“Tri Local” returns in 2023 with an all new triathlon experience, community and challenge!

Triathlon is a unique blend of the sports of swimming, biking and running all in one event. The journey to train for and race at a triathlon is an incredible energy, time and monetary commitment. Completing a triathlon, (let alone two) within one month from each other, is a major life milestone and we want to recognize this accomplishment. Also, we believe that triathlon deserves a community. We are here to continue to support the development of a Tri Local Community through training opportunities leading up to and at both of these triathlons in Western North Carolina. 


We have made it easy to join the new series. Now you can sign up for both the Hendersonville Triathlon & Asheville Triathlon (the Tri Local Duo Series) at the same time.


Save some money on your registration fees, complete the races in person or virtually (or a mix of both), be part of the Tri Local community and get a super cool medal upon completion to commemorate your milestone.


To be eligible to attend the offerings and to participate in the Tri Local Community happenings, participants must sign up for the new TRI LOCAL DUO Series by registering for BOTH the 2023 Hendersonville Triathlon and the 2023 Asheville Triathlon. After you register for both events, you are automatically entered into the BRAND NEW

Participate either virtually or in-person (or a combo of both.) We are offering this option for those of you that may have other events/vacations/family happenings on the race dates that might prevent you from attending in person but you want to be part of the new series and the community! If you participate virtually, you will race the distances wherever and whenever you want to and submit your results online.


The deadline to sign up for both races to be part of the TRI LOCAL DUO Challenge is THURSDAY, JUNE 1st at MIDNIGHT!

Asheville Triathlon swim
Asheville Triathlon runners

iDaph Events has teamed up with iDream Athletes Foundation and other local, multi-sport community leaders to create and bring to you the Tri Local Community. We will be offering triathlon clinics, group training opportunities, a community to find training partners, pre-race course re-cons, transition zone coaching, and of course two amazing, local triathlon events. 

All participants that are in the TRI LOCAL DUO Series will have exclusive access to all the fun and informative offerings coming up this winter/spring/summer. Due to limited resources and availability, ONLY participants that are registered for both of the 2023 Tri Local races are eligible to be part of the Tri Local Community and its offerings.

At the Asheville Triathlon on July 16th, participants that have completed both races will get a super cool and unique Tri Local Duo medal to commemorate their experience.

On Facebook? Want to be part of the Tri Local Community? Want to hear about all the Tri Local offerings and get plugged in? Join the Tri Local Community Group.

Listen along in a podcast as Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events and Founder of iDream Athletes Foundation has a conversation with Jay Hamvas, owner of Jay Bird Multi-sport Coaching. In this podcast, they discuss what the Tri Local Community is, it’s mission and vision and what to expect this spring and summer. And how you can get involved and join in on the fun!

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