A Health Journey: Why Kate Finally Made the Decision to Change her Lifestyle

If you’re looking for an uplifting boost in motivation to get moving and kickstart a healthier lifestyle, look no further than Kate Redmond and her transformative journey.

Daphne Kirkwood, owner of iDaph Events and Kate Redmond, Marketing Director at Hunter Subaru sit down to talk about the year long journey that Kate has been on to get healthier and feel better.

Having been through the highs and lows of trying to achieve weight loss goals over the years, Kate found a newfound understanding of exercise that changed her life for good. She discovered how working out can not only be about losing pounds or achieving physical perfection, but also about feeling empowered, energized and confident – as well as being able to have fun doing something active! Read on to find out more about how she adopted her meaningful new attitude towards health and fitness – it’s enough motivation to get anyone up from their seat!

Here are some things that you will hear about in their conversation together:

  1. Last year, Kate faced a health scare and decided to make changes in her lifestyle. Find out what she has done about it!
  2. Kate has tried many different diets over the years but this time they combined exercise with nutrition which made it sustainable.  Kate explains what she is doing differently this time and why it is working.
  3. Kate is now running 5ks! She explains how this came to fruition and what her goals are for this year.
  4. The Hunter Subaru executive team, where Kate works,  prioritizes physical, mental and social health and this is an important piece to her success.
  5. If Kate hasn’t run throughout the week or ate healthy for too long it affects her negatively so she explains what she does to get back on track.

We are so glad Kate made these lifestyle changes and is able to stick with them because now she is in a much better place physically and mentally. It’s great that Hunter Subaru also puts an emphasis on employee health and wellness. If you’re thinking about making some lifestyle changes of your own, consider what has worked for others in the past and find something that you’ll be able to stick with long-term. For Kate, she knows that if she doesn’t work out or eat healthy for too long it affects her mood negatively.  So she makes sure to always have a workout plan or healthy meal options available.

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