to choose from. As long as you are registered for at least THREE of them by July 9th at midnight, you’ll get your extra medal!

The Appalachian Trilogy events can be participated in either virtually, in person or a combination of both!

*Did you complete the Asheville Marathon & Half and want to participate in the Trilogy? If you plan to run the remaining three events, register through the Appalachian Trilogy Series Page, linked below. If you only plan to run two of the three remaining events, you’ll need to register for each of them individually instead of through the Series Page. As long as you’re registered for a total of three of the four events by the July 9th deadline, you’ll automatically be entered in the Series!

Enjoy a sneak peek of the 2023 Appalachian Trilogy medal!

Date Event
March 18th The Asheville Marathon and Half (the full marathon also qualifies)
May 13th The Jump Off Rock Half Marathon 
June 11th The RAD Half Marathon 
October 8th The Black Bear Half Marathon

There are only 200 spots available in the series.

Accept the challenge and earn your bling!

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