iDream Athletes scholarship spotlight: Stella and Scarlett Slingsby

Scarlett and Estelle Slingsby are two incredible young athletes who have a passion for mountain biking. They have been working hard and performing exceptionally well in the NICA series, with both sisters currently leading their respective categories. Their love for the sport has driven them to dream of competing at the national level, and their hard work has paid off as they are both preparing to compete in the national cross country mountain bike championships in Pennsylvania this July.

Scarlett and Estelle have been given a scholarship to help cover the costs of traveling to the national competition. This support has made it possible for the sisters to achieve their dream of competing at the national level and take the next step in their racing careers.

Scarlett and Estelle are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to compete at the national level. They both have high hopes and aspirations for the competition, and they are ready to push themselves to the limit. Scarlett is determined to finish in the top twenty and challenge herself against higher level athletes in a bigger field. She hopes that competing in national races will help define her future in mountain biking and open up new opportunities.

Estelle is also eager to take part in the competition and learn new strategies in a more competitive environment. She hopes to finish in the top twenty in at least one of her races and is excited to race short track, a new challenge for her. Her goal for the future is to continue her love for the sport while being on a competitive team in college.

Mountain biking has been a passion for the Slingsby family for many years, and it has brought them together through shared experiences and challenges. Scarlett and Estelle’s achievements are a testament to their hard work and dedication, and they have proven themselves as talented young athletes. We wish them all the best as they take on this exciting challenge.