How to do a Flip Turn in the Pool

Are you tired of being slowed down by slow, clunky turns at the end of the pool? Want to master the art of the flip turn and swim like a pro? Look no further! Coach Susan of the Asheville Swim League and iDream Athletes Foundation is here to guide you through the process of achieving a smooth and efficient flip turn.

In this video, Coach Susan provides clear and concise instructions on how to achieve the perfect turn. Here are just a few of her valuable tips:

1. Get Streamlined: Minimize drag in the water by adopting a sleek and streamlined posture.

2. Practice Spinning: Get comfortable with the spinning motion without the wall, so you can build up the confidence to do it on the go.

3. Start from a Distance: Gradually work your way closer to the wall as you become more comfortable with the turn.

This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their swim game and take their turns to the next level. Thanks to Taylor Farman at Storied Life Media for putting together this informative and helpful video. Watch now and let us know what tips and tricks were most helpful to you in the comments.