iDream Athletes Foundation: Taking Athletes to New Heights

Stella, who received our support to compete at the USA Cycling Cross Country Mountain Bike Nationals, placed an impressive 10th out of 74 racers in the 15-16 championship class in the cross country event. Not an easy feat, especially when she started from the 44th position. She also placed 12th out of 45 in an intensely difficult short track race just two days later. But the biggest takeaway from her experience is her newfound motivation to focus more solely on cycling, and to aim for even better rankings and perhaps even podiums in the future.

Meanwhile, Scarlet, who was there to support her big sister, also had a great time and came away from the event with a deeper love for competitive bike racing and a new goal of tackling clipless pedals. She is now more determined than ever to improve her skills and come back stronger next year.

But what stands out more than their impressive results is the gratitude that their parents, Richard and Cyn, expressed. They acknowledged that our scholarship made a big difference for them financially, and that it has impacted their girls in so many positive ways, not just in sports but also in life lessons.

As Richard wrote: “The girls are hooked on being really good at something and Cyn and I are loving helping these two find their way in sports and the life lessons it is bringing. Huge amount of gratitude from the Slingsby family. Thanks for being a part of the team in helping make the dream.”

And Cyn added: “Your generosity has made such a positive impact on my two athletes!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

It is stories like these that remind us of the importance of supporting youth and adult athletes and helping them reach their potential and dreams. And at iDream Athletes Foundation, we are committed to doing just that.