Discover the Joy of Running with CJ from SmallCakes

We recently caught up with CJ from SmallCakes. If you have participated in an iDaph event before, you’ve likely seen him and his cupcake crew in their bright pink shirts. And if you haven’t had one of their cupcakes after the race, you are missing out!

In this brief video interview, CJ shares his unexpected journey into running, sparked by an unexpected entry into the Disney Half Marathon & 10K. This marked the beginning of his running adventure, where the initial reluctance transformed into a profound love for race events.

Consistency is key in CJ's approach to running. Drawing parallels to starting a new job, he believes that the more consistent one is, the easier the journey becomes. His wife's role in holding him accountable ensures commitment to running goals, with the motivation to achieve personal records driving CJ's dedication to his training routine.

Running, for CJ, extends beyond physical fitness – it's a family affair. Together with his wife and three boys, they form a close-knit crew. The activity not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also serves as a bonding experience, enabling them to explore new cities when they travel to races.

CJ's running journey is an inspiring tale of dedication, family bonds, and the positive impact of belonging to a running community. As a valued race participant, CJ exemplifies the spirit of iDaph events, turning each race into a memorable adventure and encouraging others to embark on their own running journeys.